7 Steps to Selling more this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Fridat & Cyber Monday

We know that you are thinking about that famous turkey recipe of your grandma. While also worrying about what to accompany it with cranberry sauce, jam, or jelly. You can’t be blamed it is that time of the year. What we are telling you is that as a website owner: You need to start strategizing for the epic holiday weekend. Let me tell you last year Black Friday alone was responsible for 93 million dollars in online sales. While a survey reported that more than 189 million Americans shopped online during the holiday shopping season weekend.

So, what do you need to do on your website to sell products on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? We have whipped a few things that will help you out for sure. 

1. Create your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deal.

Well, this is an obvious mention. Isn’t it? Before selling anything you have to draft up some irresistible offers. Provide better shipping options, or free shipping if possible. Provide gift-wrapped delivery. Offer freebies or coupons in your email newsletters.  The main purpose is to prioritize customer attention, work out a special Black Friday and Cyber Monday special marketing strategy.

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2. Check whether your stores can handle the traffic surge

After creating a Thanksgiving weekend special deal the next logical step is to check your host. Whether they can handle the expected increase in traffic that will be hitting your site. Make sure that your website doesn’t crash because of too many requests.

3. Put up Sale Banners

Banners are a great way to let your customers know when they should hit your site for great limited-period deals. Graphics are the easiest way to draw attention and impress your site visitor with information. And your banners should be visible and adaptable on all devices.

4. Suspense + Buzz = Traffic

Your sale announcement after a slow suspenseful buildup will make your sale successful. Start deal teasing your customers through social media, email marketing, and website banners. Remember the longer you wait to start marketing, the less effective it will be. If you do start late you can go with paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

5. Mobile. Mobile. and Mobile.

Over 26% of orders came from mobile devices last Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend. What this translates to is as a store owner you should be thinking of mobile-first. Your site should be accessible and compatible on all mobiles. Checkout should be smooth and quick. Try going responsive.

6. Make your email game strong.

A structured email marketing campaign encourages customer return. It is what drove more than 30% of customers to online retailers last year on the holiday weekend.

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Some ideas to start with:

  • Announce Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale
  • Last Reminder before sale ends
  • Exclusive sale and deals for Patron shoppers
  • Sale sneak-peaks

7. Your store should be Bolt fast.

Any websites, especially eCommerce website owners, know well that page loading speed is the most crucial element in retaining your customers and converting leads into sales. Don’t forget that site loading speed should be faster on mobile devices.

Conclusion on sell products on black Friday

Black friday sale

There are no strict guidelines, you just need to make use of common sense.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two biggest shopping days on the calendar, and they are highly intensely competitive. Being noticed by the crowd isn’t easy even for a small online shop with only a few resources.

However, if you take the time to ask yourself the right questions and follow the correct steps, you’ll be able to enjoy the Black Friday and Cyber Monday wave and join in the excitement.

I hope this guide has provided you with the easiest DIY ways to prepare your eCommerce store prepared to be ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday without having to hire an expensive developer or designer. We also directed you to the use of some very useful tools from the leading eCommerce web builders.

If you’re still not able to build your online store it’s never too late to get it up and up and.

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