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Private tutoring previously meant an in-person enterprise where you are the solopreneur forming a professional activity . Jet speed to the digital age, and in-person tuitions have paved the way to online tutoring. Online tuitions are refashioning the way tutors connect and teach students.

Currently an educator with the proper skills and certified teaching experience can offer classes from the ease of their home to students who are demographically spread out across the globe.

Online tutoring is not simply an disruptive technology for educators but for parents also, who used to depend on expensive education centers to complement school lessons for their kids.

Apart from that, online tutoring constitutes a resourceful business idea that can aid you to garner a sizable amount of revenue.

What was unthinkable a few years ago is presently a multimillion-dollar enterprise – Online tutoring. If you view the statistics, the global online tutoring market is speeding at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 15% with added revenue growth of $112.14 billion. This makes it a huge prospect for all enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

While considering online tutoring, the initial approach is to impart classes at your own pace. In such a type of learning system tutors pre-record each lesson and provide it to students through online channels. The learners can view and study the lessons whenever they wish at their own convenience.

Live online tutoring is also another form of online tutoring which carries online tutoring to the next level. It supports teaching in an online environment with tutors and students communicating in real-time irrespective of staying in remote locations.

The fast penetration of smart digital gadgets like tablets, smartphones and the rising demand for personalized learning has spiked the popularity of online tutoring. Online tutoring programs are cost-effective for both its service providers and for students and also  provide greater flexibility in comparison to in-person tutoring services.

Furthermore, as COVID-19 is causing panic, all businesses that can be transferred are shifting online, which includes online education resulting in closure of educational institutions across the world. The coronavirus outbreak is fueling increased awareness and global implementation of online tutoring websites that make it simple for students to join with teachers while preventing face-face contacts.

Here in this article we delve into the ways to start an online tutoring business, and its core features:

Steps To Beginning Your Online Tutoring Business

After you know the worth of online tutoring, the following question is, how to begin an online coaching business? Online tutoring has become a coming avenue to launch and make a business from it for freelance teachers as well as professionals.

These are the general process for beginning an online tutoring business.

Establishing A Business Plan

A potent online tutoring business begins with a strong business plan. It’s your vision of how you will launch an online tutoring business and how you will operate it. Frame a business plan as it will aid you form a vague idea to a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.

When you are simply beginning, your business plan does not require to be awesomely in-depth. Rather, you can apply the elementary business plan as an avenue to set goals, build your operational and marketing strategy, and forecast your overall expenses. If you are a business proprietor, determine what kind of online tutoring website you wish to create, how many tutors you would be recruiting, etc.

Understand Your Target Audience

It is essential to ascertain your target audience. Research and analyze various niches and know about your target audience. Begin with performing market research to understand the needs and demands of your customers.

Assess and discover who are the students who require your help. Are there any available avenues for your target audience in the market? Ascertain the traits of your audience on the basis of their behavior, location, age, etc. Target these needs and wing with your creative business idea.

The traditional methods of marketing your business comprise local newspapers ads , brochures, flyers, and posters.

The key to an effective marketing campaign is discovering the proper target segment, which in your case are students and parents. So if you are seeking to place handout brochures, posters and flyers, these locations are the best to access your target audience:

  • Community Centres
  • Schools and libraries
  • Libraries
  • Local coffee shops and common student areas

Choosing Your Niche

You need to choose an area or subject you wish to concentrate on. Question yourself what subjects do you specialize in or you desire to teach the most if you are adept in multiple subjects? Selecting a niche is an excellent way to distinguish from the competition and considerably enhance your chance of getting selected as an online tutor in a specialized subject not offered by many others.

For instance, you might opt to develop a specific online maths tutoring platform such as EweMathsworld.

Or possibly a live piano tutoring portal that features a Jazz, classic, pop, or rock piano lessons such as Piano teachers join for all ages and levels.

Or maybe an online tutoring website that provides online classes on an extensive range of subjects like Fab tutor.

Select The Ideal Tutoring Software

After you have acquired knowledge on how to establish an online teaching business, you need to select the finest platform or the ideal tutoring software to operate your online classes. Your selection will rest on your target audience and your final goal for online tutoring.

An online learning platform presents learners and educators with the resources, information, and essential tools to assist and improve the delivery and management of online tutoring.

It is important to design a bountiful learning environment that could trigger a splendid learning experience where students and teachers can interact, participate in discussions, and involve in collaborative projects.

The advantages of developing your individual learning management system include:

  • Complete customization
  • Integration of your branding
  • Cost-effective as you pay just for the feature you really need

Software tools for bettering and administering your online tutoring business include Skype, Online Whiteboards, Cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, YouTube, and Business Management Software like LearnDash and its platforms LearnMate and Lifter LMS, TutorPanel and Teachworks.

Not as popular as Skype, Google Hangouts has become a recognized source to be acknowledged in recent years. Having been substituted by Google Talk, Google Hangouts Chat, Google Hangouts Meet, and Google Duo are being employed by skilled professionals in every sector from business to education.

Zoom has emerged as the most go to and utilized video conferencing app during the coronavirus pandemic with users nearly quadrupling in number since the start of the COVID crisis. So, tutors and teachers alike have been heading to online applications to teach kids at home, and Zoom has grown as a distinct favourite.

The Core Features Of The Online Tutoring Platform

Your online tutoring website should have the following ideal characteristics:

Design And Manage Webinars

This feature permits tutors to create topics, fix prices, fix the maximum number of participants, include images, and details of webinars.

Dedicated Tutor Dashboard

A dashboard for tutors offers exhaustive reports on earnings and appointments made from every class.

Student Dashboard

Student dashboard contains functionalities like looking for subjects, surfing and filtering tutor profiles, scheduling an appointment with a tutor, selecting free or paid sessions, handling settings, etc.

Interactive Whiteboard Tool

An interactive whiteboard tool is an important feature that renders organization, sharing, communication, and real-time association simple. For subjects like science and math, it is extremely essential to activate the experience of in-person instruction and virtual whiteboard aids to cover it to a degree.

Combine the whiteboard feature to employ it as a versatile canvas to upload any document to be utilized as the background for the classes.

Class Planning And Management

This specific feature permits tutors to plan classes and change them as per the unique requirements.

Live Streaming For Live Video Tutoring 

Live classes permit tutors to conduct classes in true-time, promoting interaction with the students in an improved way. LIve video tutoring can be performed for one student or multiple students employing API integrations like Zoom for true-time viewing.

One-one live sessions with HD quality can be specifically performed for online coaching and tutoring. Tutors can exchange the content of all kinds of documents comprising rich media, PDFs, videos, and images with students for interactive true-time learning.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating a safe payment gateway to your online tutoring portal will render it simple for your users to spend for the classes without exiting the site.

PayPal is the most common way of receiving payments online, and it is popularly utilized by nearly all.

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard is another important feature you may need to obtain total control of the online tutoring website configured like accessing details of students as well as tutors,  handling appointments among tutors and educators, managing payments and discounts, etc.

Analytics To Monitor Goals

This is among the vital features of an online tutoring website which aids trainers to monitor their classes and improve further. Tutors must be able to match the performance of classes with the course aims to assess the viability of achieving goals.

Analytics aid you to take data-based decisions and place your brand in front of the raging competition. It can also aid to track student engagement and retention and present them a personalized experience.

Ratings And Reviews

This feature acts as a potent tool for educators to obtain appropriate feedback from students. Superb reviews on your platform can present you with a greater opportunity for customer acquisition. Truly good reviews endorse users to enroll in your online classes which is an extra advantage.


Online tutoring is an assured paying business, which is evolving quickly with the coming of 4G internet network, with 5G on the pipeline besides other inventive technologies.

The vast use of the internet has made the internet a popular means to offer online tutoring websites to students and serve their personalized learning needs. Now is the right time to connect with the surge of digital entrepreneurs who are achieving their business goals.

Online tutoring is among the most profitable options for educators. You can do it on part-time or full-time basis to educate and guide others. For being a successful tutor, you should regard formulating an exhaustive tutoring business plan. This guide includes all information in launching the online tutoring business and convert it to a profitable venture.

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