How to Automatically Update New Instagram Post on WordPress ?

How to Automatically Post New Instagram Photos to WordPress

Instagram is an amazing way to drive traffic on the website. The reason is obvious! Now a massive amount of people love to act on such Social Media Platform!

Do you want to automatically post new Instagram photos to your WordPress site? Instagram is an influential platform that can be used to drive traffic to your website. In this article, we will show you how to automatically post new Instagram photos to WordPress.

3 Reasons Why Should You Integrate Instagram with WordPress

  1. Instagram provides explore tab where users explore what they like most or in which they have an interest. So, it’s a great platform to find prospective leads from a specific niche. When a user searches for something on explore tab, Instagram Algorithms detect it and start showing results related to them in their feed and explore tab results. So, chances are high that your business account will also get in front of your prospective leads.
  2. Using hashtags are the most common and popular way to find relevant results. You can take benefit of such common practice to drive huge traffic.
  3. Once your prospective leads start following you on Instagram, then you can engage them with your brand more efficiently.

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How to Automatically Post New Instagram Photos to WordPress

Time to take action to leverage the benefits of the most popular social networking channel, Instagram. Let’s take a look at how to automatically post new Instagram photos to WordPress and drive huge traffic to your website.

Step 1. Find out the best WordPress Instagram Plugin

The first and foremost step is to identify which WordPress Instagram Plugin suits your requirement. Think about the features that you would like to get from a plugin. Analyze deeply all the features provided by those plugins and then choose the best one.

To make your task easier, I have done research and found some WordPress Plugins that allows you to integrate Instagram Photos to WordPress. I would recommend you to take a look at these WordPress Instagram Plugins.


WordPress Instagram Plugin


Step 2. Install and activate it

Once finalized, download the WordPress Instagram Plugin, install it and activate it on your site. In order to install the plugin, log in to your WordPress site, then-

Go to the Plugins > Add New Plugin > Upload file

Generally, most WordPress Instagram Plugins will ask you to verify your identity or access to your Instagram Account while doing the activation process. Verify it and activate it.

Step 3. Start Displaying Instagram Photos

Now go to the page where you want to add your Instagram Photos. Customize the way you want to display your pictures and start displaying them.

Hey! You got it! Well done!

Time to start yourself.

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Final Thoughts on How to Automatically Post New Instagram Photos to WordPress

Make use of Instagram properly and you’ll start loving the results you’ll get from it. I hope you find this article useful for you. We’ll be back with another useful information soon.

Have you tried showing your Instagram photos on your WordPress site? Let us know by commenting below!



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