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Free Website Audit and SEO Improvement with the Best Website And Marketing Graders Tools

Your primary target audience as a digital marketer and blogger is Google and other search engines. When it comes to SEO, how do you keep up with the competition and ensure that your efforts pay off? Have you ever considered using an online website grader?

When it comes to digital marketing, you are responsible for ensuring your content is found by customers using search engines like Google and Bing. Determining what’s wrong with a website won’t always be easy. So, how do you measure a website’s performance? An online website grader can help here.


website and marketing graders for digital marketers

In addition to Google Analytics, several (free) tools provide additional information about your website’s performance. The following is a list of the most popular website and marketing graders available.

1. Woorank


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Your site’s SEO (search engine optimization), mobile usability, technologies, social media, and local traffic are all tested by WooRank for free in this tool. Everything is taken care of here. When you’re done, you’ll have a score from 1 to 100 and a report you can share with your team in pdf or PowerPoint format. In-depth research is done in the social section in particular. In many ways, it functions as a standalone social media audit.

Woorank can tell you the following about your social media accounts:

  • Rates of participation
  • Descriptions of individuals’ profiles
  • Cover images
  • URLs
  • Contact info

Moreover, Woorank displays all of this in a simple-to-read format so that you can quickly see how your social profiles compare. This can be extremely helpful if you’re trying to maintain a consistent brand across multiple profiles.

It’s worth remembering: The great thing about Woorank is that it checks to see if your site is compliant with Facebook’s Open Graph protocol for meta tags. When someone shares your site on social media, Facebook uses this meta-information to determine what picture to use and what titles and descriptions to use.

How it works: Enter your website’s URL into Woorank. You can also compare yourself to three other websites as a free trial member.

2. Quicksprout


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An SEO-focused website grader from Quicksprout is a quick way to see how you’re doing. It examines your website’s SEO and speed scores and any possible performance issues. In addition, it tests all of your page’s headings, evaluates the quality of your links, and provides detailed information on improving everything from headline length to image optimization. It provides suggestions, too, like many other tools. As a bonus, you can also compare your SEO performance to up to three of your competitors, allowing you to see how you stack up against the competition.

How it works: Enter your website URL into Quicksprout (and competitor websites).

3. W3c Validator- Website And Marketing Graders

W3c Validator

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This list of previous graders is chock full of excellent marketing advice. The W3C Validator tells you precisely what you need to do to fix the problem. Run your website through W3C Validator and find precisely the code errors you have. When an error is encountered, a validation tool tells you which line of code it is in. This is followed by a series of warnings that may be of interest to you as well.

It’s worth remembering: Many of W3C’s warnings appear to be helpful advice. For example, the W3C recommends that each page should only have one h1> tag. You can use h2> or h3> headings for additional information like calls to action and forms for email signups, but this is typically the headline of the post or page title.

The Buffer blog’s recommendations:

  • Use caution when putting UTM parameters into links.
  • Make sure your email signup form has an alt tag.

How it works: The W3c Validator website can be accessed by entering your website’s URL, copying and pasting the code if available, or uploading a file.

4. Google’s Page Speed Insights

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The ranking algorithm considers page speed to be a significant factor. Happy users don’t want to wait long periods for their web pages to load, so this makes sense. After scanning your site, the Google Page Speed insights grader tells you how to speed it up for desktops and mobile devices. Dareboost is an excellent tool if you’re looking for more in-depth information about page speed for specific browsers and locations. Depending on the device, browser, and geographic location, it analyzes your website (you can select countries or cities).

How it works: Type in your website’s URL and click “Analyze” to start.

5. Moz’s Link Explorer

moz link explosure- Website And Marketing Graders
Website And Marketing Graders

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Using Moz’s Link Explorer, you can see how well your website is doing regarding search engine optimization (SEO). Domain authority, page authority, the most important links, and backlinks are just some of the metrics you’ll learn about using it. Even though you might dismiss this as unimportant, the organic ranking algorithm considers domain and page authority.

How it works: Go to Link Explorer and type in the URL of your website.

6. SemRush- Website And Marketing Graders

SemRush- Website And Marketing Graders
Website And Marketing Graders

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SemRush is one of many tools available for gathering competitive intelligence. Free website marketing analysis offers a wealth of information about your marketing position, even if you don’t have a paid subscription. Data on paid and organic rankings, keywords, competitors, and ad samples are included. Backlinks, referring domains, sample banners, and a breakdown of traffic by country are all included in the free version.

SemRush offers the same data in a more visually appealing, hierarchical format than many competitors.

How it works: Enter your website’s URL into SemRush.

7. SimilarWeb

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If you combined data from Alexa and SemRush, you’d get SimilarWeb. It gathers data from various sources and presents it highly visually, giving you a bird’s eye view of traffic and acquisition. The free report contains information on the most important countries and traffic sources. Aside from that, it gives you a breakdown of your website’s overall traffic, organic and paid, and allows you to compare your results to those of your competitors.

How it works: Enter your website’s URL into SimilarWeb.

8. Ahrefs- Website And Marketing Graders

Ahrefs- Website And Marketing Graders
Website And Marketing Graders

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This report and Moz’s Open Link Explorer share much of the same information. Compared to SemRush and Similar web, the Ahrefs report provides:

  • Additional link analysis.
  • A breakdown of your website’s top referrers.
  • A look at the domains linking to it.

Your website’s health is also shown, as well as the type of domains that link to you and any broken links or anchors.

How it works: Enter your website’s URL into Ahrefs.


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A marketing grader for complete email marketing programs has yet to be released, but the best tool for testing emails right now is A full technical check is carried out instead of the “does my email land in my inbox?” or the “does everything render okay?” type of email testing. Using SpamAssassin, the grader checks your email to see if it’s safe and well-formatted, and it also contains to see if there are any broken links in your message.

How it works: Send an email to the address provided on the mail-tester website.

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Conclusion of Website And Marketing Graders

Various tools are available to help you improve your website’s search engine rankings. A website grader is one of the most crucial tools. As the name implies, a site grader analyses your website’s specific SEO aspects and reveals what’s working, how well you’re doing, and where you can improve.

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