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Gaming has been a hot topic for both young and old age people since 2005. We have seen a significant improvement in graphics, software, and stories. For years and years, games have provided a realistic feeling to people. Creating a Gaming Community Website will unite gamers from all different backgrounds and parts of the world. It will make you believe that gaming communities will only see growth in the upcoming time. Gaming is engaging, and it makes you addicted. People have been earning money by playing games over the past two decades. So many games are available in the market currently, and most of them are competitive and have tournaments running every then and now.

A gaming community benefits both professional and normie gamers. It would be a platform where they can discuss games, bugs, issues, and how to solve missions. Furthermore, a gaming community is suitable if you keep up with the riveting stuff. In this article, I will explain how to create a gaming community website from scratch. You can organize tournaments for your members and then add a prize pool to excite them.

We’ll deeply go through all the things we have discussed up until now. But, before going into the extensive details, let me explain what a gaming community is.


What is a gaming community?

A gaming community is where multiple gamers come together to form a union. It can also be a place where people who like playing games can chat and post stuff regarding gaming. It is like those Facebook groups we used to create in the early 2008s. However, a modern community has extensive features that a Facebook group cannot provide. In short, a gaming community is where two or more gamers discuss games!

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What features to include in your gaming community website?

Gaming Community Website
Gaming Community Website

As a community owner, you would want members to interact and stick with the community for an extended period. So, to establish a good connection with your community, you got to implement excellent features that can quickly attract members.

Let the gamers interact with each other  Use the latest plugins and let the gamers interact using text, photos, audio, and videos. The moment you see the talk disappearing, input a topic in the chat and make them engage constantly. We have several add-ons that allow you to initialize unique private community features!

1. Organize events and tournaments for your members

Organizing events and tournaments for your members is a great way to sway members of your gaming community. People love opportunities where they can show off their gaming skills. Gaming often receives less appreciation, so your members would take time and participate in tournaments! Offer prize pools to intimidate your gamers further and see the magic happen.

2. Ask them for feedback

Google Review- Gaming Community Website
Gaming Community Website

Feedback is an important stage of community development. You’ll need feedback from all the members to form the future of your gaming community. Organize polls to let the members vote for their choices. Support majority and democracy; it’ll help your community grow as a single entity.

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3. Use Gamification

Award your members points or rewards for winning events and competitions. Let them use those tokens to upgrade their profile. Make them engaged with the latest gamification plugin developed by us!

4. How to create a gaming community website from scratch using WordPress?

Creating a gaming community comes with the requirement of establishing a user-friendly and interactive website design. Install the latest plugins and make your members stay in your community for a more extended period. A gaming website requires unique designs, 3d graphics, and fun transitions. You’ll get the chance to add all these features to your WordPress website.

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4. Create a default website using WordPress

Create a WordPress account if you haven’t created one yet. After that, log on to your account and buy hosting. Next, get the name of your gaming community website sorted and let the members relate to the community. Choose the name wisely because it will make an enormous impact on the future of your community business.

5. Choose a theme that goes best with the gamers

Gamers always look for fascinating designs that they can feel comfortable looking at/using all the time. Therefore, the website’s theme should be enjoyable, and it must have a cozy feeling attached to it. Add some colors to your website, use bewitching plugins and convert gamers into potential community members. You can use these retention tools to keep your members intact within the community. We have a super compatible theme for your use – Reign theme – fully compatible with WordPress. You can quickly form your gaming community website with Reign.

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6. Make frequent changes and updations

Update your community website regularly. Do not let your members lose interest quickly and easily. Organize tournaments and keep fascinating prize pools. Furthermore, you can use different add-ons from our list and let your members use activity streams and post content such as quotes, hashtags, reactions, status, profile management, and private messaging.

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Gaming Community – The Takeaway

Gaming communities have spread like wildfire over the past few decades. A lot of communities have already captured the market. One of the most fire-spreading communities is known as Reddit. It is a big community, providing sub-communities within itself. However, Reddit only offers you some features, while a separate WordPress-developed gaming community website will have unique characteristics. It depends on the package, plugins, and themes for your gaming website.

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