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Are you not getting enough member signups on your site? So don’t just simply sit back and expect people to come your way. To grow your membership website you’ll need to try out different tactics to bring in new users. There are plenty of simple things you can do on your website that can attract new members and increase your signups, whether it’s for something like a free newsletter or a paid subscription service. They will help you to constantly boost their signups and grow their subscriber list.

To increase membership signups you don’t require any kind of technical or coding knowledge. You need to continue growing your membership base which helps you to earn income from your site. Running a blog can also help users to find you through search engines, and it’s a low-cost option for new websites.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to increase membership signups on your website and widen your membership base to keep your website profitable. So, let’s take a look on the best way of increasing sign ups!

1. Publish high quality content

For increasing membership signup content quality is really important. Poor quality content will never attract new users and will also lose existing subscribers. Your content must be meaningful and should provide value to the visitors of your website. Ensure people love your content.

2.  Customize website design and branding

The design and branding of your membership website play the most important role in increasing membership engagement and retention. Perfect design helps users to easily navigate different pages and content with little effort. Your membership website should look and feel like your other main website and social media pages.

3.Build traffic Strategies

Driving organic traffic to your membership website is important. The more high-quality or organic traffic you drive to your site, the more members will sign up on your website.

4. Provide members with direct access

Provide your members with direct access to your knowledge. It is an effective way to add value to your site content. Provide your members with direct access in a few ways such as: Email access, individual phone calls, Facebook group and other ways.

5. Promote site on Social media

Promoting your membership site on social media provides access to a wider audience. If you have the budget, you can even take out Facebook or Instagram ads to show to your specific demographic or target audience.

6. Simplify Your Sign-Up Form

Make sign-up form as easy and simple as possible for them to do so. The best signup forms include only absolute or minimum required information. If there’s no financial transaction required, then you should limit your sign-up form.

7. Email Remarketing

Set up your checkout process in such a way that your users need to enter their email address first. Then, when there’s no visit to your confirmation page, that’s an abandoned checkout that triggers an email to be sent to your prospect within 24 hours. Always end it with a link which helps members to quickly complete the checkout so they do not have to go through the entire process again and again.

8. Display attractive video on first page

Video attracts new customers into your membership website effectively. Include attractive and meaningful video in your membership website welcome area. This will help you to get new members up and running and consuming your content as quickly and smoothly as possible.

9. Write blogs 

You can write blogs related to your membership site and list down the features and benefits. Try to write valuable content that could be found in the membership site and then add a brief note and a link to your membership site at the end of the article. By increasing the number of blogs on your membership website increases the chances that people will sign up for your website.

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10. Call new members personally

To attract new members give them a personal call to welcome them to your membership organisation. It is one of the best ways to add that personal touch and make your new members feel valued and special.

11. Conduct contests

Contests and giveaways can be an effective way in convincing people to sign up for your membership site. It helps to advertise your membership site and increase the number of signups in a short span of time, so make sure you include contests in your strategy once or twice a year.

12. Publish testimonials and member case studies

Publishing testimonials and case studies is a best way of providing proof for the benefits of joining your membership organisation. When people see that other members are using and getting positive results, it encourages them also to do the same. Interview your customers as often as possible. With their permission publish their interviews on your membership website, on your blog, and any other social outlet that you use.

13. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing involves publishers promoting a product or service in return for a commission. There is a team to advertise your membership site for you, attracting new audiences to your website. Affiliate marketing also requires additional technology to manage programs, and it can be time-consuming to deal with affiliates and manage the affiliate program.

14. Arrange in-person meetups for members

To build strong relationships with your members arrange meetups in person and give them the chance to build friendships with each other. As your membership grows, there will be an increase in membership signups. You have successfully built a true community around your membership website by conning people.

15. Offers and Promotions

Offers and discounts for membership sites need to be planned in such a way that it attracts new leads and new members while engaging your existing members. Offering discounts on products and services can be highly effective, and this can also work for membership sites when done right. You can choose discount time periods that are significant to your membership site, it could be a holiday, Christmas/New Year or any other.

16. Adapt training to different styles of learning

Try to adapt new and different training techniques. Each member has their own way of learning style. Therefore, it is very important to understand what the most common styles of learning are and prepare your table of content accordingly. The most successful membership website owners distribute balanced content types to help accommodate the different learning styles of their members and make them understand easily.

17. Give users choices for subscription types

From a wide range of content and topics, users are allowed to choose specifically what content they would like to receive. You can also limit the number of future sent emails as per your subscription type. The subscriber can pick a topic by their own which is relevant for their particular needs and avoid unnecessary notifications.

18. Use Pop-ups at appropriate moment

Sometimes pop-ups hinder the user experience and make website visitors away from your site. But appropriately used pop-ups are very effective. Use a pop-up form for blog content subscription on all pages of your membership website/or news section and ensure that the pop-up appears after an elapsed time of 30-60 seconds so that users build a level of engagement with your site. It ensures that the visitor is interested in your content.

19. Allow members to track their progress

One of the best ways to increase member engagement in an online course is to allow your members or new one to track their progress through your core content. When a member can visually see their progress then they are more motivated to reach the finish line.

20. Add an FAQ

Publishing a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website is a best way to reduce the number of help requests that you receive from your customers. It is the best way to answer members’ questions before they have even asked you.

21. Provide completion certificates

Provide a completion certificate to your members when they complete a course or core module. Knowing that they will receive a completion certificate provides an incentive for members to complete the training that you provide to them interestingly.


So if you also want to keep your membership site profitable, you need to consistently expand your membership site. Following above tips help boost your signups is a great way to boost your business in the long-term. Thank-you for reading this article. 

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