July 16, 2017

New Theme Launch : Reign

Today we are pleased to announce a launch of our first premium theme – Reign. Reign combines our love for great design and content optimization options into one theme with community and eCommerce features. It is a well-programmed WordPress theme based on extensive research to help you, community owners, store owners, to deliver remarkable experiences to your members/customers in the best possible way.… Read the rest
July 4, 2017

Top 5 Forum Plugins for WordPress

There are many of you who actually want to build a forum on their WordPress sites. However, the task of building a community of users requires a lot of patience and some stable technical requirements. But with the help of forum plugins wordpress, the task of building an online forum can be effortless and exciting. Here are the top five forum plugins for WordPress; so that you can create your much coveted online community as quickly as possible.… Read the rest
June 13, 2017

BuddyPress Activity Filter for BuddyPress

BuddyPress Activity Filter enables the user to set a default filter option in BuddyPress. To emphasize this plugin facilitates the user to have sole authority over the entire content. Point to remember that with the help of BuddyPress Activity Filter plugin the user add extensive functionality to the community site builder platform without using codes.  Let us know more about the prominent features of this plugin: Features of BuddyPress Activity FilterWith the help of this plugin admin can enlist as well as set the default and customized activities on the front-end.… Read the rest
June 12, 2017

BuddyPress Checkins For BuddyPress

BuddyPress Checkins allows BuddyPress members options like posting place and place type. In other words it can be said that BuddyPress Checkins enables users to checkin while updating a post. This feature is quite similar to other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and many more where you can show your location along with the places you visited. Another point to remember about this plugin is that you can also choose place type for your group members so that they can tag you in similar posts.… Read the rest
June 8, 2017
BuddyPress Create Group Type Plugin

BuddyPress Create Group Type Plugin

BuddyPress 2.6 introduced the concept of “Group Types”. BP Create Group Type plugin allows the users to create group types. As a matter of fact the site admin has complete authority to add group types. In addition to this the admin has authority to display them on the group pages. To elaborate if you want to run a website meant for people involved in sports.… Read the rest
June 7, 2017

BuddyPress Group Reviews For BuddyPress

BuddyPress Group Reviews adds a new tab to your BuddyPress groups. This enables the users to create and review and leave multi-ratings for mentioned criteria. As far as the installation of BuddyPress Group Review is concerned, this plugin is very easy to install, configure and activate. After the review post, all the reviews get displayed in manage review section of group.… Read the rest
June 6, 2017

E-Learning Solutions with BuddyPress

Online learning is becoming quite popular these days on WordPress. As a matter of fact this is because WordPress itself is the best CMS available. However, WordPress provides variety of plugins for this purpose. But, users sometimes overlook the most obvious choice and that is “BuddyPress”. BuddyPress is the best community plugin developed by WordPress core team. This helps the users to build faultless education website.… Read the rest
June 5, 2017
buddypress-WC vendors

Social Marketplace: Build an Online Multi-Vendor Marketplace using BuddyPress & WC Vendors

Today we are taking a gander at a WordPress topic named Social Commercial center.  This center has been worked by Buddy Boss. It has been  intended to work in conjunction with the BuddyPress informal community module and WC Merchants commercial center module. To enable you to make a full commercial marketplace  for advanced or physical products. We have taken a gander at building commercial centers with WordPress some time recently.… Read the rest
June 4, 2017
bbpress buddypress

Product Support for customers with bbPress or BuddyPress

The product support management is a tiresome task. However, if you are searching for simple solution here is a way! Presently bbPress or BuddyPress developed the WooCommerce Product Support extension to work in tandem with either BuddyPress (with user groups and discussion forums enabled) or bbPress to help you inevitably create forums for new products, link products to prevailing forums, and automatically grant users access.… Read the rest
June 3, 2017

Guide to BuddyPress Customization

BuddyPress is a free plugin of WordPress that just needs to be installed and activated and it quickly turns your website into a social networking platform. It allows users to create profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging and everything needed to run a successful community website. As a matter of fact BuddyPress is just a plugin of WordPress that requires WordPress core features to function properly.… Read the rest