Defining Client Resource Page, Benefits and Content

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Your website may be losing clients if there is not enough engagement content available for them. A proven method to keep potential customers engaged with your site is, by providing a client resource page in your content. The information, resources or training tools provided here are free of cost. These resources are meant to benefit everyone. This needs to be kept in mind while selecting the contents of the client resource page.

How a Client Resource Page Benefits Site Owner

As the owner of a website, you have a goal or purpose behind its creation. Now, you are offering a service or product to the customer, or aim to increase the number of subscribers to your blogging site. The basic aim is to hold on to the viewers that browse your website on a regular basis. So, apart from relevant content and great browsing experience, you can create a webpage that offers the most popular demands of your users on a single page. Such a page offers lots of additional benefits for the site owner as listed below.

  • Time is saved by providing solutions to commonly-asked questions in this section so that everyone can refer to it.
  • Your authority and usefulness in the field are established in front of the client.
  • Offering quality articles, resources and tools to the customers will help to gain his loyalty and trust.
  • The client resource page can become the reference area of your website. It can provide solutions to common queries, popular resources and tactics well-received by your customer base

How a Client Resource Page Benefits Customers

The client resource page of your website has the potential to become a reference point for your customer. This page may become their trusted source of pertinent information from an authority of the field that the users are already comfortable with.

Implementing a Client Resource Page

In order to provide a personalized experience to the visitors of this page, so that it becomes quite engaging and relevant. It is best to start with the most frequently asked questions by your base. The key lies in updating and adding relevant information and adding fresh content, which helps in finding interesting material periodically to a regular visitor.  Adding a picture of you, the owner, might also be a nice touch, as this gives an opportunity to the viewers to ‘see’ the person behind such ‘nice’ work!

Some Common Resources

For successfully developing a client resource page you must keep client’s requirements in mind. The contents of the page relevant and engaging; so that the visitors instantly do not switch to other websites.

  • Google Analytics – This tool is a common feature all website owners like to use. Provide tips and articles on its usage and reports section.
  • Blog Posting – Informs your customers about the process of posting a blog. It also makes them aware of features like optimization on your customer resource page.
  • Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) – Another common area of concern for customers is providing a list of the best SEO practice and also to make the user understand the optimization of a website. SEO helps in generating user-friendly content.

Thus, a client resource page should provide relevant and up-to-date information.  So that the customers keep referring to it.



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