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customer relationships

Learning management systems are the future. To put it simply, it is a software application that helps in the administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, automation, and delivery of educational courses and training programs. As a concept, learning management systems have evolved from eLearning. If you have a learning management system, you should use it wisely to improve your relationships with your customers. This can be done in a variety of ways! Read this article to get a detailed idea about the same. Listed below are some highly effective ways to improve customer relationships: 

Improving customer onboarding processes

Customer onboarding is one of the most critical points of contact you have with any given customer. A good onboarding experience is one of the biggest deterrents to customer churn. It has been observed that even a one percent churn rate can have a twelve percent impact on the company’s valuation over a period of five years. LMS helps you to customize the onboarding training that tells the customer how to use a product and also shows it to them with a hands-on product demonstration. Tools like video conferencing, project management, or chat can be used in your LMS to create an impactful onboarding experience.

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Training your customers throughout their journey

LMS- improve customer relationships
improve customer relationships

Making a great product is just one part of your company’s journey. If the customers do not understand how to use it, they wouldn’t like it. Hence, customer training shouldn’t just stop at onboarding. As and when the customers start using the product, they may come across newer features that would benefit them, but don’t know how to use them. An LMS helps you to create a library of optional training that your customers can have access to at any given point. Customer questions can be answered at their own comfort, with an option to call the customer support service if needed.

Using effective gamification techniques

You can gamify your customers’ training experiences by providing badges, rewarding with them virtual currency, and other such techniques. This makes the customers feel rewarded and happy, which in turn makes them want to experience it again. Gamification elements like point scoring, competition, or awards are becoming very common in modern LMS systems.

If you are still confused, here is a helpful blog that explains how you can increase participation using gamification techniques. 

Using effective gamification techniques for your employees

Just like gamification helps in motivating your customers, it can also be used to motivate your employees and keep them up to speed. For instance, create a leaderboard that shows which customer executive has completed which training with badges and rewards. You can also display customer feedback and reward the customer executives with the best feedback.

Gathering customer feedback

An LMS also helps you to gather data in one place. Using this feature, you can create surveys and assessments to be filled up by your customers. Creating surveys helps you to get reported feedback from each customer, while assessments help you understand how your customers are learning. This data can be used to notice trends in customer satisfaction, pain points in product understanding, and other potential areas for improving the relationship.

Integration with Customer Relationships Management (CRM)

Getting information about product changes and updates to each and every customer often takes time and creates quite a hassle. By the time the updates reach the customers, many of them have already tried to use the product and filed a complaint. Integrating your LMS with your Customer Relationship Management team can avoid all the problems and make it more efficient to communicate with your customers. Create well-guided training on your LMS and your CRM can use it to properly train the customers.

Keeping track of disengagement

LMS lets you keep a track of your customer’s interactions. Sometimes, you may notice patterns of decreased use of your product. This indicates disengagement. However, when they are caught ahead of time, you can schedule a call with the customer and ask how you can help them out. This ensures that your customer feels valued and then they can freely share suggestions with you – that you can incorporate effectively in the future. 

To conclude

Learning Management Systems are built in an effective way and they make the process of eLearning smoother and easier. We highly recommend that you use the same to build long-term relationships with your customers/students. It will end up being beneficial to your organization as a whole and will continue to bear fruits for a long time. 

We hope you have learned something new today! Thank you for reading and all the best! 

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