Measure ROI e-Learning success of your Training program

Measure ROI e-Learning

How will you measure success? How much time online training takes to go into effect? In order to answer these questions, you must read this article till the end and follow effective measures.

To measure ROI success of online training make a comparison and come to a clear conclusion on the effectiveness of training. For calculating ROI convert training costs and benefits into a single value and you will get the optimum result. Use online training simulation and scenarios to evaluate real-world applications. It also allows you to measure the eLearning data and monitor every action with the help of LMS platform.

Online learners can put their skills into practice and achieve their goals after successful training. Use the LMS platform to monitor every action. The following measures will help you to make a direct comparison and come to a clear conclusion on the effectiveness of training.

Here we discuss how to measure the success of an eLearning training program.

1. Learners response and experience

This is an essential level as it lets you know whether your learners find the training useful or not. You can easily measure the success of your training through your employees’ learning experience. You can measure the reaction of employees by recording their feedback and reviews. Ask them whether this training helps them to become more productive or not.

2. Measure knowledge and skills

Learning skills and knowledge of employees is the best way to measure success of your online training program. The knowledge they gained during online training will help them for the growth of their company. By this you can also find that your learners will be able to apply what they learned on job tasks or not.

3. Assessment score

Employees’ learning achievement is measured on the basis of formative and summative assessment scores. It is a great way by which training providers get to know about their employees. It has very clear and simple learning objectives. You can also measure the capability and interest of employees by pairing assessment items with objectives.

4. Learner’s behavior

Learners’ behavior is the most important aspect to measure the success of your online training. With this you can easily validate the investment made by your organization. Make a list of important questions to test the knowledge and behavior of employees. This will let you know whether they understand how to use their knowledge on job tasks or not. You will also get to know if there is a lack of confidence or they understand it completely.

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5. Time duration

The time spent to complete online training determines how effective your training is. If employees complete their training in the given time period that means it is impactful and worth learning. As a result employees learn making maximum sales or helping customers. You should learn properly as you’re paying for these online training sessions. Longer the time duration is, the higher the budget which is negatively impacting your profits. Therefore, the less seat time the better.

6. Impacts on business

Before joining online training everyone is thinking about the final results. Is online training beneficial for your business or not? Have you achieved your desired learning outcome? This level measures the final results of employees who are taking part in the online training. This determines the outcome you get from your training and its powerful impact on your business growth.

7. LMS Analysis

LMS reports and analytics allow you to identify the actual cost of individual elements. It provides learners a comprehensive overview of the entire online training program. You can observe the progress of each employee on each level. LMS helps you to track learners certifications and compliance knowledge and gather eLearning feedback that helps you continually improve your online training strategy. You can remove or re-evaluated any section as per demand.

8. Use observation checklist

This is another level to measure the success of online learning programs. You can observe the behavior change in learners during training. You can use observation checklists and company-specific evaluation tools to measure behavior changes. Line managers observe small small changes in your behavior and attitude and make a list accordingly.

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9. Learner Satisfaction

Learner’s satisfaction is really important because only a satisfied learner keeps coming back. Successful online eLearning equates to repeat business and lifelong learners. Since a learner satisfaction plays a vital role learners must get what they are expecting from online training. Learners are able to use their knowledge in the real world from their learning experience. Satisfaction level indicates whether you need to improve ROI or not.

10. ROI Determination

In this level, you are allowed to convert the results of the last step into financial terms and then compare it with the overall costs for the calculation of eLearning ROI. It is useful to calculate the net profit generated from eLearning. Use the ROI formula and generate the outcome of 100% or more. You get the net business gains as monetary value. Thus, the overall profit is a result of an effective eLearning training program. The more you analyze the more learner-centered material you will be able to create.


Calculating the ROI eLearning program is one of the most effective methods to showcase its value. Read this article and calculate your eLearning ROI, so that you can create more effective and cost-efficient online training courses. So, measure the benefits achieved from the online eLearning training program. Thank-you for reading this article.

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