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One of the greatest challenges brands encounter today is remaining on top of many social media platforms.

Whereas social media scheduling platforms like MavSocial renders this task much simpler, there’s one thing that keeps on bothering every marketer.

And that single thing is social media spam.

Whether it’s spammy comments, fake followers, or unsolicited direct messages, social media spam is a huge time sucker, downright irritating, and may even be insidious.

And the greater accounts your brand possesses, the Prevent Spam On Social Network more spam you have to reckon with.

While it’s not likely for us to avoid being spammed all together, some easy strategies exist that will reduce the quantity of spam you receive and its likely impact. So, let’s delve deeper into how to avoid it.

# 1 Don’t Automatically Follow People

DonT automatically follow people

Automatic following on Instagram and Twitter is among the most popular social media growth method, though that doesn’t imply it’s effective.

Utilizing Google Chrome extensions or free tools, you can follow in bulk users who follow your rivals, which should, in turn, motivate them to follow you back.

It’s effective in a few instances but generally, makes your business seem desperate. Unless you’re ready to risk it, it is suggested to steer clear of automated techniques, as they’re contrary to the social media giant’s rules. Instagram has been particularly diligent in dispatching cease and desist notices, most currently to the following tool Instagress.

# 2 Deactivate Commenting

Prevent Spam On Social Network

If your business has become victim to bulk spam, then a rapid-fix solution is to deactivate commenting temporarily. This alternative can be employed to your entire page or to particular posts.

Say you’re operating a social media giveaway and wish to ensure only authentic followers enter. In this case, you could deactivate comments at peak times when you expect spammers to be active. Failing to handle spam on giveaways and competitions can lower trust and involvement levels, and make users leave your page completely.

If your social media administration tool has moderation rules such as Agorapulse, you can stop comments with specific words from ever coming on your Instagram and Facebook organic or paid posts.

# 3 Block Spam Accounts

Prevent Spam On Social Network

View a spam account? Block it. Obviously, you’ll miss a follower and it’ll require longer for you to attain your 10,000 pages likes goal, but a spam account will offer no value to your business, and so it’s not necessary to possess them on your account. Moreover, if you block spam accounts, you’ll have less probability to lose comments and tweets from likely customers.

Such users who tweet out spam make hike your follow numbers, but they’ll present no value and will act as a diversion when looking through your timeline.

# 4 Reduce The # Hashtags

Prevent Spam On Social Network

If you handle an Instagram account for your brand, then there’s little doubt you’ve employed hashtags to raise your reach and acquire new followers. And that’s excellent. It works. However, how many of those fresh likes and followers are genuine, engaged customers? A study by security researchers indicates that 8% of entire Instagram accounts are fake, with robots instantly commenting, following and liking in return for a follow back.

Posts such as this on Instagram are superb, though spamming the description with excess comments can attract attention away from the promotional messages you’re attempting to convey.

So, curtail your Instagram tags to lessen the amount of attention you’ll get from these pesky bots – rather than using 20 tags, adhere to 2 or 3 that precisely label the image you’ve uploaded.

# 5 Prevent Bulk Messaging


Auto direct messaging has played a part in Twitter since its initiation, but unleashing hundreds of messages could damage your business. Not just are automated direct messages an irritant, but they pack your inbox with sent messages.

Due to this, questions and comments from your dynamic and engaged followers may be overlooked. With HubSpot mentioning that 72% of consumers anticipate a reaction in an hour after complaining on Twitter, you cannot allow to relax and automate direct messages.

If you don’t wish to be on the receiving side of these DMs, you can install moderation rules in a social media management tool such as Agorapulse. It renders viewing your inbox a lot less tension producing.

# 6 Notify Fake Reviews

Prevent Spam On Social Network

Reviews and ratings are the new “currency” on the Internet, as per Lynelle Schmidt, whose company was hit by a wave of two hundred fake reviews. These harmful rival tactics, which are easy to achieve due to websites like Fiverr, can practically make or break your business overnight, so it’s vital that you learn how to react to pessimistic and fake reviews.

Certainly, if you get one or two fake reviews from a dissatisfied customer or rival then there’s probably not much that you can perform, though websites like TripAdvisor permit you to report reviews that you believe are shady or factually wrong. Always be vigilant in the matter of reviews, and if you believe you’ve received a fake rating, mention it.

BuddyPress Private Community Pro

Prevent Spam On Social Network

Entire BuddyPress Member Profiles are public and may be indexed by Google by default. BuddyPress Private Community Pro will provide lockdown for BuddyPress Component and will request users to log in to go deeper to examine profile or any other protected details. It presents features like A profile should display for logged in members, Permits specific features like private messages for specific user roles, Delete the profile from Google Indexing, Enable member keep their profile private for friends besides lots more.

Features Of BuddyPress Private Community Pro


Restrict BuddyPress community features for Logout users.
You possess a specific choice about which BuddyPress component must be enabled/disabled.
Delete all admin from BuddyPress members Directory.
Quickly remove testers or a few specific users from BuddyPress member directory.
Profile Progression: Show profile progress bar.
Optional: User profile completeness percentage to become listed in the BuddyPress member directory.
Restrict BuddyPress Components on the basis of user role or specific user, e.g. Subscriber can not dispatch Private messages.

Buddy Press Profanity

Utilize BuddyPress Profanity plugin to censor content in your community! Quickly shut out all activities, private messages of undesired content by enumerating a list of keywords to be filtered.

Flexible options comprise advanced control over content like severe/non-severe filtering. Flagged keywords that are rooted in whole words can be neglected.

For instance, ‘Profanity’ will be neglected if you have ‘fan’ as a flagged keyword. Otherwise, with strict filtering deactivated, it will display as ‘Pro***ity’.

Features Of BuddyPress Profanity

You can insert your personal list of bad words.
Options to allow content filter for Activities, Activity comments & BuddyPress Private messages.
Options for admin to select which kind of word rendering he wishes to turn on for the site.
You have the option which kind of filter character to wish to use to conceal bad words.
Site admin possesses the choice to activate/deactivate case sensitive filter.
Options for Strict filters to filter characters among the words.

Front End Censoring

Input a list of keywords & configure the filter options to secure your community from undesired content.
Tidy Activities

Filter out the entire bad words from your community to render it clean. It will censor them in actual-time.


Social media automation can possess its advantages, but you should stay away from practices that seem spammy or dishonest. And in the matter of handling various users and spam accounts, get responsible and monitor your channels on a frequent basis. Abandoning them to gather dust could make you vulnerable to spammers, so act quickly and stay vigilant.

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