Quick Ways To Improve Click-Through Rates Instantly

increase CTR, blog traffic

Your position on search engines is partly dependent on the popularity of your website and such popularity is gauged by page views. The higher the clicks your page receives, the higher the CTR and its ranking and worth evaluated by the search engines. Engagement is reviewed by search engines to consider the pages which are perfectly suited for a search query. Therefore, make your site the spectacle that everyone wants to view, and improve CTR so as to augment your SEO.

Let’s walk through the ways to increase CTR, draw clicks and search traffic towards your website.

improve click-through rates

1. Survey Long Tail Keywords

An essential component of every SEO planning is long-tail keywords that are equally important for blogs. By researching long-tail keywords and incorporating them in your portal, you increase substantially the number of related queries you are ranking on. It’s a kind of lottery game where you better your scope of winning by buying more tickets.

Long-tail keywords are centric to creating a sound sales funnel. For instance, when a site visitor looks for “ best bikes below $ 500 “ or “ XC mountain bikes” there is a greater possibility for purchase than when searching “bicycle” or “bike”.If you deal with bicycle manufacturing or retailing, you are more likely to receive higher qualified CTR on the keywords that are long-tailed. Actually, e-retail bigwig, Amazon achieves a major share of its sales from long-tail keywords.

2. Write Meta Description In An Effective Manner

Description meta tags constitute a major part of your SERP access. They give an inkling to your likely visitors the things to anticipate when they click a link. Writing a compelling description tag can hike up click through rates.

It is often said that you cannot judge a book by seeing the cover, but the brief meta description with its short paragraph creates an elevator pitch to your likely audience. You get 160 characters to craft your meta description. With no description tag, your sentence will be only displayed by the search engine.

3. Adopt A Structured Data

Structured data is a vital element of the interactive content seen on Google’s SERPs. Like for instance, search for “best music albums 2019” and you will receive a roller coaster of what Google considered were the best music albums of that year. Such responsive infoboxes generally can be found on top of all search results and can evade SEO if you possess the exact schema searched by Google’s algorithms.

It indicates future things to come because Google observes search getting displayed in a new manner ahead. On several occasions, we view infoboxes reaching up in search results, even concealing organic results. With no structured data, chances are high that you will not be visible on the current Internet.

4. Make Posts Having Images

improve click-through rates

Pictures are more effective than a thousand words, and the same applies to click-through rates as they raise CTR by 42% in emails. Your engagement on various social media networks also spurts up when images are used. Visual content is a crucial element of all articles and plays a major role in being a part of infoboxes. Always try to include relevant and original visual content in a maximum of your content.

And, you may want your site visitors to share your blog posts to their friends using their social network accounts. Take a look at the social sharing plugin.

5. Make Use Of Descriptive URLs

The URL of your page offers scope for using a long-tail keyword. It is among the few things that display on your link preview that attracts links. Moreover, the length of your URL, categories, and path can influence search results. Amazon has perfected this important component of SEO at google URL strings.

When you publish blog posts or website pages, properly segmenting and sub categorizing them becomes crucial. Descriptive URLs promote keyword opportunities and lend high visibility on search engines. It also displays remarkably to your visitors that they are viewing only a particular product in your extensive choice.

6. Simplify The Title Format

Your title is what is initially visible on search results. It is convenient to move or delete the site name from the title tag by applying Yoast SEO for WordPress. The manner in which you brand yourself helps your visibility on the search results. In fact, Google’s search algorithms neither penalize nor promotes anyone.

7. Keep Your Content Localized

Previous five years have witnessed the manner in which search results are displayed and Google has moved over to mobile searches. In fact, mobile searches have emerged as the most preferred search method. The context of the mobile search is based on your location. Google search algorithms are responsible for it. If you desire a hike in your CTR, localizing content is one of the ways to achieve it. A consumer searching for refrigerator repair in Virginia may search “ refrigerator repair” or “refrigerator repair Virginia.”

8. Listicles Are Also Useful

Listicles can be found everywhere and have outranked the internet. People have shown a preference for lists that finish in 0. Top 10, 20 lists perform better compared to top 8, 12 etc. Keep thinking on the ways you can use listicles to leverage your business. A list showing the top 10 list of products offered by your business in every segment or 20 ways your services improve lives or 30 entrepreneurs you admire are some of the titles that listicles contain. Even a training guide presented in a step-by-step format can be treated as a listicle.

9. Check Titles on social media

improve CTR

Compelling titles are important and you should conduct research on them to make it powerful. A help in this regard can be found in the headline analysis tool offered by CoSchedule. A good headline has its concomitant of power words, emotional, uncommon and common words. Such headline analyzers are based on huge volumes of data analysis, but the best way to know the popularity of your headline is to exhibit it in the practical world.

10. Apply Yoast Preview

If you work on WordPress, Yoast installation must have been completed. Yoast is an inclusive SEO suite that offers you the perfect results. While writing a blog, you get an option to observe a snippet preview the way it appears on Google’s SERPs. An amazing SEO tool, Yoast lets you consider whether your snippet has deleted any keywords or is not very relevant. Also included are real-time status bars while typing so that you become aware of the character limits. It is also applicable to mobile as well as desktop devices. With seamless integration, Yoast can be incorporated into each new post with the installation of the plugin.

11. Maximize Loading Speed Of Your Website

A click fails if you page does not load fast. Site speed is crucial to getting more clicks and enhancing the overall user feel and experience. Your loading speed of the page is related to the Google SERP position. If you page is slow loading, bounce rates increase as people exit fast from your webpage. On mobiles, a jump from one to three seconds in website loading speed raises bounce rates by 32%. Improving your site speed should be your main concern to maintain a balanced click-through rate.

12. Utilize Google AdWords To Preview

Google AdWords contains an additional feature of preview that Yoast does not have. Ad preview can be maximized for mobile or desktop alternative titles and descriptions. You can observe the manner in which various ideas operate and also create new content related ideas. Tying the title for checking in Headline 1, your name of the website in Headline 2, and a short description will show you that the meta description is not accurate, but you receive general information. Both Google AdWords and Yoast cannot check your schema for which you require the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.


Organic-search traffic is the mainstay of any strategy of digital marketing. Generally, free site visitors arrive to browse your brand, services, and products, and the only mode to receive traffic is to obtain Google clicks and taps on search engines. An improvement in your CTR will spurt your organic search traffic and leads into conversions. Though you require some time to get used to performing things in a new manner, you should think of the whole exercise as an SEO exercise.

Let us know how you are optimizing your site to receive higher clicks on SERPs?




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