BP Poll Activity Update New Features and Support for BuddyPress And BuddyBoss Platform

Facebook and Twitter polls have proved their worth as excellent marketing and user engagement strategies. Even though polls have been around for a while, they have recently seen a sudden hike in usage with the rise of teen polling apps like Polly on Snapchat.

Polls are extremely productive for businesses and individuals as they present compelling opportunities for brands to elicit instant consumer feedback as well as for small firms to utilize crowdsourced decision making according to the responses of their consumers. One of the best examples of using polls is H&M. Their new brand with the help of their Instagram polls created two new products. Sounds, too good to be true, isn’t it?

However, this is the truth and this is how powerful polls are actually.

BuddyPress and BuddyBoss Platform Polls Activity Feature

Get BuddyPress Polls

New BuddyPress poll update comes with lot of improvements and support for platform. Members can now create their own four-option polls and gather votes from their audience

BuddyBoss platform new activity
BuddyBoss platform new activity

1. A new poll activity icon enables the poll which have options to add poll title, add options, images, setup a date time limit and multi select option.

BuddyPress BuddyBoss Platform polls
BuddyBoss Platform polls

2.A new Poll will show the score and percentage out of total votes.

3.Plugin have option to limit poll activity based on roll or member type.

BuddyBoss limit poll activity role

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Hence, we have compiled a list of super hacks that would enable you to use polling on your BuddyPress or BuddyBoss Platform powered WordPress website or any other place on the internet. Take a look.

Valuable Feedback and Customer Insight

All individuals and businesses need people who give feedback because that is how one improves. This is why brands rigorously invest in survey companies to get valuable feedback from their customers. However, you can save all the money and still get better results without much effort.

Polls are essential for businesses as they provide feedback as well as ideas. Moreover, integrating them into your well maintained social media channels is the most direct and instant way to know what the customers think about your brand. Not only this, your followers on social media are the people who use or know your brand. Hence, they are the best people to get honest criticism and appreciation.

Criticism helps you to identify your weaknesses and work on them. Appreciation helps you to enhance your strengths to get even better products by knowing your customer’s choices. Hence, social media polls are the best way to get instant feedback and customer insight for your brand at almost no costs.

Dormant Call To Action

Feedback and insight are extremely important but even they don’t matter if there are no results. Polls help you exactly achieve that by driving the future decisions of your customer. This is what we call ‘dormant call to action’ polls. You can take an example of eBay where that used polls to determine which special offers customers expect and want. This not only created a positive emotion from their customers towards their brand but also exponentially increased engagement.

This way they were able to decide what future marketing plan to implement without even paying for a full-fledged planning team. Hence, polls like these are an effective way to drive the future decisions of your customers. Similarly, polls also help you take instant decisions for your brands, with your customers getting the power to create a particular result and feel more involved.

The Perfect Engagement Tool

If you do not want to rely on polls for customer feedback and instead want to hire an expensive firm, we will not stop you. However, we would still recommend you to use polls as they are good not just as purposeful insight generators but they also act as perfect engagement tools for your customers too. In fact, they can be considered as a powerful form of social content, that helps to entertain and inform customers.

Polls are highly interactive and can be framed as engaging fun quizzes for customers. We can take an example of a sports brand to understand this better. If you have a sports brand, you can put up questions related to sports and sportspersons, and ask customers to swipe to know the answer. This way you can not only provide a fun quiz to engage your customers but actually engage them to the end of the questionnaire. Easy, isn’t it? In fact, you can also place questions related to your products in between to generate even better results.

Live Engagement Tools

Polls are as quick and instant as they are powerful. They act as extraordinary live engagement tools to enhance existing experiences for their brands. Think of a concert or even a simple press event organized by your brand. Polls act as excellent tools to infuse excitement and anticipation around these events. The football club Manchester City also does this during its big games to interact closely with their fans.

This has strengthened more after many social media tools have introduced the ‘Live’ feature. This feature works best to engage people who could not be there at the event. You can place these polls smartly on these mediums and ask everyone about their personal favorites or outcomes of the event. In a way, due to this, the event is enjoyed by people in the event as well as at their homes to get equally involved. This is what a brand needs.

Strengthening Your Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

Gone are the times when ambassadors and influencers could post some good pictures and win over their fans. These days, brand influencers rely heavily on engagement techniques to ensure a better way for fans and followers to interact. Polls are the best interactive tools and enable a two-way communication among influencers and fans. This makes these influencers have a stronger influence on the way fans think and help you gather essential data to analyze your brand. People, on the other hand, feel more involved and loyal towards your brand.

Final Thoughts

Having a poll in your private or local community website powered by BuddyPress or BuddyBoss Platform. If you want the opinion on anything —like help in naming your child or any community issue people care most about — there’s no better place to get answers through a poll. You understand exactly what people think and more people participate.

Even after so many benefits, there are still many brands that never use polls on any of their social media platforms. With so many unique ways to use this magical marketing technique, businesses that are not using it may feel as if they have lost a very good opportunity later. So, if you do not want to be one of these, use polls on your social media site today and engage users like never before. What’s even better that you can use polls on your BuddyPress powered website by installing a simple plugin called BuddyPress Polls. This plugin allows you



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