There are many of you who actually want to build a forum on their WordPress sites. However, the task of building a community of users requires a lot of patience and some stable technical requirements. But with the help of forum plugins for WordPress, the task of building an online forum can be effortless and exciting. Here are the top five forum plugins WordPress; so that you can create your much-coveted online community as quickly as possible.



Now you can easily run any type of social network on your WordPress site with the help of BuddyPress forum plugin. Being an official plugin in WordPress, it obeys all the WordPress standards and codes. Though moving a BuddyPress website to any other platform can be pretty challenging; this theme primarily focuses on easy integration with all the other themes in WordPress. From creating user profiles to different activity streams, you can also add the ‘points system’ to trigger audience engagement.  Other plugins can also be used to increase this forum plugin’s functionality.

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DW Question & Answer

DW Question & Answer is another popular forum plugin for WordPress that fully supports different languages, email notifications, shortcodes, reCAPTCHA, etc. It helps you in creating question-answer based sites in WordPress. From voting to posting comments on the answers, this forum plugin also helps you in fighting spam. Providing different add-ons for better performance, this plugin plays a key role in boosting your site’s performance and visibility.

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bbPress is one of the most exceptional forum plugins in WordPress for integrating any forums to your WordPress site. As it is designed for WordPress like the BuddyPress plugin, it strongly follows all the WordPress coding and standards. This anti-spam and user-friendly forum plugin not only helps to power your forum; but also helps to speed up. There are more than 100 bbPress plugins available for accomplishing any type of forums you want.

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WP Symposium

The social network plugin called WP Symposium is another example of an ultimate networking forum plugin for WordPress. Providing you with unlimited activities, custom avatars, forums, and profile pages, it proves to be ideal for schools, support sites, interest groups, dating sites, and customer engagement. Being unbelievably compatible with other plugins and themes in WordPress, WP Symposium is also a customizable plugin. From changing the languages of your texts to adding new extensions for a fine performance, you can build your own social network in no time with the help of this forum plugin.

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CM Answers

With the help of the CM Answers forum plugin, you can add questions and answers and can even conduct a vote on them. Seamlessly integrating with a majority of the WordPress themes, this plugin can be updated to its premium version, for availing other significant features. The basic version of this plugin offers so many different functions and attributes that anyone can easily build up a forum, like a Stack Exchange network. Apart from having total access to the questions and answers, this forum plugin also allows adding restrictions on user capabilities.

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With the help of these top five forum plugins, now you can easily create awesome communities and forums on your WordPress site.

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