Hero Images: Trends In Web Design And The Way Of Their Work

Hero Images

So often, nowadays, you find an oversized image positioned at the top of the website or on the home page. These are hero images and are typically an image of high-resolution or a graphic, the recent trend being to use videos or animations. Applying these hero images has turned into a prominent trend in web design as it instantly captures and engrosses users. It can offer an initial view of what a business does or represents or what a website want to portray about itself.

A hero image normally covers the complete page width. It can be supplemented with a unique value proposition (UVP), a concise summary of detail or services extended, or a call to action. Such a call to action on a home page can even be an “Enter” button that requests the user to find out the way the hero background image is linked with the site offerings.

Selecting The Best Hero Image

To pick the best hero image for the portal, you have to consider the function it has to execute.

For Speaking A Story: A hero image creates assumptions about the site in a user’s perception, tells the user what to anticipate, and motivates the user to discover further. The image often carries a UVP (user value proposition).

To Captivate And Engage: A perfect hero image draws users’ attention and inspires them to stay around for a longer time to view what the portal offers. Your site’s hero image or header must, within seconds, influence a user to search further.

Augment Conversion Rates: Selecting the perfect out of many images can be best achieved through A/B testing. The outcome of A/B test may hint that one of them distinctly remains above the others- which is what you desire to select.

Aspects To Consider While Selecting Hero Images

Bear these factors in mind while selecting your favorite hero images:

1. Size, Resolution, and Compression-

Size of the image is essential and so also file size has to be taken into account. High resolution is mandatory as an image of low resolution will have less effect.

2. Contrast-

Text has to be easily legible and neither merge into or draw away from the image. Effects like tint or fade do help and you should drop color so that they do not outrival the image and allow it to effectively be prominent.
Responsiveness: See to it that the hero image and the accompanying text is properly optimized for mobile devices. An unresponsive hero image on mobiles will fail to attract the users.

3. Go Minimalistic-

An image that is minimalistic can also convey a powerful message. You can avoid plain hero image, but refrain from a cluttered or busy appearance in these images. Exclusive effects like tint, animation, and fade can enhance your hero image, but do not over exaggerate action or motion. A see-through overlay on a hero image can make it easy for the viewer to focus on the important message.

Trends In Hero Images That Help Sell A Webpage

Hero Images are among the fastest emerging trends in web design and sell the webpage through its visuals. Let’s see some of its use in the real world.

1. Roverpass hero image

hero images

The homepage for RoverPass is a great example of a properly done hero image. It is placed against the background of the header and markets the intent of the website: to assist visitors to find RV parks and campgrounds. This design shows and tells through the text on the page.

Hero images can be applied as promos and branding features for any kind of website. Such a trend is universal and you name any site and I guarantee a hero image would fit well into an int. Let’s take a plunge into some practical examples of how various websites normally use hero images.
The most general application is a hero on a business or company website
From homepages of startups, digital enterprises or financial investment groups, hero images are randomly used and are found everywhere. Any organization can gain from a hero image header. It is only about locating the perfect image to represent what that company does.

2. Leankit hero image

hero images

Just view this LeanKit website which applies a large hero image which promotes the actual application on the screen of a laptop. This is very typical for tech startups and SAAS organizations as technology is marketed based on its performance. Display to the user an image of what they receive from the platform and you will captivate them with a generic hardware photograph.

3. Apple MacBook product header

Apple MacBook

The best of marketing and photography can be found in this product photo of Apple that highlights the product in a stylish and sophisticated way. You can use your finer sense while designing the hero image of a product and focus on the way in which your average consumer would prefer to use the item in real life.

4. Business Websites

business websites

You have a myriad of ways to use these hero images in website design whether alone, beneath a text heading or an overlay or in various creative ways. Designers and marketers are drawn towards hero images as it is the quickest way to attract the attention of a user. Bold, graphic and purposeful imagery always helps to engross the user and draw them in instantly, and offer a centerpiece for minimalist sites and applications.


Hero images when properly done complement a value proposition to bring more clarity to a page. They help people to quickly understand the value of your offer and also promotes your brand on the website. Hero images are just simple to enhance the visual interest
Hero Images are a simple way to add visual interest to your pages and generate an improved first impression for your site viewers. Therefore these have become a staple in website design and are present in different variations whether as large images or as images that halt before landing on the bottom of your screen.
However, hero images will remain in the limelight and you are most likely to view its use in website banner design for the years ahead.

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