Just In Time Training In The Workplace

Just In Time Training In The Workplace

These days, it is becoming more and more difficult for organizations to keep up with the speed with which jobs are evolving. Training employees with traditional training methods are no longer sufficient for organizations. Most employees face problems regularly that need to be solved on an urgent basis. To solve these problems, employees require accessible training and materials immediately. This comes into the picture. In this article, we will understand what Just In Time training means, its importance, and how to apply it effectively.

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Introduction Of Just In Time Training: 

Just in time training refers to training being given only when the need arises, instead of before time. This means employees gain knowledge and skills as and when they face problems in that particular subject. 

Just In Time training can also be referred to as On-Demand Training. It requires a flexible approach to learning methods. It basically focuses on the idea that not every employee in an organization needs the same training, at the same time. With easy access to information due to the internet, humans have been using just in time training on a personal level for a very long time. A simple google search for a certain spelling or a cooking recipe could be a great example of Just In Time Training. 

Taking this to a professional level, with the right training methods, can be very beneficial for any organization.

Advantages Of Just In Time Training In The Workplace

Just In Time Training Purpose

Just In Time training has numerous advantages that benefit both the organization and the employees on a personal and professional level. Some of the direct improvements that you can expect from it are mentioned below:

1. Improved accuracy:

Just In Time training allows employees to apply the learnings in their jobs immediately after taking the course. This results in better accuracy and fewer mistakes being made by the employees. Avoiding mistakes and preventing rework also affect the overall investment in training by the organization.

2. Faster updates:

Just In Time training also saves you a lot of company time in updating your training programs. You can easily add updates to your existing courses by creating bite-sized information when they get outdated. This also saves you a lot of money as compared to getting the entire course updated after every few months.

3. Accessible training:

Since just in time training courses are smaller topics within an entire subject, your employees have the liberty of accessing it whenever required. Easy access to gaining knowledge and skills on their way to work, or during their lunch break does not come in the way of their productivity during work hours. The brief nature makes mobile learning easier than ever.

4. More confident learners:

Knowing that the information needed will be right at the fingertips of the employees whenever they need it builds more confidence in the learners. It puts the control back into the hands of the learners which in turn results in better learning and application of the topic.

5. Improved knowledge retention:

Easy access to information means that your employees no longer have to overload themselves by remembering everything about everything. They can remember the important stuff that will be useful even in the long-term, and everything else can be looked into whenever the need arises.

6. Employees learn better when they have to learn:

This is simply human nature. Providing training well in advance, when the employees don’t know when it will be required results in less engagement during the training sessions. When employees have to immediately apply their learnings to their jobs, their focus and eagerness to learn will be stronger.

7. Improved overall performance:

Not to mention, applying the learnings immediately after taking the course improves the overall performance of the employees. One might even say Just In Time training represents a direct link between training and improved performance.

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How to apply Just In Time Training In The Workplace?

Apply just in Time Training

Now that we have seen how important Just In Time training could be for your organization, let’s understand how you can apply this training method and put it to use.

1. Develop an active learning culture:

Active learning means the employees understanding why they need to learn a certain topic, rather than being told to learn something without knowing the reason for it. Self-driven learning can boost the Just In Time training method and motivate the employees to actively seek new knowledge and skills required for their jobs. 

2. Develop easily absorbed training material:

For Just In Time training to be effective, you must make sure that the training material is small and up-to point. Bite-sized content is recommended for any training. The content can be in any format, i.e text, videos, or infographics. For an effective learning session, your content should be easily searchable and well-organized on the LMS. Hence, while choosing your LMS, look at whether it provides the features that go hand-in-hand with your Just In Time training plan.

3. Access to subject matter experts:

Along with the bite-sized training content being uploaded, also give your employees direct access to subject matter experts through LMS. This will help them get answers to any questions they might have and also make it an interactive learning session, which resembles the traditional training methods. You can include direct messaging or forums on the LMS and give its access details to both, your employees and the subject matter experts.

4. Understand the needs of your employees:

By setting up analytics on your LMS, you can understand the needs of your employees easily. Monitor what your employees look for most often, gather data about how your employees use the content being uploaded and use this data for updating the training materials and content regularly. Also, remember to explore all the analytics and data gathering features that your LMS offers to make it easier for you to carry out this process.


In the conclusion of Just In Time training: 

Just In Time training is the need of the hour for every modern organization. By including this training method in your training programs, you can effectively increase the productivity and overall interest of the employees in doing their jobs. Just In Time training helps you build a workforce that is confident and well-equipped to succeed.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Thank you and all the best!

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