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Your website might appear stunning, pixel-perfect and also functional, but it is not delivering your desired outcome. A website is the prime marketing tool of every business operating in the online realm. Therefore, every website needs to have a special vibe with its every visitor to translate them into valuable customers. If you find that your brand building, marketing strategy, and sales push are not matching up to your business mission, then it’s high time to consider giving a refreshed makeover to your website design.

Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Here are some of the reasons which are great enough to consider a redesigning of your site.

Your Site Needs An Overhaul To Make It More Interactive And Responsive

Redesign Your Website

User experience is what converts a visitor into brand loyalists. Implement functionality into your site so as to offer the best experience to your site users A web design that is responsive ranks high on popularity and for all the good reasons too. After all, 17% of the web traffic emanates from mobile gadgets and if your portal is not optimized for mobile devices, you would stand to lose a sizeable proportion of traffic. A page with an improper display makes the user instantly exit from the site and walk into your competitor’s website. Redesign your website to offer a seamless experience to your viewers across various devices.
Functionality should be your paramount focus for if that’s missing then both your traffic and initiatives for a lead generation would fall flat.

Appears Outdated And Not Trending With The Times

Companies undergo a process of redesigning for various reasons, but a primary need being an old-looking and antiquated website. A site with an out-of-date appearance can hurt your business, more so if the users make their favorite brand selection from multiple competitors. Consumers tend to prefer a company with a visual presence, easily navigable and stays on top by following the current trends and leading technologies.

Your Site No Longer Aligns With Your Marketing Strategy

Redesign Your Website

You need to make sure that your site conforms to your marketing goals and aligns well with the latest marketing strategy. Pose yourself certain questions whether your marketing plans updates have an impact on the conversion funnel. How frequently you alter your marketing game plans?
If the purpose of your site has been redefined and changed, its layout has to be updated to align it with your business goals. If your new objective is to present more content on lead generation ( maybe few “how-to” articles on the blog and ebooks), then you have to provide Call To Actions on the homepage and various well-liked webpages.

Your Website Lacks Visibility On Search Engines

Try it out: Visit Google, Yahoo or other search engine and browse for any of the products or facilities that you offer, or simply search for the name of your company. Does your website pop up at the initial first page of the search results? If that is not the case, then perhaps your site requires some significant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) planning. SEO constitutes a crucial factor behind the makeover of a website. A vast chunk of business sites garners their web traffic out of organic search, as customers or prospects only view the first given entries flashing on the starting or first page of the shown results. The viewers very rarely prefer to scroll down and hardly click through to see another page where search results are displayed.

High Bounce Rates And Plunging Conversions

Redesign Your Website

An Increasing bounce rate and dipping conversions are really not something to flaunt about. If you discover that the web analytics are displaying a surging bounce rate, low visits by the users on your page and decreased spending time on your site, it is time to understand the indication that your site users are not getting relevant information and precise details which they are seeking. It can well be that the viewers are getting turned off because of the layout of the site or upset by the posted content, or perhaps are not able to look for what they are interested in knowing.
If you are losing out on the conversions that you expect, then that is a powerful indicator that things are not working properly. Regardless of the causes that account for an increased bounce rate and plummeting conversions the time is perfect to give a changeover to your portal through a redesigning of the website.

Your Website Uploads Slowly

Are you aware that almost forty-seven percent of the viewers expect your portal to have a load time of below two seconds? Moreover, around 40% of the consumers would completely discard your site if the loading time exceeds 3 seconds. Surely, you would be losing your likely readers and prospects at the drop of a second if your website consumes time to load. Even your SEO would suffer due to this loading glitch and if you consider that your website can probably load at a quicker pace, then it is time to go for a website restructuring.

You Decide To Integrate Rebranding

Redesign Your Website

This seems very insightful. Your organization has undergone a rebranding process and now it is the turn of your website to align with your latest brand image and identity. Retaining it as you used to for depicting your old brand would result in brand identification problem and confusion among the clients and raise doubt in place of thrill. Not fine at all! You would prefer

Your navigation, text and blogs, CTA, visual look – all need to align and adjust with your current brand identity. All this would require a monumental change and work to perform on your website, Now, it is the time to give your portal its new and refreshed look. Based upon the novelty of your product, delivery of the services and the brand, aligning and adopting a process of rebranding and redesigning of the website with the latest trend of web design can go a long way to enhance the user -experience of your site.

You Desire To Introduce A Perfect Content Strategy

Having a terrific content on the portal can bolster everything which includes retention of your trusted readers and consumers to SEO whereby constantly modifying the search engines algorithms you can put in place an effective content plan. It goes without saying that quality content has no utility if your readers are not able to locate it. Therefore, if you are thinking of a transformational change regarding your content plans or maybe to improve the blog production, it would be practical to consider a web redesigning. This would help your awesome posts, ebooks or various pieces of content to be easily traced and your database on the leads will surge the manner you eventually planned it.

Your Website Is Not Creating Value Which A Customer Is Looking For

Redesign Your Website

A likely customer or visitor can land on your site once, but not finding anything relevant or beneficial it can happen that they are not likely to return again. Therefore, you should supplement your product or service details with some engaging customer-centric content like constantly informative, enlightening, and updated blogs, specifically mobile-oriented web design posts and video content besides social media outreach that helps to bring them back to your site for more. In fact, personalization and innovative content tailor your portal towards the customers who feel delighted with fresh and engaging content.

Redesign Your Website Today

An intuitive website becomes primary to your online business presence and success. It is crucial that you keep an objective look on your current design and watch whether it aligns and fine tunes with your business goals, marketing strategies and delivers the best business outcome. Above all, Your website reflects your brand value and places your company on a plank from where it can serve the customers to its utmost.

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