How To Write Product Descriptions

You’ve guided the customers through the marketing journey as well as sales funnel until they touch down on the page of the product that they want. Numerous Shopify stores will drop the client, leaving the store owner pondering what the error was.

This last step to push the customer into including the product to their cart can be hard. Nevertheless, it can be quickly fixed, making your sales soar in front of your rivals.

The problem generally lies in your product descriptions. You need to pen irresistible product descriptions that compel the customer to include the item to their cart and clear it out.

Penning descriptions for your products is, thus, a key part of your eCommerce website strategy. Sales copy in the product descriptions can be truly difficult to write. This is further complicated by the fact that you specify an extensive range of products in your ecommerce store.

Writing descriptions for these entire items can be a tiring task, and you can easily falter in drafting quality copy for each of them.

Below are outlined and expounded methods you can employ to write product descriptions that sell and evolve your Ecommerce store.

# 1 Concentrate On Your Target Audience

The key idea is to write your blog posts putting your target audience in focus, penning product descriptions is no dissimilar.

If you don’t maintain a laser-directed audience in focus, then your product description will become wishy-washy. And ultimately, you would be addressing none at all.

A superb product description always speaks about the buyer first and then enunciates the specifications. It also addresses its intended audience directly employing the pronoun YOU. 

The product description should not be engulfed with technical jargon, which many companies are inclined to do.

Further, before writing a product description, take note of these things:

  • Age
  • Demographic
  • Problem you audience may be encountering
  • Interests
  • Income Level

These entire insights will aid you include words that might urge your target audience to buy your product.

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# 2 Short Sentences, Short Words, Short Paragraphs

Readers tend to glance down when reading something online. Not many people have the inclination and time to read large paragraphs, which is why everything must be kept as concise as possible.

People generally read the initial few lines and the ending few lines while going through your product descriptions. It is recommended not to include redundant and superfluous words in your product descriptions. Write in an inverted pyramid by giving major information first.

The core is to “get to the point” immediately without squandering your reader’s time.

You just have slight space to relay your point and convince your customers to purchase your customers. You have to get maximum from it. Avoid irrelevant marketing jargon that your customer would find difficult to understand. Be concise and to the point. You can always include little humor to engage readers.

Firebox has expertise in the art of writing finest product descriptions. They sum up all in only a few sentences. Further flip down the page and you can view a detailed product description.

Use bullet points as they offer a distinct and concise way to show the most essential information.

# 3 Focus On Advantages To Force Readers To Achieve The Purchase

Irrespective of the tactics used by you, your ultimate aim is to make the reader to purchase your product. For this, you must highlight the benefits that will encourage your prospects to take the final decision. And expectedly, the one that is favorable for you.

Simply focus on the following things:

  • You don’t need to outline the advantages of each and every feature. Just select 3 top-notch features.
  • Exhibit what your products carry to the table
  • Outline how your product will aid and solve customers’ issues

Simply maintain the above 3 aspects in focus and you will be successful in writing a winning product description.

# 4 Your Product Description Should Mirror Your Brand’s Tone

You may imagine how one can include their brand’s message within their product description.


But, it is easier than you think. There are innumerable product description instances where companies adhere to their branding tone.

Simply analyze the keywords that you would wish to relate with your brand or something that your brand mirrors the most. Does your brand target teens? Do you think that it will be more ideal to tongue-in-cheek humor instead of sophisticated verbiage?

# 5 Include Inspirational And Persuasive Words

Do you think a few words are sufficient to alter the way you think? Well, experts don’t agree. Influential  words carry the power to alter people’s minds and convince them t do things that you desire.

The iconic advertising tycoon David Ogilvy holds that specific words can stimulate activity and persuade people to think in the way you want.

Including these power words in your product description will force your customers to observe and modify their mind concerning your product, for the best.

# 6 Optimize For Search Engines

The power words alluded to above are not simply splendid to move your audience, but also vital from the viewpoint of SEO. Selling experts at Amazon believe that positioning important keywords work great magic for your search rankings. Moreover, inserting bullet points together with influencing keywords is still better in the matter of SEO and search engine rankings.

So whether you’re penning product descriptions for belts, bags or anything else, use relevant keywords to display on the first page of SERPs.

Though, it is not guaranteed to always work in your favor. However, keywords are certain to have some effect on your overall performance.

You must include keywords to the following regions to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) for your online store:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Page titles
  • A page’s body content
  • ALT tags

But don’t attempt to stuff keywords without any justification. Keywords that you insert in your blog or product description should resonate with your product or brand.

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# 7 Talk As A Friend

A nice tip for penning product descriptions is to write like you are talking to a friend, rather than communicating as an impersonal business. It’s essential to approach customers with the motive of engaging them. If you are employing the same primitive rigid writing methods, you won’t obtain a big response.

They utilize terms such as “secret weapon against crime”, which isn’t the usual business jargon you’d hope for from a company mentioning their product. Rather, it reads as a friend passionately informing you about the towt. These things count, so attempt to adopt a friendlier approach while writing and search different similar product description instances for motivation.

# 8 Describe The Small Things

A successful ecommerce product description includes detailing the little things that count. The nitty-gritty constitutes the big difference, and while they may appear worthless or even trivial to some extent, see it from a likely customer’s viewpoint. These small features or details could turn out to be the crucial factor for a customer.

View this as an example. It’s simply an ordinary lawnmower, but the company says it has “larger wheels” for “easy maneuverability.” It’s an ingenious feature, but one that numerous lawnmower purchasers are interested in.

# 9 Include Humor In Your Writing

Humor is of significant importance when penning content, including product descriptions. Hilarious product descriptions are more enduring than ones that simply recount dry details. Here is an example of the many product description to follow:

ASOS describes one of its regular T-shirts as being a “little bit slouchy.” It’s a plain description, but it makes the right impact on the reader, who’ll know just how the fit will come on. It’s simple, it’s fun, and most importantly, it performs the job.

# 10 Maintain It Simple

Are you familiar with Occam’s Razor? This theory postulates that the best solution is frequently the most obvious. If your product doesn’t need additional wording or detailing of small features, it’s not necessary to indulge.

For instance in a few sentences, the company has detailed the most popular features of its leading products; Amazon Alexa. The product is running off the shelves anyway, so why do more.

Minimalism is the latest standard. Most companies have altered their marketing standards, therefore, you should also.

# 11 Include A Little Sass

Sometimes, the finest way to create a memorable product description is to add slight sass to it. Sarcasm must be employed with caution, but if you can achieve it, it will make your product description glow. It not just adds a little ingenuity, but it also renders the product description more catchy, and a reader who relishes the joke might end up purchasing it.


It’s tough to write a product description, as it’s wholly based on the basic implication that you know your audience. No amount of copywriting tips can shove you past that.

However, there are specific principles that will instill little more power into your prose, like highlighting the product’s benefits, writing distinctly and concisely, telling fascinating stories, and addressing queries and doubts.

You have a restricted amount of space and time to spur your prospect to interested people to purchase. Don’t squander that space.

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