SEO Smart Goals

Search engine optimization continues to evolve and become more complex as the years go by. Site owners and founders focus on SEO to achieve rank on the Google page. Although ranking is certainly an important metric to track, SEO serves a much greater purpose. SEO is intended to bring more business to your site. You should have a larger goal in mind if you are investing in SEO for your startup. In your SEO journey, a critical first step is to set SEO smart goals that speak to what you want to achieve.


SEO Smart Goals

Below we will discuss SEO smart goals that you can shoot for when plotting out your strategy.

1. Increase traffic

SEO Smart Goals
SEO Smart Goals

Increasing traffic is the common reason why many entrepreneurs get their start with SEO. When a site gets a higher ranking it has the power to attract many new visitors without any regular payment. Many site owners tend to eye high-volume keywords to bring the highest amount of traffic to their site. Startups with low domain authority and low brand recognition have difficulty ranking.

Optimizing for search intent is a way you can improve your traffic. You have to write content that addresses the direct questions that searchers are typing into search engines. You need to find keywords that are regularly searched and associated with your line of business.

2. Improve your branding

branding- SEO Smart Goals
SEO Smart Goals

You have the benefit of people knowing your brand if your brand is popular. So people can just search your band online to find your store or product. But if you are a newly launched company, then you still have some brand building to do. SEO can help to further your vision. You can target more branded keywords early on to enhance your advertising and sales strategies. You have to make sure your site appears at the top of the search directly related to your brand. Your other content can also be a gateway for introducing new buyers to your brand. Do not speak on a topic that you don’t support or it could accidentally mislead your readers.

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3. Optimize your Internal linking structure

Internal links image
SEO Smart Goals

The map of internal hyperlinks on your web pages is an internal linking structure. It brings readers to other relevant pages or resources on your site. It is often been used to keep visitors on websites for longer. Internal linking also has a key role to play in SEO.

The linking structure should relate to your sitemap or the official organization of your website. Also, it helps web crawlers understand the structure of your site. But the linking structure needs to make sense and follow the logic set forth by your sitemap. Your structure will appear powerful with the more internal links you have.

4. Increase conversions

SEO Smart Goals
SEO Smart Goals

It is an action a customer takes that moves them along the funnel towards a purchase decision. Conversions are an important metric to evaluate the impact your marketing efforts have on leads. It helps internal teams find out where gaps are and help search engines rank. Increasing your conversion rates mean you can provide web visitors with the answer they need.

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5. Increase visitor time on page

Content needs to be more than just to draw people in, it needs to keep them on a page. If visitors stay on the web pages for a significant amount of time, then it means your content is valuable enough to read through. The biggest tip to achieve this goal is to improve the quality and the length of your content. If a page can be read in a few seconds, it won’t keep visitors on the page long enough to impress search engines.

6. Decrease your Bounce rate

Decrease Bounce Rates
SEO Smart Goals

Just as you capture visitors for extended periods, you can also reduce your bounce rate. This metric measures the amount of traffic that reaches one of your pages and then immediately leaves. A high bounce rate demonstrates to search engines that your content isn’t valuable.

So it will drive down your ranking in favor of articles and web pages that can capture the attention of visitors. When you improve your visitor time on pages, it decreases bounce rates. So, you can accomplish two major SEO smart goals with the same approach.

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7. Maximize page speed- SEO Smart Goals

When you went to a website to find out information and the page didn’t load before you lost interest. So, You probably left the page because the inconvenience of waiting wasn’t worth the potential quality of the content. Visitors won’t wait around to see if your best content is hidden behind slow pages.

When you maximize your page speed to have a fast loading time it will help traffic get to your site. Sometimes, the large image size and old image format can slow your website’s loading time. So when you notice that your page has a slow loading time, start with the images on the page.

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8. Improve your backlink strategy

backlinks factors image- SEO Smart Goals
SEO Smart Goals

Your internal linking structure helps visitors and search engines understand your site’s layout. Similarly, the backlinking structure is important to SEO Strategies as they boost domain strength. It improves your ranking potential by essentially telling the search engine that your site is an industry authority.

With different strategies to increase your backlinks, it is crucial to improve your efforts to gain more authority. You can work on your content strategy to create content that other sites will naturally use in their posts.

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Conclusion of SEO Smart Goals

You would not be able to succeed in your marketing efforts without SEO. It is an essential part of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. Without SEO, you could actually damage your brand’s online reputation and rankings. The best SEO smart goals are understanding where your SEO strategy currently is on.

Your goals allow you to check the reality of where you are versus where you intended to go. Also, these goals can further help you to pinpoint the right SEO KPIs to track. SEO goals help you map your journey and refine your processes along the way as you reach your target audience.

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