How to Safeguard WordPress rapidly and effortlessly

Security is one of the key factors to take care of while performing any online business. WordPress is one of the most popularly used CMS. Security in WordPress is also pretty important.

Listed below are 5 important points to secure the WordPress Site:

Make a novel user account

It is difficult for a hacker to burglarize your website when both username and password have to be cracked. This is what makes creating a new user and removing the WordPress default “admin” user extremely important.

You make a user by getting into “Users” then “Add New” in the WordPress menu. While creating the new user don’t forget to grant it the role of an “Administrator” to make sure that you have complete control of the website.

Now just login with the new user details. In “Users” remove the default admin username.

Use a strong password

The easy password is easy to remember and easy to crack as well. Therefore, it is very important to keep a strong password for your site.

The password should be at least 8 characters long. It should contain numbers, special characters, and uppercase and lowercase letters. You can use for generating a strong random password and save it with which will help in storing all passwords in one place.

Use a WordPress Security Plugin to Safeguard Your WordPress Site

WordPress security plugin, like iThemes Security Pro, are useful to safeguard the WordPress site.

With the help of plugins like iThemes Security Pro, you can rapidly modify your WordPress salts and keys, implement WordPress password safety, turn on WordPress’ two-factor authentication and more.

So, overall we have got the conclusion that it is very important to protect the website from threats and hackers. Proper care needs to be taken along with the use of a good plugin.

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