The Best Way To Test A Community Platform 2024

Best Way To Test A Community Platform

There are all hundreds of community platforms available on the Internet. Each of these platforms are different in their objectives and features. Each of them has its own approach. So, selecting the correct community platform can be quite tricky and difficult. If you want your brand to create a very good impact in the minds of the audience, you need to be very particular about selecting your platform. Only then will you be able to gain a lot of success in the long run. Are you confused regarding how you are going to test Community Platform?


Way To Test A Community Platform

here we are with a number of steps that will help you to test your online community before you actually launch it for your audience

1. Define your requirements

First and foremost, you need to understand what your community is all about and what you would like to provide to your audience. Your requirements will define what is important to your brand. It will also establish your brand before the audience. So, you need to think about all your requirements. the requirements should also align with the features of your online community.

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2. Create your demo environment

Once you have defined all your requirements and your priorities, you need to create a demo environment where you will be able to test your community features and functions. Your demo platform should provide you with a certain level of customization options so that you are able to mirror the activities of your community and your brand. You must also make sure that your demo platform gives your users a similar experience to your online community. The demo environment will also give you an idea about how your audience is going to utilize the various features and functions of your community.

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3. Add all your brand assets

building brand

Your online demo platform should be completely yours where you can do whatever you wish to. So you must give it the right feel. You should try to make your customers feel at home so that they are going to get a perfect experience in your community. You must try to exhibit all the properties of your online community in your demo environment.

4. Onboard your online community

Analyze the feedback

Next, you need to properly onboard your community in your demo environment. If you want to get actual feedback about your community, you need to invite those people who will be actually using your community. It will be wise to select around 10 to 15 of your loyal community members and ask them to become a part of the demo environment. You must include them in your evaluation process and ask them to give you proper feedback about your platform. You may also invite stakeholders and other crucial decision-makers of your organization. This will help in the growth of your community and will also help it to perform better.

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5. Test your community platform

community platform

Now it’s time to test the performance of your community. Upload all your brand assets and see how your community performs. You can also create content and share videos. Try to send private messages to your customers to keep your community as interactive as possible. In this way, you will be able to give your demo environment the feel of a real community. Once you have onboarded your members, you should start sending regular notifications to them. This will keep all your users engaged all the time and they will not feel left out.

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6. Create a survey for your platform

Next, you need to evaluate the different aspects of your platform. For that, you may use different types of tools that will automatically capture the feedback and the experience of your users during the trial period. This step is very crucial as it will help you to understand what exactly your online community lacks and how you can work on your drawbacks.

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7. Analyze the feedback

Analyze the feedback

Now you will have to analyze the feedback which you have received from your community members. You must try to take your feedback very seriously. This will give you the opportunity to understand your customers and know what is best for them. In this way, you will be able to enhance the features of your community and give your users a better experience. You may also try to review the feedback minutely and evaluate all your options accordingly.

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Create your own Community

Conclusion of test Community Platform

Before you launch your online community for real, you must always make it a point to test it on a demo environment. You can take the help of the Honeycomb app to create a perfect demo environment for your community. Honeycomb is one of the best customer-grade solutions available to you which will give you complete control over your social network. So, create your demo community using Honeycomb and give your users an excellent experience.

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