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The trends of WordPress SEO are changing faster than you may imagine. The algorithm for searching in Google changes 500 times in a year. Your posting of paid ads on your site may decrease your loyal users’ trust, and voice searching has emerged as a top searching trend. These are some of the main findings in the search for best WordPress SEO trends of the future. You may refer below for the top five trends for the year 2017.

WordPress SEO Trends 2017

  1. Optimization for Mobile
  2. Quality Content
  3. Proper Usage of Links
  4. Proper Placement of Pop-up Ads
  5. Voice Search

Optimization for Mobile

As per the central blog of Google Webmaster, the search ranking of a website will directly depend on the ease of access on the mobile platform in 2017. This has marked the path of the WordPress SEO developers have to follow during the building of a website. It is now absolutely essential for a website to be mobile-friendly, for it will affect his ranking in the search results. The policy of Google is focused on enhancing the mobile experience whenever a user is searching through a Smartphone. After all, smartphones occupy 2nd place in the devices with 80% usage among most used devices for search on the Internet, after desktops and laptops.

Quality Content

This aspect is the basic building block of your website. A site with good content will fetch dividends with good WordPress SEO strategy and proper marketing. The reverse is equally true. You may be able to generate initial traffic, but only good and relevant content will create ‘followers’ of your site. You will get regular and repeat visits to your websites. A user will also engage more if the content is relevant or ‘evergreen’ for a longer period. While generating these kinds of content require time, effort and creativity; once finished they are bound to generate both quality and quantity of user traffic to your site.

Proper Usage of Links

The search engines give much higher preference to websites with high-quality ‘organic’ links embedded in its content. There should be a clear path of WordPress SEO strategies in place to build links for your website content. Also, if you gave multiple URLs containing the same information, practice marking them as ‘nofollo w’ links. All links are ‘tofollow’ by default, so this process will build up the number of quality links in your website. Another smart strategy is to follow the practice of ‘interlinking’, which is linking all the related sites among themselves. The users will spend more time on your site if your WordPress SEO strategy has a good combination of content, marketing and smart links for your website.

WordPress SEO

Proper Placement of Pop-up Ads

A popular feature in WordPress SEO development, pop-up ads has always been used to drive traffic and revenue-earning for the website. There are full-screen ads which occupy the whole screen in front of the actual website content; ads which move around, and blinking attention-drawing adverts. All these are known as interstitials; these require an action from the user. This impacts the total loading time of the website and affects the user experience (UX). However, top or side banner ads, cookie permissions and properly placed thumbnail ads are quite acceptable.

Voice Search

According to top officials at Google, 55% teenagers and 41% of adults use voice search on a daily basis. So, a significant number of WordPress SEO developers are focusing on this area also during development and improvement phases of websites. The whole idea revolves around making the content more conversational. While there is no clear-cut strategy on the improvement of this aspect for developers, some pointers are of help. This includes optimizing your XML sitemaps, adjusting your context according to schema markup and the inclusion of proper Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with your content. All these WordPress SEO trends are steps towards making websites user-friendly and compatible with mobile devices. These also focus on further easing the process of searching on the Internet.

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