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In today’s digital era, when everyone has submerged themselves in technology, why would education be left behind? Seeking education through an LMS system has now become the most preferred choice for every student who is not able to attend universities or colleges for higher studies. The problem might be of the distance or office work or it could be anything else.

These students generally prefer to opt for distance learning programs through which they can learn at their own time suitability. Results? They end up with no worries about missing out on important lectures! That’s what one of the sub-goals of all universities!

So, why don’t you find such a solution that can solve all the educational problems at once? Creating an online education platform through a WordPress LMS can be a better option. So let’s get started with online education platform with the help of best professional WordPress university theme.


Understanding WordPress LMS

wordpress lms

Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to create online courses like Udemy. It helps to deliver education courses or training programs by organizing them into well-defined lessons in a systematic way across the web.You may use for all kinds of learning activities like employee training, employee orientation programs, Knowledge retention, etc.

If you are using WordPress, there are many LMS plugins that you can integrate with your WordPress website to turn it into a professional LMS site.  Not all WordPress LMS plugins can be a good choice to create an educational website unless they have some most demanding features like managing your online course content, handling subscriptions, running and grading quizzes, accepting payments, etc.

Here are some of the common steps that you have to perform in order to deliver education or training to the learners.

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Should every university use a Learning Management System?

Now, that’s a good question to be answered! Is there really a need for all universities to use Learning Management System?

Well… Generally, it depends on your educational goals like what and how you want your students to grab knowledge from your university. Whether you just want to be stuck with traditional education pattern or want to adopt modern education requirements.

What I suggest you is to go with modern educational requirements where you can deliver education in an organized way having all kinds of interactive elements compelling video lessons, badges after course completion, etc. Moreover, you can also assess each student’s progress accurately. So, decide, by yourself, how you would like to deliver education!

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Considerations while choosing WordPress LMS to create online education platform

If you really want your learners to get the best from your online training classes, here are some important points that you can’t afford to ignore while choosing WordPress LMS to create online education platform:

  • Choose an LMS that defines your needs, rather than providing a bunch of features that would not be of any value to your online education goals.
  • It must be something that helps to keep users, roles and groups well administered.
  • Open source leads the WordPress LMS field in terms of its performance, user management, and cost savviness.

Top University WordPress Theme

University themes

So far you’ve understood why creating an online education platform on WordPress can be the best decision of yours. Time to think something different!

In order to make your WordPress online education platform more compelling and interactive, you can opt university or college WordPress themes that can transform the look and appearance of your e-learning website. Because appearance matters a lot when it comes to engaging students with course-modules and training classes!

There are lots of education WP themes for university that are available in the market. You can opt them and turn your LMS WordPress website into a professional one.Among all those education WordPress themes, you can have a look at LearnMate for LearnDash and LearnMate for LifterLMS education WordPress themes. These themes are designed keeping in mind all the requirements of modern education as well as student’s perception of learning.

Here are some cool functionalities which make both the themes a perfect option for creating e-learning website for universities-

  • Impeccable grid & listing option helps to navigate through the courses easily in grid or list layouts.
  • Distraction-free reading allows students to stay focused on the course content by eliminating all unnecessary elements from your WordPress education website.
  • Inbuilt Course Reviews option lets the students leave their ratings and reviews on the course page they have completed. These reviews are of great value for all universities to prove their course worthiness to other prospective students.
  • No hassle to install this theme. One click demo installation makes it easy for you to make your online education website professional.
  • You can give your e-learning website your own feel and look by changing its typography and colors as you desire.

Don’t just go for words! Check out the free LearnMate LearnDash Demo and LearnMate LifterLMS Demo and explore the value that these university WordPress themes can provide to your students.
create and manage your online learning management system

Final Thoughts On University WordPress Theme

This is all about universities and college WordPress theme. So, what are you waiting for? Take a move towards a modern education system and make your students learn with their full interest with these university WordPress themes.

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