How to Add Events to a BuddyPress Site?

Do you want to share the details of upcoming events with your community members? Then The Event Calendar plugin will help in setting up your site with an event calendar. BuddyPress is a social networking plugin that helps you to build any type of community website using WordPress, it provides features like member profiles, groups, activity streams, notifications, friendship connections, and private messaging. Apart from these features, you can add many more features using third-party plugins.

An events calendar is a must-have feature for almost all types of business and community websites. Here, will explain how to add events to your BuddyPress powered social networking website.

Add Events to your BuddyPress site with The Events Calendar

Let’s look at some ways to integrating BuddyPress with The Events Calendar.

The Events Calendar Setup Guide

The Events Calendar is a WordPress calendar plugin that lets you add the calendar which helps you to create and manage your events in your website. This is an easy-to-use free plugin that is fully responsive and customizable. It has advanced features like Calendar month view with tooltips, Block Editor support, Event search, Google maps, Widget: Upcoming events list, Google Calendar & iCal exporting, and many more.

This plugin works perfectly with our Reign BuddyPress Theme, this theme has dedicated support for the events calendar plugin.

Now. let’s get started with installing the plugin.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard, then navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  • Now search for “the events calendar” in the search plugin bar.
  • Now click on the install button, then activate the plugin after installation.

Adding the calendar to a group

Using the shortcodes in Events Calendar Pro, we can add [tribe-events] shortcode in the group description to add the calendar to the group. The calendar can be seen only by the members of that group if that group is private and isn’t linked up anywhere.

Add Events to a BuddyPress Site
Using [tribe-events] to Show Events on a Single Group Page
The [tribe_events] shortcode is only available within Events Calendar Pro. This shortcode is specifically used to show certain categories of events. Once you are running the same version of both the free and pro version, you can add the shortcode [tribe_events] to any post or page on your site.

Allow Your Community members to submit events

Another important feature required in a community website is to allow your members to submit events. For this, you have to use the Community Events add-on for The Events Calendar. This addon adds a page on your site that contains a form using which users can easily submit events to the calendar.

But you can add this form only on a single page, and that page can’t be added to a restricted group. To allow group members to add events, you have to use shortcodes included in Community Events. For example, we can add [tribe_community_events view=”submission_form”] on the page and that allows community members to add events to the calendar.

Restrict access to calendar content

The Events Calendar plugin doesn’t have the feature to restrict access to the content based on a user’s role. To limit access to your content calendar, you have to use a restriction plugin like BuddyPress Lock – Private Community. This plugin will restrict certain pages and BuddyPress components, so only registered members can access and manage them.

Create tickets for only members

If you want to add tickets to events that only BuddyPress members can buy or view. For this, you can use a BuddyPress extension to restrict access to tickets, this allows only members to view and purchase them.

Add Events to a BuddyPress Site

Also, you can add tickets on a group page or a single member profile using a shortcode. Event Tickets Plus includes [tribe_tickets] and [tribe_rsvp] which allow you to display tickets on any page or post, including BuddyPress.


Events Calendar is a great option to add events to your BuddyPress site. If you want to add more advanced features, you can use addons to add more functionality to your calendar. Also, you can try our free social networking theme BuddyX, which works perfectly with this plugin.

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