Create An Online Education Website On WordPress With Easy Steps

Online Education Website

Come out of the boring teaching pattern. Let’s make learning a kind of fun. Transform the way you teach with Online Education Website On WordPress.

No matter what your educational platform is. If it’s not engaging, it’s actually good for nothing!

Learning should be a kind of fun that students can enjoy. And, to do this, you can transform your educational institute into an online Learning community for WordPress with course-engaging elements like badges, certificates, reward points, assessments, and a lot more!

But, creating an online education website on WordPress may sound complicated, but actually, it is not. With WordPress, you can create your own e-learning website with relative ease. Just a couple of steps to help you make an awesome online education website.

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What’s your category?

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First of all, you need to understand and decide, what kind of educational website should you prefer. For your convenience, we’ve categorized educational websites into 3 categories-

  1. School or College Website– These websites are made for the purpose of providing information about the school, students, teachers, and the courses offered.
  2. Online Education Portal– These portals offer online study materials along with live classes, and video tutorials for students.
  3. Membership Website for Education– These websites acts as the place where instructors and learners join as a member. Instructors can create their courses, and manage and monitor their student’s progress. On the other hand, students join to enroll in the courses that these instructors have made available to them.

So,  what’s your purpose to create an online education website on WordPress? Let us know by commenting below about your online Learning community for WordPress.

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What makes an outstanding educational website?

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The way you add interactive elements to your online education website makes your site an outstanding one! It’s all about the right as well as course-engaging elements.

Some common elements that every education website must have are the following. But the way they represent these elements makes them outstanding.

  • Home Page
  • About page
  • Courses
  • Registration form
  • Contact form

What else?

If your website provides online courses and study materials, these common elements are not enough. It demands more!

For example,

  • Badges or certificates
  • Reward Points
  • Quiz and Assessments
  • Forums
  • Gradebook
  • Course bundles; and a lot more!

Now, sit back and think! What do you want to include in your online education website?

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How to set up a WordPress educational website

Just a three-step process and that’s it!

Step 1: Find the perfect domain for your WordPress education website

Step 2: Pick the right plugin to transform your simple WordPress website into the online course-selling website

Step 3: Add a professional appearance using WordPress educational themes

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1. Recommended Themes

online education website

1. LearnMate for LearnDash- Online education website

LearnMate for LearnDash WordPress LMS theme is based on the LearnDash LMS plugin. It offers the best functionality and site appearance for WordPress e-learning websites. Try LearnDash theme Demos here.

2. LearnMate for LifterLMS

Try your hands on another impressive WordPress LMS theme LearnMate for LifterLMS. This theme is based on the LifterLMS plugin and is designed to transform your LifterLMS-based website into a classy e-learning website having superb course-selling functionalities. Try LifterLMS theme Demos here.

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Design your WordPress education Website now!

Still, confused about how to create an online education website on WordPress? Ask away in the comments section below or by contacting our expert web developer team.

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