Top Affiliate Management WordPress Plugins

affiliate management wordpress plugins

To maximize the earning potential, more and more businesses are relying on affiliates. In any business, it is the affiliates that play a leading part in generating profits and maximizing the earning potential. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing advertising methods, to top this marketing method what you need is a proper affiliate management plugin. Without the appropriate plugin or tools, running an affiliate program can be a problematic task. With plenty of different affiliate tracking and managing plugin available in the market, people specifically look for the most affordable one with compatible features. Therefore, considering the value of your time and effort, here are the popular five affiliate management WordPress plugins.

Affiliate WP

affiliate management wordpress plugins

Affiliate WP is one of the most popular WordPress affiliate management plugins. This powerful marketing plugin provides real-time reporting for your affiliates as well as for you. Offering complete integration with the various other e-commerce plugins in WordPress, it is very cost-effective. You become entitled to a year’s updates and support once you purchase this affiliate management plugin. Providing maximum control over all your affiliate programs, it helps you to build long-lasting partnerships with the top-performing affiliates.

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Thirsty Affiliates

thirsty affiliates: affiliate plugin

This affiliate management plugin is one of the best link management tool for users of WordPress. From sorting all your links into different categories to quickly inserting links in posts, you can perform all the management activities with ease, when using Thirsty Affiliates. You can manage your links inside your blog in WordPress and can avail of the options of auto-insert links or cloak links.  The Thirsty Affiliates even allows you to see the performance of each link on your website.

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Affiliate Royal


The Affiliate Royal is one of the most popular affiliate management plugins in WordPress. Having almost every feature, this plugin is very user-friendly.  It provides an easy setup for launching any new affiliate program.  It keeps a track of all the activities performed in a particular affiliate program such as clicks, payments, and sales in a program. You can create your own links and make own banners and other important management tasks as well. For increasing the traffic and getting bigger sales volume Affiliate Royal includes all the smart features.

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WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Adsanity Affiliate Management Plugin


Adsanity is basically an ad management WordPress plugin through which you can see the performance of each unit on your website. This affiliate management plugin provides trouble-free and effortless ways to insert different banners. Posting videos and graphics can be much easier for affiliate marketers with this plugin.  Within your WordPress dashboard, it also allows you to manage all the affiliate campaigns and ads. You can also decide how long you want to display a particular ad or banner.

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Magic Affiliate Plugin

magic affiliate management plugin,affiliate management wordpress plugins

The Magic Affiliate management plugin offers the comfort of use and includes all the features that are essential for getting the best outcome. The unlimited setup options provided by the Magic Affiliate are also easy to setup. Being compatible with other plugins and e-commerce sites, it also offers different occasional bonus and commissions.

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