As time goes on, the trend to move on to the social network platforms goes on. Whether it is for an education community, a charity membership, a non-profit organization, an employer-employee community or any other kinds of membership website. Now, there is new arise in this queue, i.e., apartment social network.

If you too belong to a real estate industry, building an apartment social network will gonna worthy for you. Let’s understand how!

5 reasons to create an apartment social network

  1. The members of the real estate community can share what they love about prospective properties.
  2. This helps community members get an idea about the expectation of people’s dream project.
  3. People looking for apartments can directly connect with property dealers.
  4. Property dealers can cater directly to prospective renters.
  5. Great idea to showcase complete profiles of properties including their photos, floor plans, price ranges and more.

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How to build apartment social network within a low budget

1. Reign BuddyPress Theme

apartment social network

When it comes to design a community, no matter for what niche, Reign BuddyPress works best. It’s a multi-purpose WordPress theme designed to create community websites.

This theme is based on BuddyPress Plugin and provides in interactive layouts to all community websites.

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2. Reign PeepSo Theme

peepso theme

Another best option to build an apartment social network is Reign PeepSo Theme. This theme is based on PeepSo Plugin which is a light-weight community plugin for WordPress.

You don’t need to get your hands messed up with coding. Just one-click installation and then you’re all set with your real estate community website.

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Need assistance?

Still, if you’re facing issues or have some doubts regarding how to build a successful online community website for your real-estate members, Contact us. Our professionals will help you design your dream community website.

Thrive online with your real-estate business with the power of Reign!

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