8 Possible Reasons Your Blog isn’t bringing any money

Possible Reasons Your Blog isn’t bringing any money f

Are you spending hours after hours on your blog, but instead of getting any profit, only losing money? Is it worrying you to the core? Well, you have discovered that you lost a considerable amount of money, instead of earning a single penny from your blog, then its time your blog needs assessment. If you’re still unable to detect one, then consider checking out these 8 possible reasons for which you may be losing money on the blog.

Those 8 reasons are listed below:

  1. Not Networking Actively
  2. Lacking an Effective Strategy
  3. Not Researching your Niche
  4. Not Investing Money and Time
  5. Not Making Blog your Priority
  6. Not Including a Sales Funnel
  7. Time to consider a Writing Quality
  8. You’re not Taking any Action

Not Networking Actively

If you’re not networking actively, then you are surely losing a big opportunity of connecting with other industry leaders and bloggers and monetizing your blog. Don’t confuse networking with sending spam emails randomly to a group of bloggers. Rather, share fellow bloggers’ posts on your site, post pensive comments on their blogs and then try to reach out and build a relationship with them for networking actively.

Lacking an Effective Strategy

Creating a blog and leaving it for readers to find on their own, means you have no strategy at all. Publishing your content and then waiting for the readers to discover it, it never works. Build a suitable strategy for promoting your blogs, whether by using Google AdSense, sharing it on social media or featuring it on other bloggers’ sites, etc.

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Not Researching Your Niche

Have you researched your niche before starting your blog? If not, then this may be the root issue for losing money on the blog. To make your site profitable and popular, you need to thoroughly know the market’s demand and all about it.

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Not Investing Money and Time

To make money from your blog you need to invest both time and money in it. Not investing money or time in your blog means you’re not sure about whether it’s your priority or not! What you need to understand is, to make money, you first need to invest some.

Possible Reasons Your Blog isn’t bringing any money

Not Making Blog Your Priority

You need to be ambitious regarding your blog, to make it a success. You won’t be able to stop losing money if you don’t make your log your priority. Remember, successful bloggers really work hard and spend more hours on their blogs than you can imagine.

Not Including a Sales Funnel

If your blog doesn’t have a sales funnel, it’s high time that you introduce one. The ultimate objective of a profit or sales funnel is to move the visitors of your blog from understanding to taking action. Though it’s not that easy, it’s necessary for any blog. Though based on the blogs’ purpose, profit funnel can be of various types. But the basic outline for any blog should cover these following steps of awareness, interest, and decision.

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Time to Consider Your Writing Quality

If all the other reasons mentioned in this blog seems to be taken care of, then probably it’s time that you consider your writing quality. It can be a bit difficult to accept the fact that your writing is poor. But, wait, not being a great writer doesn’t mean you have no hope for blogging successfully. It’s better to work partnering with another writer than keep on writing and losing money on blogs.

You’re Not Taking Any Action

The ultimate reason for losing money on your blog can be the fact that you’re not taking any action! You’ll probably come across articles where you’ll get to know about what you’re lacking actually. But, knowing about your flaws won’t work in any way until unless you apply that knowledge in strengthening your blog’s weak points.

Whether you are a new blogger or blogging for years, make sure that your blog doesn’t cause you to lose money in any way. If that happens, consider assessing the above-mentioned factors; because something may be seriously wrong with your blog. Evaluate your approach to blogging and prevent all the possible ways of losing money on blogs.

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