WordPress is the largest open-source tool for website creation, always remains in a state of change. It is written in simple PHP language, which allows a user to simply tweak it using plugins and themes. The core WordPress update is limited; however, there is ample scope of customizing the themes and plugins. This tweaking can cause your website to face malfunction and degradation in performance.

So, when it comes to managing multiple WordPress sites, then the task becomes a bit daunting. The themes and plugins being ever-changing, each and every time you need to be conscious about your WordPress site. Otherwise, a situation may arise, where a simple update in the core of WordPress or plugin or in themes may hinder the functionality of your entire WordPress site. Well, to know how you can avoid these problems and manage multiple sites easily, keep on reading.

Do Proper Homework

When you are about to start something new or you have to refurbish, then first and foremost you have to do the proper homework. Let’s have a look at the task you can do to properly perform your homework.

  • Decide whether you need to tweak the theme or the plugin at all! You can check support forum to find the answer to this question
  • If you find that the update fixes some important security bugs or other important bugs, then don’t rush towards it. Take time and watch if any further update arrives or not
  • Before you update, make sure you run it in a staged environment to judge its effect

Following these steps, you can easily perform your homework properly.

Create a Plan

Now, after you are done with your homework, you need to plan how you will manage your various WordPress sites. Let’s know a few easy steps.

  • You will need an all-in-one dashboard. Using this can manage your various WordPress site from a single window
  • Make a schedule to update your sites to maintain hassle-free synchronization

Thus, with the pre-planned way, you don’t even have to log in each time to each of your WordPress sites. You can manage them from a single window.

Be Proactive

If you want to manage your various WordPress sites properly then you have to be proactive all the time. Laziness can bring some serious problems to your site. You always have to provide something useful and new to your viewers to enhance the authenticity and credibility of your site.

Use Reputable Plugins and Themes

Now, you have already known the importance of plugins and themes to manage your multiple WordPress sites. Thus, to ensure the optimum performance you can follow these steps.

  • Only use those themes which are highly rated
  • Ensure that your plugin receives update regularly
  • Use such themes or plugins that don’t cut your whole WordPress site during the up-gradation process. Otherwise, it may hamper your reputation which will certainly lead to rising in bounce rate

Follow these steps and make your site always ready to serve your viewers.

Keep Backups

Depending upon how often your site’s content gets changed, you need to keep a backup of your site. If you don’t back up your site, then a situation may arise, where after an update of your WordPress site all the data are lost. Thus to make sure, irrespective of any mishap, all of the data of your site is always secured and easily available even if it gets washed off from your site.

Well, now you are lock and loaded with all the essential information to manage your multiple WordPress sites.  So, what are you waiting for! Go and imply these easy steps to better manage the multiple WordPress sites in the world of ever-changing themes and plugins.

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