Which Social Network Platform Is Best For You?

Social network platform comaprison

To find the like-minded people that belong to your own niche, you can log in to many social networking sites. But, it makes sense when you bring them to one platform that belongs to you and your services and also where they are free to communicate with others sharing their opinions and interests.

Instead of just exploring major social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, you should create your own social network site.

How to create a social network site easily?

In order to get started with a powerful social network of your own, you must discover some platforms that allow you to do so. You have to compare their prices and functionalities properly.

create social media website

To make your decision-making task easier, here I’ve compiled the data of 3 best social networking platforms in a comparison chart. Take a look:



Basis of Comparison BuddyPress PeepSo Elgg
Platform WordPress Plugin WordPress Plugin Open Source Social Engine
Purpose Create Social Network Site Create Social Network Site Create Social Networking App
Pricing Free Plugin Premium Plugin pricing starts from $29 Free Software
Members Profile
  • Members Directory
  • Member Types
  • Pending Users
  • Mark as Spammer
  • Member Avatar & Cover Image
  • Extended Profiles
  • Members accounts settings
  • Avatars and Cover Images
  • Customizable Profiles
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Members listing option
  • User profiles and avatars
  • You can also create custom functionality.
Group Options
  • Groups Directory
  • Group Settings and Roles
  • Group Types
  • Edit any Group in the Front End or Back End
  • Group Avatar
  • Group Cover Image
Activity Stream
  • Sitewide Activity Stream
  • Group Activity Stream
  • Member’s Activity Stream
  • Moderate Activity Items
  • Support for Custom Post Types
  • Activity Posts
  • Privacy
  • Nested Comments
  • Pinned Posts
  • User Hover Cards
Activity stream options avavilable
Notification Options
  • Unread Notification/s
  • Read Notification/s
  • For mentions & replies
  • For new message & friendship request
  • Group & forum notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Post Comment
  • User Reply Comment
  • Comment Reaction
  • Auto Scroll and Highlight
  • Nearly 30 notification types
  • Email Notifications
Allows applications to subscribe users to on-site and email notifications and implement integrations with other their-party services
  • Friends
  • Groups
  • Log In
  • Members
  • Recently Active Members
  • Sitewide Notices
  • Who’s Online
  • Recent Networkwide Posts – Multisite Installations only
  • Profile Widget
  • Latest Members
  • Online Members
  • UserBar
  • Hashtags
RTL Support No Yes No
Security Built-in security configuration, preventing brute force attacks and more. built-in anti-CSRF validation, strict XSS filters, HMAC signatures, latest cryptographic approaches to password hashing
Technical Support Support Through Forum Full Technical Support for no additional cost Support through Elgg community
Get BuddyPress Get PeepSo Get Elgg



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Words over to you

So, what’s your choice? Which Platform did you find best to your requirement? Leave a comment below with your options.

Get started with your own custom social network.



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