Developing a website is a hard task because it’s full of hectic coding and lots of sleepless nights. Now, when it comes to launching email marketing then the task becomes a lot easier because emails are the basic things for which internet is used. If your site doesn’t perform well then the email marketing may not flourish to the desired level. Hence, it’s important to do proper homework before launching email marketing for a WordPress site. Here is the list of things to take care of before you finally get live. Keep on reading to know more.

Check Whether the Site Work Properly

When it comes to launching email marketing, then it is very much important to check the functionality of the website. Check your WordPress site in terms of logo, design, text, images, links, forums, sidebars, contact info and from other several important angles. Checking the site from these aspects is important because all of the elements can affect the popularity of your email marketing. Thus, this step is so much important because no one would like to have a broken link through your email.

Check Cross-Browser Compatibility

Email marketing is done through web crawling and this requires specific input about the potent viewer. However, you never know which browser your viewer is using. Thus, it’s important to check that your emails get delivered properly and work properly with every browser. Keep in mind that there are browsers that need unique coding; in order to let your emails get viewed on those browsers, check its compatibility.

Test the Customization Functionality

A developer develops a website with lots of coding and customization with plug-ins. In order to let your email marketing work properly, all of those plug-ins and codes must work properly; otherwise, you may face a terrible failure.

Look At Accessibility of Your Site

Accessibility is an important term for not only email marketing but also for other websites. A website that doesn’t have good accessibility can’t attract the desired amount of viewers. Moreover, if you send an email to your targeted group and the email link doesn’t work then the situation may become frustrating.

Test Compatibility of Your Website with W3C

World Wide Web consortium is nothing but the watchdog of your site’s health and helps to promote email marketing. It will help you to decide which thing you would require making your website W3C compliant and which thing you should erase from your website. There are plug-ins, using which you can check the compatibility of your website with W3C. In addition to this, plug-ins don’t need any cost to work.

Check Security of Your Page

Security is very much important for any website. Thus, before launching your email marketing, check whether your site is well secured with SSL or not. Your website must have a certificate of SSL in order to make it the safest website.  Check this before your website goes live because once it is live then no one would like to have spams through your emails.

Test the Speed of Your WordPress

The thing that causes trouble a lot is a slow page. If your page loads slowly then take it for granted that your website is going to be rejected by people soon. Survey says that a three-second long wait can let a potent viewer move away from the website. Thus, increase the speed of your site so that it can become the zenith of the success.

Well, these are the basic things that you can look before launching your email marketing through the WordPress site. If you launch your website with proper homework, then your WordPress site may become irrelevant to most of the people. Thus, in order to avoid circumstances like this, do proper planning using the above-mentioned steps.

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