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WordPress is one of the easiest CMS. However, it is important to learn a bit of HTML for proper uploading. HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the key language utilized to make web pages. Special HTML tags like <a> to insert links and <img> to insert images are used.

Listed below are some HTML codes that are pretty useful:


The Image HTML tags are used to identify an image and its source. They do not require an end tag and therefore, they are known as are non-container codes. They look like this-

<img src=”THE IMAGE URL>

You would just have to swap “THE IMAGE URL” with the position of the picture you wish to put into the document. Also, additional attributes can also be used if required.


HTML Skeletal tags offer the layout for the complete document. These tags can be seen by going into the theme’s code and attempting to edit it.


Heading tags are a sort of range level tag that exhibits file’s order for both search engines and users. Heading 1 is utilized for the title of the file like the article’s heading. Heading 2 is the main subtitle. If there are multiple subtitles then Heading 3, or h3, a tag is used.


Link tags for HTML decide the positioning of the link and which portion it should direct to. It initiates with a tag formatted like:

<a href=”URL”>

You would have to swap “URL” with the web address you wish to drive readers to.


You can use inline tags to format the grouped tags like the paragraph tags that is in one line.

For instance:

<strong> Use this to emphasize text strongly.

<em> Emphasis in italics form

<q> mark the short quotes within paragraphs


Block-level tags are used to exhibit the grouping of the text. For instance:

<p> This exhibits a paragraph.

<blockquote> This formats a lengthy quotation.

<address> This shows contact details.

<pre> This tag decides preformatted content.

So, overall, HTML is a very important and useful thing to learn in order to use WordPress to the fullest. For any feedback or suggestion, kindly drop a comment below.

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