The 11 Best WordPress LMS Plugins For An E-learning Website In 2023

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The learning management system market is being subjected to impressive upgrades every other day. Keeping in mind the requirements of the learner and administrator, vendors are making sure that the e-learning space is well-monetized. Catering to the need, WordPress which is an easily extendable learning management system platform, lets the user explore.

Users are in complete control, unlike any other pre-packaged solution on another platform. There are thousands of plugins – name one and it’s around; if not, have it built. We will be discussing the 11 best WordPress LMS plugins 2022 which are helping people grow their purposeful organizational platforms.

The 11 Best WordPress LMS Plugins

1. LearnDash LMS Plugin

WordPress LMS Plugin

You can create and sell courses in a jiffy with this power-packed WordPress plugin. Users can easily access the offered courses through smartphones and tablets. Providing award certificates, quizzes, and downloading user reports comes easy with LearnDash. It has been made to integrate seamlessly with any WordPress theme. The software is spontaneous and is backed by e-learning industry experts who are available for responsive support. LearnDash is pioneering Tin-Can, the new technical specification for learning management systems for WordPress. Integrations with add-ons like WooCommerce and BadgeOS are a plus. Check out LearnDash add-ons here

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2. Sensei LMS Plugin

WordPress LMS Plugins
WordPress LMS Plugins

You can easily create courses, create and add quizzes, manage student cataloging, and charge for content with the Sensei LMS plugin. Options like media attachments and course progress tracking stay available along with some extensions which are either free or paid. It includes more notification types and private messaging doesn’t entail additional plugins. Easy eCommerce functionality is also a plus one because social sharing comes stacked up for learning programs and one can see and retrieve certificates easily. Sensei is a fantastic plugin for end-users and offers extensibility for developers.

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3. WP Courseware LMS Plugin

WordPress LMS Plugins

WP Courseware is an LMS plugin by FlyPlugins which is independent of these restrictions. You can create unlimited courses, modules, and lessons, embed media with nice options for quizzes, surveys, custom emails, and drip content, etc. Courses can be set to expire and you can even offer live learning events. Courses can have automatic enrollment. The plugin integrates with popular eCommerce & membership plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and many more so you can monetize your efforts.

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4. LifterLMS Plugin

Lifter LMS plugin

LifterLMS plugin supercharges WordPress into an out-and-out Learning Management System. It allows the user to publish course content, conduct quizzes, track progress, and award certificates when the audience attains certain goals. A community of learners can also be created with BuddyPress integration.

The plugin offers content customization along with the freedom to create custom sidebars for your course or membership level. Course seekers can be awarded badges or downloadable certificates based on their progress level in the course. The plugin also includes full eCommerce functionality so you can charge students to participate in their chosen course. One can create promotions for the courses they offer.

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5. LearnPress LMS Plugin

WordPress LMS Plugins

LearnPress is an all-inclusive plugin used for creating & selling courses online. Crafting lessons & quizzes have been made easy with a drag & drop interface of the plugin along with a few keyboard shortcuts.

A course forum meant for the purpose can be created for users to interact with each other with the help of the installation of free add-ons, with either BuddyPress or bbPress integration. LearnPress is compatible with any WordPress theme. The core plugin is free and fully extendable. A total of 17 add-ons have been released to date out of which 6 are free and 11 stand premium. The selling of courses is made easy by integrating LearnPress with PayPal & Stripe.

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6. TeachPress LMS Plugin

TeachPress LMS Plugin
WordPress LMS Plugins

TeachPress plugin is primarily meant for professors and researchers. It is a plugin that brings together a course management system and BibTeX-compatible publication management. It’s published under the terms of GPL. The Course lists can be exported in XLS/CSV and the plugin supports 7 languages. Publications can be imported in BibTeX format. Easy shortcodes are available for publication lists, publication searches, enrolments, and course overviews. It also assists in providing RSS feeds for publication.

7. Namaste! LMS Plugin

Namaste LMS : LMS Plugins
WordPress LMS Plugins

Namaste! LMS supports the management of an unlimited number of lessons, courses, and projects which can be in the form of text or media, etc. The curator can auto-approve or manually review the enrollment of the students. Rules regarding courses can be framed and course descriptions can be published on the site to encourage subscription.  Automated email notices about various LMS actions like enrollments, comments, notes, submitted solutions can be sent and received through Namaste! Connect. The plugin allows different user roles to administrate and use the learning material. Users can go for either the pro version or the free version.

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8. Tutor LMS

 Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a powerful online school WordPress plugin. Many notable features make it better for some users.

First, Tutor LMS offers an intuitive course builder that allows you to quickly create courses using a drag-and-drop system. It also includes a frontend student dashboard where every student can view their course status, progress, and other information. The Quiz Creator feature allows you to easily create quizzes. These core features are available for free at

It includes Elementor widgets to help you build your website. These widgets can be added to any page to highlight courses or other content. It is one of the easiest LMS plugins for building an educational website. You can also purchase a premium version to get even more functionality.

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9. MemberPress


MemberPress is a WordPress Membership and LMS Plugin that is easy to use. This plugin is designed to be used as a membership website tool, but it does not include any LMS features that will make your online courses stand out.

MemberPress offers a wide range of features that allow you to customize your site while viewing it via the Live Customizer. This plugin works with any WordPress theme. Simply pick the template that you like and you will have it set up in no matter how little time.

The integrations with PayPal Standard and PayPal Express Checkout make selling courses easy. and Stripe are also available. You will need to try the premium version before you buy it.

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10. Ultimate Learning Pro

Ultimate Learning Pro

Ultimate Learning Pro, as the name implies, is a premium WordPress LMS plugin. However, I believe you will find it well worth the investment.

Ultimate Learning Pro allows you to create courses, reward students, collect feedback, and much more. It has an area for managing students and courses, just like other LMS plugins.

It also offers many features such as content dripping and course review, badges certificates, badges, certificates, and a grade book. Stripe, PayPal and Membership, WooCommerce integration make it easy to monetize. It’s also very affordable, with a $59.95 one-time fee.

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11. Masterstudy LMS

Masterstudy LMS

MasterStudy is one of the most popular free WordPress eLearning plug-ins. This is the best choice for entrepreneurs, universities, professional trainers, and anyone who wants to create an LMS website or eLearning platform.

This plugin includes all of the necessary LMS features to manage quizzes and courses. You will also find tools such as a grade book, trial courses, course bundles, and content dripping.

The Course WishList feature lets students create a list of courses they wish to purchase later. MasterStudy LMS can be used in multiple languages to create lessons.

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Which LMS Plugin is the best?

These list-type articles are intended to help you choose the right plugin. Here are some thoughts to help you decide which plugin is best.

LearnDash, the best LMS plugin is available. However, it doesn’t offer a free option or a high price. This plugin will satisfy your LMS if you are willing to spend the money.

LearnPress is the free option. The premium and free versions have received rave reviews. This is because the developers provided enough functionality in the free version, and also added robust functionality to the paid copy.

MasterStudy is another free plugin worth checking out. It was recently updated and uses VueJS development, a Javascript framework that loads quickly.

The Takeaway

With so many amazing LMS options available, learning and executing will come as easy as a pie for all. Please let us know about your experiences with these LMS Plugins by dropping your views in the comment below.

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