Graphic Design Ideas

Today, marketing is getting harder. People began to understand what tricks affect them and stopped responding to advertising buzz. But what about graphic design?

After all, there is a direct link between marketing and design. In this article, you will learn about how you can influence consumers through graphic design. This is an element of a visual marketing tool.

In addition to its connection with marketing, the design is closely intertwined with psychology and can act as a call to action. Graphic design creates a first impression with consumers about a product, service or company. 

Thanks to the design, it’s possible to create a presentation, informational materials and, of course, advertising. All this is necessary for every company that wants to be successful.

The Stat All Marketers and Designers Should Know About

If you still doubt that your marketing approach needs graphic design, then check out these statistics. The human brain reacts and processes visual information 60,000 times faster than in the form of text. What is more, 90% of the information that enters the brain is visual.

This is due to the fact that 70% of the sensory receptors are in the eyes of a person. Just imagine that during the processing of visual information 50% of the nervous system is involved. And 40% of people respond better to what they see.

This once again confirms that visual advertising is better perceived, which means it has more opportunity to convey a call to action. Not using this information for your purposes is a real sin for marketers. You will learn more about how to do this effectively.

5 Graphic Design Methods That Will Completely Reboot Your Marketing Strategy

Graphic Design Ideas

The previous statistics are really impressive and give an understanding that you just need to use it. But how to use this information to get a real effect? You will find the answer in the following five tips.

It’s Time to Create Unique Photo Content for Your Social Networks

Many people think that visual content works exclusively on Instagram. Yes, this is the most visual platform, but not the only one! Quality graphics work well on Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. 

As for Facebook, good graphics also work in advertising that you can run there. It is no longer news that photo content requires the same uniqueness as text. That is, images from various photo banks will no longer give such an effect. It is scary to imagine how many people around the world used the same image from the photo bank.

Unique and creative photographs for each of your posts is a must-have item in modern conditions. Also, don’t forget that each image should pursue your corporate identity. You will learn more about this later. How to create unique images? There are two options for this.

The first option is to get professional help. You may hire a designer who will make images for each of your posts. But in this case, it is worth evaluating what will be the return on each publication, or rather, whether this return will cover the fee for the work of the designer. Not in all cases, this option may be advantageous. So weigh the pros and cons in advance so as not to incur serious financial costs.

You can do it yourself with little effort using the free Canva app. It has many templates that are suitable for social networks. Moreover, it is very easy to use and allows you to implement truly creative ideas.

Improve Your Personalized Email Newsletter

Personalized letters and conversations are not the only attributes of a successful email company. You can make them truly unified by changing the font to a more attractive and unique one. Here’s what you can do to completely reboot your email company.

  • Format the size of your images so that they load quickly when people open the letter.
  • Consider the psychology of marketing and corporate identity in every letter. Develop a single style, one universal template.
  • All links must be active.
  • Use the appropriate color for the target button.

Create Content and Graphic Design as One

Content and graphic design complement each other perfectly and create a complete picture. And both of these elements are an integral part of a marketing strategy. Therefore, both text and image must evoke the same emotions. If they work for different purposes, so to speak, they will not work at all. 

Therefore, pay special attention to this nuance. And if you add to this all thoughtfully targeted advertising and SEO promotion, then a stunning result will be just around the corner.

Unique Graphic Design Will Spice up Traditional Advertising Methods

Today, a lot of companies are heading for Internet marketing, almost completely abandoning traditional methods of advertising. Frankly, many of them have already buried such an advertisement method. And this is a big mistake! 

Take a look around, banners are still hanging and they are constantly updated, people continue to issue catalogs and promotional booklets of various shopping centers. In fact, it makes sense to leave the good old methods.

With the help of design, you can evoke certain emotions and attention from your consumers. You should not neglect them if you have something to imagine through this powerful tool. Squeeze the maximum out of the design and you will see stunning results.

Reign peepso theme

Use the Same Style for All Your Materials

Although we have repeatedly reminded you of a single style, we will do it again. All your elements should be in the same style and you should follow this rule in everything. By the way, you must comply with this rule when posting your publications on third-party sites. 

Over time, the consumers will begin to recognize you, even on other people’s sites. It is also better to choose third-party sites that will have a similar attitude and focus. Your users just need to get used to your design. But how to find the most appropriate platforms for publishing? All you need is to use special services. For example, Adsy can help you find these sites for you. So this is absolutely not a problem, plus you will get several backlinks to your website from the reliable ones. 

The Bottom Line

Surely you have already seen that graphic design is able to reboot your marketing strategy. If you follow these recommendations, then you will certainly succeed. 

Use psychology, emotions and a single approach in your design elements. With this rule, you can achieve recognition of your brand. And today it is also a success factor, which almost all companies strive for.

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