Top 7 Alternatives To Google AdWords: What You Need To Know

Alternatives To Google AdWords

Since Google is the most popular search engine, people may assume it is the optimal location for advertising. Even yet, there are other alternate options, some of which may provide more valuable benefits. Advertisements on other platforms may be more helpful for your business, despite Google’s dominant market share in the search engine industry. Here, you’ll learn about six paid and free options for alternatives to Google AdWords.

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What exactly is Google AdWords?

It’s quite normal if you have no idea what Google AdWords is. Google AdWords, a former name for Google Ads, was created so that companies could compete for advertising space based on bids placed on specific keywords.

However, it has progressed to the point that it is now merely a tool to manage and regulate your advertisements.
The flexibility of Google AdWords lies in the fact that Google can display the adverts on the web pages themselves or in the search engine results themselves. This also applies to native ads. Real-time analytics of your website’s visitors are a possibility. A mobile app is available for running your campaigns. Google AdWords may seem like the most excellent choice, but numerous other advertising options are more cost-effective and widely used.

In addition, many companies may have already hit their maximum Google Ads exposure and can benefit from additional ad formats to expand their market share. Ads on Google’s search engine currently have no equal. Instead, some advantages and demographics are exclusive to each form of advertising.

Google AdWords Alternatives: 7 Options to Consider

If you’re looking for alternatives to Google AdWords, here are the six best ones:

1. Bing Ads

Bing’s platform only accounts for 10% of the total search engine index, yet that’s still enough to make it a prominent search engine. If you buy an ad powered by Bing, it will appear on Microsoft-owned search engines AOL and Yahoo. There’s also a Bing-powered counterpart to Google My Business.

Bing’s low cost makes it the best option available. The average cost-per-click (CPC) for Bing Ads is $7.99, which is significantly less than Google’s CPC of $20. That means you may make more advertising for less money, which could lead to more customers and more hits on your website.

Ads on Bing can be controlled and monitored using the search engine’s proprietary ad management system. Bing Ads are an excellent substitute for Google AdWords, especially for local businesses.

2. Facebook Ads

facebook ads image - Alternatives To Google AdWords
Alternatives To Google AdWords

With more than a billion daily users, Facebook easily takes the crown as the most widely used social media site. There may be no viable substitute for Facebook ads, depending on your business type. A vast audience implies you can effectively spread your marketing message. Advertisements are only one of the many benefits of setting up shop on Facebook for business.

Creating an ad on Facebook is a breeze. A blog entry, image, video, or external link can all be uploaded and published in a matter of seconds. Ads can be tailored to your specific interests and preferences, unlike on Google or Bing. Then, you can tailor your adverts to a specified age range and geographic area. This can be a great tool if your goal is to reach a specific demographic.

Finally, Facebook Ads are fantastic for businesses of all sizes since they can be launched on any budget. They also have some pretty potent analytics tools. Facebook may be the most popular social media platform, but other advertising platforms, such as Amazon Ads, have more users. This is especially true in the realm of product promotion.

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3. Amazon Ads

Ads- Alternatives To Google AdWords
Alternatives To Google AdWords

Selling on Amazon is an excellent option to promote a product or service. Amazon has fifty percent of the e-commerce business, while eBay has six percent, and Walmart has three and a half percent. The data shows that Amazon is the most popular online retailer, although it is often neglected as a potential advertising medium.

To reach a wide variety of people, you may use Amazon’s advertising platform to make videos and display ads. Amazon is the preferred shopping destination, surpassing even Google. As a result, promoting your goods is likely to result in sales. Last but not least, your ad may appear on sites outside of Amazon’s own through Amazon’s ad network.

4. LinkedIn Ads

Alternatives To Google AdWords
Alternatives To Google AdWords

Business-to-business (B2B) ads should be posted on LinkedIn. Professionals abound on LinkedIn because of its dual role as a social network and resource for finding employment. Promotion of events is another strong use case for LinkedIn. Many professionals in such fields may be interested in attending a conference devoted to your product.

Additionally, LinkedIn boasts a user base of 630 million professional businesspeople. This makes it simpler than on sites like Google and Facebook to connect with company executives and other high-ranking personnel. LinkedIn is a robust social network that has the potential to bring in a lot of customers and money for your business.

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5. Outbrain

Outbrain- Alternatives To Google AdWords
Alternatives To Google AdWords

It’s important to note that Outbrain’s primary purpose is to facilitate the discovery of new material. Reducing the use of sponsored content and native ad placement aids in promoting sponsors’ websites. Some of the sites on Outbrain’s network are CNN, MSN, and The Guardian.

Taboola, a competitor discovery platform, was recently acquired by Outbrain, making it a formidable foe of Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Amazingly, they anticipate reaching two billion users every month.

Outbrain can be seen in action whenever a website’s footer features links to related articles and blogs. You can expect Outbrain to distribute your piece as a contextual advertisement that looks like a news story. Thanks to the scale of their advertising network, any of these sites could potentially link back to your primary domain. As well to Outbrain, there are other options.

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6. Reddit Ads

Alternatives To Google AdWords
Alternatives To Google AdWords

With 1.6 billion monthly active members, Reddit is, by and away, the most popular forum platform worldwide. In contrast to other online forums, Reddit allows users to debate virtually anything. Everything doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something related to sports, food, or technology; they have it.

Like Instagram, Reddit Ads will place an advertisement in a user’s feed in the hopes that they will see it. Reddit’s user base primarily consists of millennials and members of Generation Z, making it an ideal medium for communicating with this generation.

It’s also possible to narrow your focus on specific users by analyzing their participation in particular topics. Finally, Reddit’s pay-per-click (PPC) rate is far lower compared to Google. Reddit Ads are an excellent option for reaching specific demographics and dominating a market.

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Conclusion of Alternatives To Google AdWords

In addition to Google AdWords, these are six other advertising platforms that might help you reach your target audience. If you’re looking to expand your business rapidly, many alternatives to Google AdWords provide more competitive pay-per-click (PPC) rates. Although most of these platforms cost money, free options such as search engine optimization and blog writing can drive visitors to your sites.

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