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Many people fail to understand that a summary refers to a record given in a reader’s own words. Summaries are meant to offer the main points of an article. The article can be a book chapter, magazine, or even a movie. When writing a summary, some details can be omitted. Doing a summary is an easy task, only if one has acquired the necessary skills required in crafting one. Most important to note is that when writing a summary, one is not required to give an interpretation of the original text.

How to Summarize a Given Sentence

Write an Effective Summary

It is imperative to note that one cannot summarize an article that they have not read. This implies that to summarize any piece of writing; the person has to read and understand it. The best practice while summarizing an article entails reading through it closely. Always find the key ideas and pick the supporting ideas in the paper.

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The Length of a Summary

Whereas the write-up should be long enough to capture all the important details, there are basic rules that any person writing a summary must be accustomed to. The rule of thumbs has conventionally been used in coming up with an effective summary. The rue demands that the summary should be about one-fourth or one-third of the original text. However, this summary varies greatly depending on the length or an article; for instance, if a person summarizes the chapter in a book, the obtained results may not conform to the rule of thumb. When writing a short article summary, the rule works well, say about 1 and 5 pages. The number of sentences that a summary should contain varies greatly; however, it is necessary to keep it short and straight to the point.

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How to Begin a Summary

Conventionally, a summary should commence with an introductory sentence; the sentence must clearly state the text’s title, the author, and the main point. The person that writes a summary must ensure that they write it in their own words. It is not an opinion paper; it must contain the ideas as illustrated in the original text. To be a good summary writer, ensure interpretations, deductions, and comments are not included in any writing part.

Other important tips while making a summary include:

  • Preview the article you want to summarize
  • Create an outline
  • Be brief
  • Organize your work
  • Maintain objectivity
  • Do not look at the original text while writing
  • Read the material, taking notes

How Do Apps Help in Making a Summary?

Write an Effective Summary

There are various apps available that can be used to summarize a text at any time. All you need to do is paste your argumentative essay into a summarizing app. Apps can also be used to summarize website content as well. The link to the given website is added to the summary tool for it to generate results. The apps can identify important facts and ideas. All articles, such as scientific papers, history texts, and art papers, can be summarized with a button click. All that one needs to do is go to the main text and skim through it to interpret the summary text. This will help in developing the syntheses. Summarizing several groups of people such as:

  • College students
  • Journalists
  • Librarians
  • Editors
  • Readers
  • Publishers

Summarizing apps have enabled various people to accomplish their tasks without typing the content. This goes a long way to saving time that would rather have been spent reading and typing the summary. One does not have to worry because the summary apps can determine if a given sentence is important. The summarised content is accurate and does not lead to distortion of information.

How Does Summary Apps Work?

If a person is interested in using the app, they need to copy and paste the text they want to summarize into the given box. After that, hit the summarize button. The content will be returned within a few seconds, with the summary correctly done. It is important to note that there are many summary apps to choose from. As a user, one must google on the one app that they find interesting and more convenient. All phones ranging from iPhones to Android have an array of these applications. All a person needs is to download the given app, and the rest is done with ease.

Can I Summarize My Article Online?

This is a simple question that has been asked by many people. Yes, it is possible to summarize an article online as long as there is an internet connection. All that is needed is to sign up and enjoy the amazing services. Some of the online summarizing tools have free versions that can be utilized without making any payment. The apps have so far been tested and proven effective in summarizing many articles in very little time.

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