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Instagram Guides is one of the most recent features of the app, and you may not have noticed it with Instagram Live, Shops and Reels, a rearranged homepage, and many other features introduced in 2020. Instagram Guides can help you keep track of things. It introduces a whole new method to curate and consume content on the platform, with tremendous implications for storytelling and e-commerce.

Despite this, Guides are still underutilized, which makes them an excellent way to differentiate your company on Instagram. If you are unaware or don’t have any knowledge about Instagram guides then this article will help you. Keep on reading our article to learn about Instagram guides.

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What are Instagram Guides?

Insta guides were first introduced in mid-2020 and were limited to the health- and wellness industry. They are a single resource that can be used to cover a specific topic or product. A nutritionist might create a guide on “Healthy Recipes to Cook in Less Than 20 Minutes” or any other topic they choose to cover in their content.

In November 2020, Instagram released guides for all users.

Instagram calls guides “a way to find tips, recommendations, & other content from your public figures, favorite creators, & organizations on Instagram.”

In simple terms, Instagram guides can be described as individual albums or groups that contain content. Instagram guides let you group educational content, team insights, behind-the-scenes looks, and other information into specific categories. It makes it easier for your followers to find the posts they are interested in instead of scrolling through your entire content.

1. Ways to use Instagram guides for your business

Content creation is essential to online marketing, no matter what industry you are in. Instagram Guides acts as a mini-blog for your Instagram account. It’s great for storytelling and serving as a resource for customers and followers. It allows you to group important content by category.

It is a great way to let your followers know which products or posts you have recommended in gift guides. These are some ways you can use Guides on Instagram to promote and grow your business.

2. Recommend Top Products

Guides are an excellent tool for business owners and influencers on Instagram. It highlights the services you offer or brands that have the most-used products. Guides can be used to create custom headlines that detail insider tips, best practices, and how-tos for products and services.

3. Share Your Expertise

This is your chance to show your followers who and what you are. This feature allows you to discover topics and themes that spark your passion and show your true self to your followers. It will not only build brand loyalty but also trust.

4. Support your Peers- Instagram Guides

Be an advocate for others who share your space. Use Guides to highlight small businesses and creators that you love.

5. Create a List of the Top Posts and Saves

Your most popular content is now home on Instagram. Your top posts and saves can be added to a Guide to give your followers an easy way to find educational content and posts that help tell your story.

6. Make a gift guide

Instagram Guides allow you to repurpose product listings into gift guides for Christmas easily, Mother’s Day, and other holidays.

7. Collect posts that relate to a particular theme

Many Instagram businesses offer multiple services and products. An Instagram guide helps you organize your Instagram feed by grouping related posts together.

Hot For Food, for example, posts vegan meals, snacks, and desserts. For those looking for only dessert ideas, the Just Dessert Stuff guide can help you find them.

8. Make a ranked listing

Display your top posts and bestsellers. You can publish results from contests that require participants to vote for their favorites in an Instagram Guide format.
Run a national sports league draft? Although it is unlikely, this NBA 2020 draft guidance is all you need.

9. Share a brand story or message

brand story

Make an Instagram guide that introduces your company to new followers and explains its values.

French jewel designer Louise Damas’ guide details company’s history, including posts about the founder, process, and a ladies-first approach.

10. Step-by-step instructions

You can run an Instagram advice series or give how-tos. Make a guideline by assembling posts.
Headspace, for example, compiled its Money Smart Monday posts and created a guide of four steps on “how you can get on top of your finances.”

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How to make your Instagram Shop shine

Instagram offers a guide to help you do this. Here, you can also find information on complex topics. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Guide teaches people to have honest conversations about mental health.

1. Encourage others to shout out to your community

You can create a guide that highlights members of your community, shows some love, and builds your network.
Afrocencnix created a guide to its products but also a guide that highlights different British Black businesses.

Yo Soy Afro Latina provides a guide to its favorite small businesses. The Secret Mountain uses place-based guides to promote indie booksellers who stock its titles.

2. Work with a creator

Guides offer brands and creators a way to connect with celebrities, influencers, and creators in a new way.
Everlane hired actor Tommy Dorfman and actress Olivia Sui and model and actress Lenya Flower to create gift guides for its products.

Businesses can create Guides featuring all of their brand ambassadors, and they could also collaborate with influencers to create Guides for their accounts.

3. Share a travel guide- Instagram Guides

It’s not surprising that the travel industry has adopted Instagram Guides.
Tourism Australia’s Insta account offers Guides for Gippsland and Kangaroo Island, among other things.

Tourisme Quebec’s Guide highlights Montreal’s Chinatown in French or English. Brands may want to think outside of the box. You can share a campus tour with your colleagues or a map showing all company locations.

4. Support causes and offer resources

Instagram Guides are a resource for companies that champion causes and engage in social activism. Instagram’s Act for Racial Justice guide curates important explanations that have been shared with the community.

5. Ways To set up Instagram guides

You now know how to use Instagram Guides in a variety of ways. It will be enjoyable and straightforward to make them!

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, your Guide will be up and running in no time. Before you know it, you’ll add and edit your Guides to make them look the best. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open your Instagram Profile page. Tap the “+” button at the top of your screen, then tap “Guide.”
Step 2: You will then have three options. Any creator can use each Guide type. You can quickly recommend products, cities, and content to your followers, regardless of whether you are a business owner or influencer.
Places – Tell your followers about places to visit in your city
Products – Link out your favorite products, services, or brands.
Posts – Share the posts that you’ve created or saved

Step 3: Once you have selected your Guide type, you can choose what you want to add to your Guide. We selected the Posts Guide type in the above example and added some of our favorite posts from MegYaLook’s Instagram. To give your readers more context, you can also add your caption and title.

Step 4: You can publish after you have added your title, selected your Cover Photo, and created captions for each Guidepost. Next, click “Next” at the top of your screen. Then tap “Share.”

Step 5: Once you click “Share,” your Guide will be made public to all your followers, and your followers will click on the “Guide” icon on their Instagram profile page to access your Guides.
Once you have created your Guides, you can edit them to suit the evolution of your brand or business. You can update or remove existing products and other content.

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6. Marketing with the help of Instagram

Instagram offers many features for marketers, but what makes guides stand apart from the rest?
Take a look at the top benefits of Instagram Guides for your marketing.

7. Promote your products without being too salesy

Instagram guides are an excellent way for you to promote your products without sounding too infomercial.
Referring to the example of sunglasses, if you create a guide to your new collection, you can add value by providing tips and tricks. Your Guide should be titled to emphasize the value, such as “How to Style Oversized Sunglasses.”
It is a great way to market your products without focusing on attention subtly.

8. Repurpose your old content

old content- Instagram Guides
Instagram Guides

Instagram content has a very short lifecycle. After clicking the “Post” button and seeing the likes pour in for several days, your content is now sitting on your feed, collecting dust.

Guides allow you to shine a light on your previous content. A user can click on a post in your Guide to be taken directly to the original post, giving it a fresh start.

9. Present your brand- Instagram Guides

Brand- Instagram Guides
Instagram Guides

Insta Guides can be an excellent way for customers to learn about your brand and the values it stands for. You can use them to highlight social responsibility, milestones, or new initiatives.
Fashion marketplace Vestiaire collective showcases its brand values by posting guides on how to build a sustainable wardrobe and upcycling.

10. Increase traffic to your website or blog

website- Instagram Guides
Instagram Guides

Guides can be an excellent way to share your knowledge, tips, and advice on specific topics. However, it would help if you did not reveal everything.
Instead, you can use the Guide to summarize one or two points in your blog posts. Then encourage readers to visit your blog to get more information (or tips). It will allow you to drive traffic to other channels.

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11. Use user-generated content- Instagram Guides

generated content- Instagram Guides
Instagram Guides

You can use Guides to combine content from other users and your content, allowing you to use user-generated content.
For example, suppose you run a sunglass brand. You could create a guide called “The Most Trendy Sunglasses 2022”, which includes photos of customers wearing your products. There is no better way to promote your products and gain new customers than UGC.


The Bottom Line of Instagram Guides

Instagram guides can be a great way to add an extra layer to your content strategy. It’s easy for people to become overwhelmed by the number of features that are being released faster than usual. You might be wondering what this means for you as a brand.

Brands developed new social media strategies using Guides. We will see more collaborations between brands, content creators, and other businesses.

Guides are a great way of getting the most from the content you have created. Remember that content creators and brands are posting more Instagram Reels content. Creators can use Guides for their top Reels, IGTV videos, recipe videos, promote sponsored products, etc.

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