8 Desktop Tools That Instagram Creators Should Know About 2024

There are over 800 mobile applications and third-party Desktop tools available to assist you in managing your Instagram account. Using your phone to manage your Instagram profile is easy to use, but it isn’t always the most practical way of doing things.

Fortunately, those of us who need to access these services at the office or from the desktop computers have other options.

Desktop Tools That Instagram Creators Should Know About

Here we have gathered eight desktop tools that we think that Instagram creators should know about.

1. SquareLovin

Instagram Creators

SquareLovin can provide you with detailed information to help you understand how your Instagram posts perform. It gives you a lot of information about whether your postings are reaching their objectives. SquareLovin is very visual, so you can see the status of your accounts at a look.

In fact, SquareLovin provides much more than a few attractive graphs of your posts’ stats. It is beneficial to both brands and influencers. You may use it to centralize all user-generated content that mentions your brand, obtain media usage rights for user-generated text, link posts to products, publish content, and evaluate and track clicks and conversions.

Influencers will benefit the most from its free in-depth analytics tools. SquareLovin gives you access to stats on your latest posts and growth, as well as a monthly analysis and a post history broken out by year, month, day, and hour.

It also provides information on your communities’ preferences and interests, as well as what motivates them to participate. You can manage your Instagram account and like and comment on other people’s posts right from the platform.

Cost: Free

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2. For Display Purposes Only

Instagram Creators

Using relevant and popular hashtags is the best way to increase the reach of your Instagram photos. The only issue is that determining the perfect hashtags for your company can be a lengthy process. For Display Only is a simple hashtag research tool that lets you find related tags to your chosen themes.

Simply enter a few of your favorite hashtags and let their generator generate a list of similar hashtags. Set the search limit to 30 and cut and paste directly into your caption, or use these tips to widen your study.

Cost: Free

3. Everliker

Have you ever wished you could quickly like all of the posts to your branded hashtag without relying on shady third-party apps or AI? Ever like is a chrome addon that operates with any Instagram account you have on your computer right now.

It never asks for any login information and instead performs the like function using simply your computer and local IP address. This action does not jeopardize the security of your account or signal to Instagram that you are using automated or external practices because it comes straight from you.

Cost: Free

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4. Pallyy- Instagram Creators

Instagram Creators

Pallyy is an all-in-one Instagram marketing solution. Scheduling, Instagram statistics, comment moderation, competitor research, and a “link in the bio” feature are all included. It is very cost-effective for both individuals and businesses.

Palley’s calendar is one of the most helpful we’ve noticed. It’s organized in a grid pattern, with per cell conveying a month’s value of dates. You can use it to plan your entire feed visually. To plan your articles for that date, simply drag anything from your media library onto any cell.

Pallyy will let you customize the post’s caption and even schedule the first comment. If you want to make your caption clear and add your hashtags in the comments thread instead, the first comment feature comes in handy. A thumbnail preview of the post will appear in the calendar cell after you’ve scheduled it. After that, you may glance at your calendar to get a sense of how your entire feed will look.

Cost: Free and also a premium option available for $15 per month.

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5. Agorapulse

Instagram Creators

The greatest all-in-one social networking tool is Agorapulse. A social inbox, scheduling, social listening, analytics, reporting, and more are all included. Agorapulse is a touch more expensive than Pallyy, but it’s a much more powerful and flexible social media management tool overall.

It works for Instagram as well as other popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, making it an excellent alternative for social media managers and not only just Instagram influencers. Publishing features, collaboration tools, social listening, and a unified social inbox are all available right out of the box to help you manage your campaigns.

Cost: Free and also a premium option available for $79 per month.

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6. SocialBee- Instagram Creators

Instagram Creators

Another all-in-one social media management tool for Instagram influencers, SMBs, and agencies are SocialBee. You can establish different categories for various kinds of posts using SocialBee’s content Categories function, which can assist you in achieving a proportional content mixture. You can also use the bulk editor to modify all posts in a category at once, which saves a lot of time.

Create fresh variations of your pieces and reschedule them to squeeze out even more value from your top-performing content. You can specify expiration dates for all of your posts if you’re publishing time-sensitive content, such as limited-time promotional offers. You may also set them to expire after a specified amount of shares, which is useful for social giveaways.

Cost: Free and also premium options are available for $13.30 and $79 per month.

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7. PromoRepublic

Instagram Creators

PromoRepublic is a sophisticated social media marketing solution with built-in automated features. It was created to assist corporations and agencies who require a simple approach to managing hundreds of social sites at once. PromoRepublic’s sophisticated automation features can help you streamline your processes and save time. Automatic reposting, done-for-you content templates, and efficient workflows are just a few examples.

Apart from the features listed above, PromoRepublic also includes in-depth analytics and reporting capabilities, as well as a fantastic reputation management tool that allows you to manage and reply to customer messages, ratings, and more from a single location.

Cost: It starts at $9 per month.

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8. Iconosquare- Instagram Creators

Instagram Creators

Iconosquare is a sophisticated Instagram business solution that stands out for its in-depth statistics, publishing, and monitoring capabilities. Many of the features of Iconosquare are similar to those of the other all-in-one Instagram tools on this list, such as a robust social calendar and social listening capabilities. When it comes to analytics, though, it outperforms the majority.

It gives you a variety of information and allows you to really dig into your campaigns to see what’s working and what isn’t. In simple graphs, you can see critical performance measures such as follower growth, approximate post engagement rates, impressions, and reach. If you do not have that many followers or reach, you can always visit Buzzoid to buy some.

Then, to discover how you match up, compare your performance to industry benchmarks offered for over 100 different industries. You may also observe how your promotional activities affected key metrics by comparing organic versus promoted postings.

Use Instagram’s Conversations tool to check how your brand or rivals are being mentioned. You can arrange mentions by kind (for example, caption mentions, tags, and comment mentions) or by media type, and you can respond to whatever remarks you choose.

Cost: Starts at $49 per month.

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Conclusion of Instagram Creators

Maintaining your popularity as an Instagram influencer might be difficult. Quality posts with attractive eye-catching imagery are expected from your fans. You must first decide what each post should show, then take or obtain acceptable photographs or videos and write appropriate text to accompany them. To attract new users to your pots, you must choose the ideal hashtags.

You’ll be on the lookout for new followers all the time, and you’ll want to figure out what they like and dislike. You examine post-analytics carefully to determine what worked and what didn’t. With so many things to complete, good Instagram influencer tools may make your life that much easier.

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