Link Building Strategies to Grow Website Authority and Improve SEO

Link Building Strategies

Search engine optimization is a must for any organization and link building is an essential factor influencing SEO. However, it tends to be a tedious process. For a lot of people, this topic can be complex. Link Building Strategies have a role to play in developing the website’s authority. 

You have to understand that link building is a gradual process and the quality of your pages will determine your ranking in search results. Blogging is an effective way to grow your inbound links.


Link Building Strategies to Grow Website Authority

In this article, we will go through some of the most effective link-building strategies that you can incorporate with ease. Without further ado, let’s get right into it: 

1. Content and Promotion

Content and Promotion

Content creation and promotion are two important aspects. The best way to build your links is by creating great content and promoting it as much as you can. The process might take a while but believe us – it is the most effective. Content can be in different types, such as educational, entertaining, shareable, and so on. Content will always be in demand. If you have something to offer that is relevant and provides value, you should share it with the world. Creating shareable content is the key. It can be in the form of visuals, videos, list posts, research data, guides, and so much more. 

When it comes to link building with content, this is how the process goes: the creation of content > finding promotion channels > outreach > follow-up. 

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2. Guest blogging

Guest blogging image- Link Building Strategies

This is yet another great way to grow your website authority. You can start by finding people that are relevant to your work and convincing them to share your links. It is important to note that such websites should be related to your niche for Google to consider the linking valid. This is an effective way and usually requires high-quality content. You need to study the audience of the relevant blog, study the popular posts, the user experience, and provide them with something that is useful to them. 

Guest blogging is beneficial in creating backlinks to enhance SEO. It results in advancing the domain authority of your website. It helps to increase your outreach to gather organic traffic, and encourages the search visibility of the website. Guest blogging supports in network expansion through better business opportunities. With a highly strengthening profile on social media platforms, users are able to tag you or share your articles.  Create a well – organized guest post using high- ranking keywords. Deliver a convincing tone of your article that persuades a reader to read more.  

In this method, you approach website owners and help them improve their own pages through your links. You tell the person that some of the links on their page are broken and you offer a better alternative link! To put it simply, you are offering your own web resource to them. Try to woo the website owner to take the place of broken links on their webpage with yours. You must be curious that regardless of attaining backlinks for new blogs, what is the need to work on broken links? Is it mandatory? Yes, it is.

It will help if you work on the broken links because it functions as an extension method to gain far-reaching opportunities quickly. This type of link can be advantageous for achieving domain authority. Generate links through high-quality content to enhance your website’s visibility. You can also earn valuable links from the competitors to maintain the readability and rank the articles. Use the Backlink Checker Tool to find 404 pages, as it works best with indexed pages, where the target URL error is visible. 

4. Resource pages

Resource pages are created with the intention of linking out to other web pages with quality content. If your content is of value, you should pitch it to the page owner. All you have to do is find a popular resource page on the web, check its URL ratings, create/choose content, and contact the page. It is also known as the ‘Pillar Page’ because it serves essential information regarding a particular topic. It incorporates a wide range of resource links and contains optimized keywords relevant to each topic.

It help to enhance the website’s authority and SEO ranking. If your audience can perceive the message from the blog, then it is a good resource page. Build a resource page using links or bookmarks. Use the relevant keywords to get resource pages that you will get in large quantities. You need to extract the essential resource pages that could be only used in the topics.

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5. Social media

Social media
Link Building Strategies

In today’s digital world, social media is here to stay for a long, long time. You should use it to the fullest if you want to build your links! Be active, share posts, images, updates, and engage with your audiences. Engagement leads to brand awareness and more and more people will visit your website and share your posts. Interacting with new users, makes them receptive to the outer world. With a good profile, you will be able to connect with your fans and followers directly. Brainstorm with exciting ideas to improve your domain authority. Collab with users, allow them to tag you, using your website’s link. 

Customer reviews are another way of link-building using social media. Good Ratings and positive reviews strengthen your social profile. Not only this but new keywords are generated in the reviews for advanced ranking. You can use automated emails to reach customers new and existing users. Else, provide them discounts on every positive review. Keep a track record of your mentions by fan following or any user. 

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If a page no longer exists, you can ask the website owner to restore the link and direct it to another page. Sometimes, page owners use your content/images without giving you credits. In such cases, you can send an email to them or notice and ask them to give you another reference. It means reclaiming broken 404 links. We suggest that you monitor your brand and social media mentions using Google Alerts and take maximum advantage of the same! 

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internal links image- Link Building Strategies
Link Building Strategies

This strategy is easy and highly effective. You can introduce internal references between your websites. You should note that Google pays attention to external as well as internal links. It also helps a search engine identify content. We highly recommend that you try this out! External references direct you to another website’s information. But, foremost, you must consider internal links to boost your domain authority. Using the appropriate internal links, it becomes easy for Google to understand the relevance of the topic and how it is interrelated with the internal links used in it. 

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8. Branding

branding- Link Building Strategies
Link Building Strategies

In the end, it all comes down to branding. Everything starts with your brand. If the quality and the content of your brand are supreme, you will be rated highly by search engines. Your brand is a representation of you and you should spend a lot of time planning about how exactly your brand should look and feel. 

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9. Infographics 

Infographics are useful for the growth of your website. It induces heavy traffic, along with links that prove to increase your website’s visibility. Using the infographics, you can share your data and stats more easily. It cut shorts your content in understandable language with the help of graphics and data, and engage more audience. Use classic templates and avoid fancy ones. 

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10. Focus on Personal Brand

These are used to prioritize on personal brand. So, it becomes mandatory to recognize the type of audience you wish to attract through your product. Producing heavy traffic on website is beneficial, but what if you are getting mixed reviews and not getting targeted audience? 

Prepare weekly reports, and monthly data on the product having highest purchase and good reviews. You can categorize it in the featured product to gain more visibility and promote your brand name. 

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Conclusion of Link Building Strategies

To sum up, these strategies are effective and will surely improve your search engine rankings. Website links are a crucial factor and you should make the most of them. You need to always stay ahead of the game by strategizing your social media marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, and other marketing tools. Traffic and conversions will change the game for you! Always remember – quality matters. 

What are you waiting for? – get building! We hope this article has been useful to you. Thank you for reading, stay safe, and all the best! 

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