Why Your Learning Management System needs to Remain User-Focused

LMS Needs to Remain User-Focused

Any content you create- be it to sell something or educate someone, should be according to the audience. The audience should be able to understand it, access it, and benefit from it. It would help if you did everything in your power to ensure that you are creating high-quality content for the consumer and that you can engage with Learning Management System. Even in a Learning Management System case, learners should focus on the content and the user interface. It is also a valid point that the number of students on the LMS is way more than the number of teachers. Remember, an LMS is about more than just content. Even the greatest of content and courses can be unsuccessful. It happens when the experience of the learners and consumers is not up to the mark. 

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But this is not that easy to achieve. It is a simple concept that is difficult to understand practically. The developer or the platform owner and the content usually miss the factors to keep it user-friendly. A reason behind this is that they know it altogether. So, the smallest of details don’t matter to them, and they can themselves engage with it within a few seconds.  

A better way to put this is that- “experience is subjective.” A few factors can help you create an LMS that gives everyone a good experience, especially the learners.

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Some of these factors include:

  • Accessibility
  • Accessibility across devices
  • Simple terms
  • Student support
  • Personalization
  • Gamification
  • Easy navigation

1. Why make it user-focused?

Your instructional design impacts each of the elements of the system. So, perfecting it can be time and energy-consuming. It becomes even more frustrating as you don’t see the worth of all that till that point. You have a lot of questions like whether all of it is worth it. At a certain point, many instructors start to feel that, but, as designers of the course- you make something so that learners can sit back and let them teach the course the way they want to teach it.

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But the focus should be on learners as it is worthwhile. It leads to better learner outcomes and higher course enrollment. Also, courses that focus on learner experience will probably mean less stress for the instructor. 

2. Here are some other reasons for making the Learning Management System user-friendly.

Learners like to take control gradually.

Young learners need a lot of help. Everything needs to be spoon-fed. Their learning ability develops as they age and go to middle school and high school. Their interests start to grow, and the desire to take some control over their learning; among adults, very few like being told what to do. Instead, they want to take courses that interest them. 

The easier the system, the more they learn-

A good learning experience isn’t just about teaching a lot of things. It’s also about making it easy for them. Easy to use and easy to understand. It would help if you drew a bridge between them and their learning goals. This is one of the essential features of an LMS.


An LMS should be free of any limitations, any barriers. Be it communication, technology, or whatever, you need to solve all these problems one by one- so that no one but all of your users can use it easily. 

For example, making an LMS available across devices and having the option to download the course solves technical problems. Creating a transcript and an audio version of the course will help people with speech problems and other disabilities like dyslexia. You can help the older users with their problems like- the materials printed in too small font, the quiz buttons being hard to click, or the audio content with no subtitles.

Fixing these issues is a matter of hard work. The solutions are easy, but they take a little extra time. A lot of creators skip or forget them as they focus on issues that are too technical. Those issues are important as well, but as the saying is, beauty lies in details. These are the small details that impact the user’s mind and experience on the platform. These are also the things that bring your testimonial and reviews. 

A supportive LMS gives you the control you need to make the best learning environment for your learners—no matter the situation they may be in.

How does it feel as a user?

Learning MAnagement System feel as a user

Imagine spending hours cooking for someone. You put physical effort, mind, and soul into it. In the end, they turn out to not like it. How would that feel?

Exactly that can happen if you create an excellent course for the users, putting your heart and soul into it. You then realize that the users cannot enjoy it. So, keep your clear goal in mind on how you want the user to feel when they access your course and your LMS and then create it precisely like that. Remember to think like someone who knows nothing about the subject and then solve it like someone who knows everything. This mix will always lead you to create a quality user experience.

Conclusion of Learning Management System

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You would not need to create anything if you were the end audience. The learners are your users, and they are the reason that you are making the LMS. Hence, it is essential to do everything just for them. 

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