A Definitive Guide To Instagram Hashtag

Guide To Instagram Hashtag

A stunning way to capture more attention and engagement on your posts on Instagram is Instagram hashtags. A post containing a minimum of one Instagram hashtag averages more than 12.6% engagement compared to posts that have no hashtag. This makes it important to devise a hashtag strategy to expand your account and your brand. This definitive Guide To Instagram Hashtags will provide insightful tips to know the effectiveness of using hashtags to garner more followers, enhance the engagement rates of your posts and grow a community that covers your business.


Guide To Instagram Hashtag

Prepared to know about the strategic use of Instagram hashtags and the steps needed to incorporate a useful hashtag strategy? We do reckon that you are!

The Importance of a Guide To Instagram Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags- Guide To Instagram Hashtag
Guide To Instagram Hashtag

Making use of relevant, well-directed hashtags on your blog posts and stories features among the best ways to be identified by new visitors on Instagram. All this can get converted into higher engagement, a spurt in followers and clients for your brand and business.

Similar to Twitter and various social media platforms, Instagram hashtags perform by categorizing and arranging photos as well as video content.

If you possess a public Instagram account and include a hashtag in a post, such a post will be viewed on the matching hashtag page. This becomes a directory of all the videos and photos that got tagged with the related hashtag.

If you desire to have your Instagram posts found, recommended, displayed on the hashtag explore page, and hike your Instagram followers, you just need to use hashtags.

Your Target Audience Can Find You Easily Through Right Hashtags

As hashtags are applied with the intention to explore content, the use of proper hashtags can place you before your target audience, despite them not being connected with you previously.
Like for instance a food blogger may post a photo of a terrific smoothie bowl and apply the hashtags #healthyeating and #superfoods while uploading it on Instagram. By using these hashtags the image is indexed so that other users of Instagram who admire healthy foods can find it easily

Things To Keep In Mind

When individuals have private profiles tag posts, they would not appear publicly on hashtag pages.
Numbers are permitted in hashtags. But, special characters such as % or $ are not workable
Hashtags can be added only to your individual posts. You cannot tag the photos or videos of others
At least 30 hashtags can be used on a post and 10 for a story

Various Kinds Of Instagram Hashtags

Recognizing the various kinds of hashtags and their equivalent audiences is core to building an actionable hashtag strategy

1. Community Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags
Guide To Instagram Hashtag

Community hashtags link similar thinking users around a particular subject. It is a terrific way to interact with others, enhance the searchability or visibility of your posts, drive followers, and develop your community.
Some various kinds of community hashtags that can be used for your business are:

  • Hashtags displaying your services or product, such as # furniture or #photostudio
  • Displaying your niche within the industry, such as #travelphotographer or #continentalfoodchefs
  • Hashtags for Instagram communities within your industry, like #foodiesofinstagram
  • This is for particular seasons or events such as #independenceday or #springday
  • Hashtags using locations such as #sydneybakeries or #madeinparis
  • Daily hashtags, for instance, #mondayinspiration or #wednesdaytip
  • Hashtags having phrases relevant to your activities, like#becreative or #chocolatelove
  • Hashtags have acronyms, like #ootd (outfit of the day)
  • Using emojis

You can apply various hashtags to your posts and stories to make them accessible to various communities. For example, if you have a garments outlet in NYC, you can use #nycgarments to reach out to those users who are particularly searching for garments in NYC but also use #garmentstrend for those who are interested in day-to-day changing fashions.

The best way to locate such community-based hashtags is by viewing which hashtags or favorite accounts your audience is checking beforehand.
If you are making your community hashtag, bear in mind that the narrower the range of the hashtag, the more engaged the users are likely to be. Try to find a niche topic or preference that you would prefer to raise an Instagram community across.

2. Branded Hashtags

Branded Hashtags- Guide To Instagram Hashtag
Guide To Instagram Hashtag

A branded hashtag is exclusive to your brand or company when you use Instagram for business. It can include your company name, the name of your products or campaigns, or even catchphrases. It can also be a hashtag that is not connected with your brand name but has to do with the identity of your brand.

Whereas community hashtags are aimed at spreading the reach of your message, branded hashtags are made to link themes for your audience and yourself. Such hashtags can be applied for campaign promotion or to gather user-generated content (UGC).
Making your Instagram followers employ your branded hashtag in their stories and posts is central to getting found on Instagram by current audiences.

Once your hashtag is made, point out to your customers that they can utilize the hashtag of your business by sharing it on your stories or highlighting it in your headings. In this manner, your followers can click the hashtag and view various posts concerning your business.

It is better practice to follow the branded hashtag to check out new content that is getting shared.

3. Campaign Hashtags

Campaign Hashtags
Guide To Instagram Hashtag

Though community and branded hashtags are long-lasting, campaign hashtags are generally of shorter duration and run for a season, a year, or simply a few days. The reason behind a shorter duration is such hashtags are linked to the latest product launches, exclusive events, or collaborations, or for promoting a holiday campaign.

Tracking The Best Instagram Hashtags For Your Account

When implemented perfectly, the hashtag generator can help expand your outreach, acquire more engagement, and draw greater followers.
However, to make the best out of your hashtags, you have to strategize on the kinds of hashtags to use and when to use them. In place of using the most in-demand Instagram hashtag, it is prudent to search and apply hashtags that are niche, smaller in size, and comprise an engaged audience that is highly applicable to your industry.

In order to find such creative and community-aligned hashtags you should observe and watch the Instagram hashtag used by your competitors, industry heads, and target audience. It has been found that the more conversations happen with the users participating, the better it pays off to actually focus on a topic or theme. And you will be astonished at how niche hashtags can become influential. Like for instance, customers who prefer healthy eating may look for phrases like #eating green or #organic.

Bremont has done such niche hashtags brilliantly as they use hashtags like #watch of the day and #luxury, being fully aware that such niche hashtags can connect them with their potential audience.

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Useful Ways To Select The Best Instagram Hashtags

Users can follow hashtags that arouse their interest, guaranteeing that content from such hashtags shows up in their feeds frequently. There needs to be a lot to take into account while using Instagram hashtags. So let’s regroup around the ways to pick the best Instagram Hashtags.

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1. Utilize Feature of Later’s Hashtag Suggestions

If you require assistance in finding industry-oriented hashtags then you can check out Later’s Hashtag Suggestions features. Hashtag Suggestions operates by automatically locating relevant hashtags related to your posts drawing from your other used hashtags.

Say, for instance, you are posting an image of an attractive bedroom to promote your bedding and linen business. All you need to know is about one relevant hashtag such as #livesimply, and place it into Hashtag Suggestions, tap “Suggest” and the feature instantly generates 30 different hashtags, classified by relevance.

You can next select which of these hashtags to include in your post. You simply have to click “Insert Hashtags” and they’ll be inserted at the end of your caption.

Some of the best Instagram hashtags of a general category include #pic of the day, #nofilter, #instagood, #swag, #nature, #lifeisgood, #instadaily, #instamood, #selfie, #bestof the day.

2. Best Hashtags for inviting followers and likes:


3. Best Fashion Hashtags:

#outfitof the day

4. Best food & Beverage Hashtags


5. Best Travel Guide To Instagram Hashtag


6. Best Pet Care Hashtags


7. Best Gadgets and Tech Hashtags


8. Best Wedding Hashtags

#tyingthe knot
#wedding favors

9. Best Sportsmen and Workout Gear Hashtags


10. Best Hashtags For Holiday


11. Best Hashtags For Instagram Contests


Instagram Photography Hashtags 

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