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With education shifting almost entirely to online platforms, many organizations have also started to create online training modules for their employees. However, not many understand how to set up an online training module to remain professional and engaging for the users. WordPress offers many different themes and plugins that can be used to create an online training module from scratch. Whether you are looking to create a single course or a multi-course membership program, WordPress offers the flexibility and functionality to create a training module just as you like. This article will understand how you can create a training module with a WordPress education theme. But before that, let’s take a look at some of the most common WordPress tools for creating online training modules.

Creating a training module – what will you need?

training module
WordPress Education Theme

Here are the five things you will need to create a training module with a WordPress education theme: 

Quality Website Hosting

A high-quality and established hosting provider is the first thing on the checklist for creating your website. The hosting company delivers the security, speed, and reliability needed to create a successful training module. Poor website hosting will result in lags and slower loading speed on your website, which will ultimately drive your members away. Poor website hosting can also lead to hackers getting access to your website, leading to your members’ data being taken. This is why getting a quality website hosting provider is considered the most crucial aspect of creating an online training module. Software

WordPress can be used in two ways – and has a free plan with limited services and then a paid plan with premium benefits. Here, your website is hosted and maintained by Automattic. On the other hand, WordPress Education Theme is an entirely free open-source tool that gives you complete control of your website. For online courses and training modules, has proven to provide excellent stability and flexibility. With unlimited themes, page builders, and plugins available for installation, can give your website exactly what you are looking for.

Content Plan

Before you plan out your website’s module design and functionality, you must have a detailed content plan and how you want to develop the module. When you have the entire flow of your course planned, it is relatively easy to design the website based on your system. Getting answers to the following questions can help you in planning your content:

  • What information and values will your employees receive from the module?
  • What is the format of your training module? (Pre-recorded/live videos. Texts, slides, audio, etc.)
  • Is this a single course module or a multiple courses module

Once you understand what you aim to make, you can start looking at themes and plugins to suit your content and match your brand.

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WordPress Theme

WordPress Education Theme

You are now equipped with a quality website hosting company, software, and a detailed content plan. The next step is to start designing your website based on the training module. This is where themes and plugins come into the picture. WordPress offers unlimited pieces that can help you select the perfect layout, typography, and colors to do a successful training module. Themes can make your website look and feel more attractive and engaging, and with all the customization options in your hand, you can also give the website a touch of your brand.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins can be called the counterpart of themes. While themes provide the look and feel to your website, plugins help the functionality of the website. WordPress does offer the ability to create pages, add essential written content, and upload media. However, for all other functions, you select and install plugins. With over 55,000 plugins to choose from, you can do endless things with your website. For example, if you want your training module to have restricted access, you can add a plugin specifically for that purpose. Similarly, if you’re going to charge your training module for public access, you can add a plugin that gives you access to payment options.

Some essential LMS plugins that will help you make a great training module include Tutor LMS, Sensei LMS, Learndash, Lifter LMS, and so on. A WordPress theme that is fully compatible with these LMS plugins can help you build a module efficiently and effectively! 

Building Training Module with WordPress Education Theme

Building a Training Module with a WordPress theme makes creating an eLearning website more accessible than ever. It provides you with engaging course layouts to make learning fun, a plethora of shop page designs, course membership, advanced visual design elements, and multiple theme skin and typography options. The best part about the theme is it comes with a one-click demo importer that makes your site ready within a few minutes by importing all the sample data. Let’s explore some WordPress education themes that are fully compatible with popular plugins like LearnDash, Tutor LMS, Sensei, Lifter LMS.

  • LearnMate LearnDash Theme: LearnMate LearnDash is the best theme to pair with the LearnDash LMS plugin, and it has multiple single course page layouts, interesting course review features, grid, and listing options for course archive page, and many more. 
  • Reign Tutor LMS: You can create and manage your LMS and monetize your courses with ease with this. It has features such as course listing, single system, instructor dashboard, instructor listing layout, profile page, registration page, etc. 
  • Reign Sensei Addon: This is a perfect match for you if you want to earn through an online marketplace. You can create intelligent and simple learning solutions. It has a clean and engaging layout, gives you options for quizzes and lessons, has easy-to-use sensei widgets, and is fully responsive. Additionally, it has an easy setup with easy-to-follow instructions. 
  • Learnmate Lifter LMS: This plugin helps you build an LMS theme that works perfectly with Lifter LMS. You can develop customized and engaging online social learning solutions. It includes membership features, allows for smooth selling, has a great visual design, and grid and listing options for better viewing. 

How to create an online training module on WordPress?

online training module
WordPress Education Theme

While the process of creating a training module differs based on the requirement of the website owners, here are a few steps that everyone will go through in the process:

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  • Understand and know your target audience. This will help you make content for a specific set of people, and all your further decisions can be based on who your target audience is.
  • Create an outline of your training module. For example, how many pages/slides will each topic take, add media, etc. Having a set of subtopics and ideas will help you organize your content and make your content designing process more accessible.
  • Organize your lessons and record the first module. This will give you a realistic idea of how much time each employee will take to go through the module and design the rest of the content.
  • Set up your course website. It must be essential to build ready with your website before you start uploading your content. Here, it would help if you were equipped with a theme and layout of the training module.
  • Upload your content on the website. Even if you are not finished with all the content yet, start uploading what you are prepared to get a good idea of how the website looks. 
  • Set up payment systems if required. If you are an employer trying to shift from traditional training methods to virtual ones, you may or may not charge your employees for the training. However, if you want to make your website acclaim portantssible to the public, it is wise to set up payment options in advance.
  • Go through the entire course on the website. If you have trusted people who can give feedback, let them take the system before launching your website. This will provide you with the necessary build multiple opinions and let you make any changes if required.

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Conclusion of WordPress Education Theme

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Well, there you go! Creating a training module from scratch might seem like a hectic process, but it looks like a piece of cake when you break it down into smaller chunks. All you have to remember is to get in touch with a quality website hosting company, get software, plan your content, and choose from endless WordPress themes and plugins to give your online training module the look and functionality you are looking for. We hope this article has been helpful. Thank you and all the best!

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