Top Structured Data Testing Tools

If you want to boost your Search Engine rankings, you have to add structured data or schema to your website content. There are different methods to make this happen and in this article, we will talk about some of the best online tools for structured data that you can use to test. Let’s jump right into it, shall we? 

What is structured data? 

In technical terms, the schema is a type of structured data. It includes any form of data that has been structured for a particular purpose. You must be familiar with Google’s crawling concept by now. It looks for specific things and ranks your content accordingly. Schema is one of them – in the form of ‘tags’. 

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Typically, with a structured data testing tool, you can find information such as: 

  1. What is the format of the structured data? 
  2. Are there any errors? 
  3. What are the details of different types of issues? 

Importance of structured data testing tool:

Such tools help you to identify and resolve critical issues with the help of your website’s schema markup. It is a recommended practice. It facilitates the proper implementation of your website and resolves all kinds of errors. 

Using structured data in SEO: 

It is significant to note that structured data is pivotal for SEO. In simple terms, it increases the visibility of your website. Structured data code usually provides information to the search engine. Such information includes pricing information, features of your product, the average rating of the website, and so on. Search engines will understand what your site offers through SEO and therefore you must use structured data to your maximum benefit. 

Best structured data testing tools 2022

1. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool:

Structured Data Testing Tools
Structured Data Testing Tools

This is a relatively easy tool to use that is used for validating. It typically validates common data tests. All you have to do is paste your website’s URL or the code snippet while using the tool. It checks if the format of your structured data is right or not. 

Check it out – here

2. Google’s Search Console’s Structured Data Report:

This tool is similar to the above one. It needs you to set up your website with Google’s Search Console. We highly recommend this as it is extremely useful and gives you a deeper understanding of how search engines rank your website. It provides you with regular reports and other detailed yet important information along with information and warnings. 

If you want to know more, click here

3. Bing Markup Validator:

Used to verify structured data on your website, this tool is used widely across the globe. It lets you generate a report that shows the markup this tool has discovered. It verifies HTML microdata, microformats, and so on. A great thing is that it provides you with information on schema markup and also other forms of metadata! All you have to do is sign up and run the report. 

Know more about this tool – here

4. Schema:

For marketers with no technical background, this tool comes in handy to add structured data. Moreover, if your website is based on WordPress, it becomes super easy to add snippets to your posts – thereby improving your overall SEO. This plugin does everything for you and makes testing simple. To put it simply, it optimizes your content for you and creates, builds, and generates structured data markup without any hassle. It aims to create, maintain, and promote schemas for you. 

You can explore this plugin – here

5. SEO Site Checkup:

Structured Data Testing Tools
Structured Data Testing Tools

If you want a tool that validates your HTML structured data and does website SEO analysis and monitoring, this one is ideal for you. It provides you with a comprehensive analytics report that helps you understand how your website is performing. Moreover, it has a range of tools that help you in different ways. It checks if your structured data meets the HTML microdata specifications or not. It also checks your website for common issues such as mobile responsiveness, broken links, page load speed, and so on. In short, it optimizes your website for a higher search engine ranking. 

You can check out this amazing tool – here

Conclusion On Structured Data Testing Tools


As you can see, schema should be an integral part of your website content. Search engines like Google go beyond the looks of your website and focus more on the hidden parts. With structured data, you provide context to your content. We hope this article has been helpful to your brand. Did you learn something new today? Let us know! Thank you for reading and all the best!

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