15 Best Free and Premium Elementor Addons

Free and Premium Elementor Addon

If we are planning to develop a WordPress Website by using the page builder, then the first thought that hits in mind is the “Elementor “WordPress Page Builder Plugin. Since 2016, it has had millions of active downloads. Still, Are you not familiar with this plugin? let’s discuss this in detail.

Elementor WordPress Page Builder is a unique and marvelous plugin. By using Drag and Drop options, Designers, developers, and entrepreneurs can create remarkable landing pages, blog pages, and online stores. Pre-Built templates are available for instant use, user can customize the available templates or create a new template and customize or style according to your choice. Completely responsive and mobile-friendly page builder.

Now Elementor page builder has extended its features and comes with add-ons are that are available with some new features and functionality. Let’s review some in detail

Free and Premium Elementor Addons

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1. Master Addons for Elementor


Master Addons a freemium plugin packed with more elements and Extensions for Elementor editor. It’s developed 55+ awesome widgets on different criteria. It’s both a developer and beginner-friendly plugin. The free version has extensions like Custom CSS which helps to design any section or elements.

  1. Content Elements: Content Elements are required to design your page’s or post’s content. There are a lot of elements like Animated Headline, Gradient Headline, Accordion, Tabs, Infobox, Flipbox, etc. Make sure to grab the best element regarding your demand.
  2. Form Elements: Master Addons configured some Form elements for Contact Form 7, Gravity Form, Ninja Form, WP Form.
  3. Header Footer Builder: This is available for both free and pro users of Master Addons.
  4. Comment Form Builder: This is something that no one developed. It will help you to design your website comment form on your needs.
  5. Extensions: There is a total of 18 extensions available now. Display conditions, Animated Gradient BG, etc.

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2. Happy Addons

Wedevs have launched an Elementor Addon plugin: HappyAddons. It has both premium and free versions. In a short time, it makes a position among all the Elementor users. Unlikely other third-party plugins we are not only focusing on widgets but also focusing on enhancing the core functionality of Elementor. It brings some essential features to make life easier for users. Here list of our features,

1. Unlimited Section Nesting
2. Cross-Domain Copy Paste
3. Preset
4. Floating Effect
5. CSS Transformation
6. Background Overlay
7. Live section copy-paste from our live demo site (coming soon)
8. Page sync (coming soon)
9. More on our list

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3. Essential Addon

essential addon

Essential Add-ons is the first choice for any user after Elementor PRO, It has more than 100k+active users. Moreover, it is available in free and premium versions.

Essential Addon is a lightweight plugin that doesn’t affect the website speed as you have an option to enable or disable any element, You can customize every element the way you want, and your page builder easy to use.

  • Free Essential Element: Info Box, Flip Box, Image Accordion, Countdown, Pricing Table, Post Grid, and many more.
  • Premium Essential Element: Lightbox and Modal, Interactive Promo, Interactive Cards, One Page Navigation, Logo Carousel, etc.

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4. Mighty Addons

Mighty Addons comes with a freemium version and is best known for adding extra and unique functionalities to Elementor. It offers 30+ widgets and extensions which makes your page building robust and more interactive.

It has 20+ ready-to-use template kits which will save you tons of manual effort and time and you can build a webpage in minutes. The best part is that you don’t need any coding or technical skills to build pages with Mighty Addons. The drag-and-drop functionality and easy-to-use interface make page building on WordPress super easy and smooth.

Moreover, a collection of 100+ sections are available, which you can import on your webpage within a single click. Let’s have a look at the features in detail:

  • Add Multi-Layered Shadows to Your Elements
  • Control Content Visibility with Publishing Rules
  • Cross-Domain Copy Paste
  • Pixabay & Unsplash Integration
  • FAQ Schema & Opening Hours Schema Integration
  • Interactive Particles Background Effects
  • Multi-Location Google Map & Open-street map
  • Style Forms to Match Your Website Styling
  • Create Two-Step Login Form Easily
  • Image Hotspot Widget
  • WhatsApp Chat & Click To Call

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5. Power Pack:


Powerpack Elementor is a premium plugin that leads the Elementor to the next level. It has a 40+creative widget, and compatible with Elementor 2.0. You can add this addon to your website which improves website workflow.

Basically, the PowerPack Elementor Addons widget subdivided into 4 main parts

  1. Form Styler Elementor Widgets: Form includes Gravity form, Caldera Form, Ninja Forms, Contact form7, Winforms
  2. Creative Elementor Widgets: Includes counter timer, Popup Box, Page Navigation, Info Table, Info Carousel, Image Compare, Image Hotspot, Link effect, etc
  3. Elementor Content Widgets: Advanced Menu, Content Toggle, Google map, pricing table, etc.
  4. WooCommerce Widgets: Woo Product, Woo categorized, Woo cart, Add to cart, and woo checkout

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6. Droit Addons for Elementor

Droit Addons for Elementor

Design a modern and eye-catching site in your way with Droit Addons for Elementor. These plugins come with resourceful 43+ widgets, 140+ preset and template libraries, on-demand asset loading, and more. It includes presets for your pages, sections, footer, and header designs – all at your fingertips. The Droit Addons Elementor is constantly growing and adding more features, widgets, presets templates continuously.

The plugin includes a top-notch support team that will be there to assist you if you ever have a question. And you can even purchase an extended license if you’re a developer who wants to use Droit Addons on all of your client’s sites (and why wouldn’t you?).

Let’s have a look at the features:

  • Info Box
  • Twitter Feed
  • News Tricker
  • Alert Box
  • Animated Text
  • Banner
  • Subscribe
  • Contact Form 
  • Share Button 
  • Video Popup

And many more.

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7. Qi Addons for Elementor

Qi Addons for Elementor is a powerful and very versatile plugin that features the largest collection of free add-ons currently on the web. It comes with 60 free widgets that make it easy even for complete beginners to enrich their websites with effective elements without any coding knowledge necessary. Qi Addons provide you with all the tools you need to effectively and beautifully present every single aspect of your business. You can choose between creative, graphic, typography, Woocommerce, SEO, showcase, and many more add-ons to enrich your website with. On top of it all, this is an intuitive, very easy-to-use tool that features a beautiful design and adds a touch of elegance besides functionality to your website.

8. JetElements Addon for Elementor

JetElements Addon for Elementor

JetElements is a premium plugin and add-on of the Elementor page builder. It has a pre-built 10+ready template to start your home and 40+elements.

With this plugin, you can use the prepared templates or create a new page according to your choice. The same happens to Elements you customize every element as you need.

List of available Element: Advanced Carousel, Advanced Carousel, Brands, Circle Progress, Pricing Table, Posts, Post Carousel, Post Slider, Advanced Map, Countdown Timer, Banner
Available Template: Business Home Page, Construction Home Page, Photographer Home Page, Photography Studio Home Page
Real Estate Home Page, Restaurant Home Page, Car Repair Home Page, Beauty Salon Home Page, Consulting Home Page

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9. Ultimate Addon for Elementor

Ultimate Addon for Elementor

Ultimate Addons Elementor Plugin is also one of the most active add-ons used by users. It adds more unique features and functionality to make page builders easier.

This plugin offers a unique design, lightweight, and fast with the innovative widget.
It has 20+widget available and you can customize all of the themes as you want.

Creative Widget: Video, Hotspots, Advanced Heading, Before After Slider, Business Hours, Contact Form 7 Styler, Caldera Form Styler, Content Toggle, Dual Color Heading, Fancy Heading Google Map, and many more

Woocommerce: Woo-Products, Woo-categories, Woo-Add to cart

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10. Elementor Extras

Elementor Extras, Free and Premium Elementor Addon

Elementor Extra comes with 30+addon of Widget and Extensions delicately created for Elementor. This plugin is updated regularly and all widget has a customizable option which makes it unique. It has 26 Widget and 5 Extensions

Post Extra, Gallery Extra, Gallery Slider, Hotspots, Switcher, Devices, calendar, and many more


  • Display Condition improve workflow and minimize the number of templates you need to build using Elementor
  • Global Tooltips: Add beautiful Tooltip to any element or widget or section.
  • Sticky Elements sticks any Widget and Section to its parents
  • Parallax Element move any widget and column
  • Creation of Parallax Background of any section is easy.

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11. CrocoBlock Elementor Extension

CrocoBlock Elementor Extension, Free and Premium Elementor Addon

Crocoblock is a WordPress Plugin that comes together and helps to create your website with Elementor.

Crocoblock has its Jet plugins and Pre-built templates. You can use these templates for your website creation else personalize the template as per your need.

Crocoblocks includes:

  • Jet Plugins: Set of 14+plugins available for any purpose
  • Template: Premium Template for any type of project and personalized it.

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12. Element Pack

Element Pack

Element Pack is one of the best Elementor page Builder plugins which comes with a super easy interface and advanced features. Each widget has immense options. It has 80+ widgets, 60+ready templates, 40+ block template

Features of Element pack:

  • Fully responsive with all the device
  • All have customizable widgets
  • We are following cutting-edge programming.
  • Ultimate support system
  • Regularly updated

Many more.

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13. Premium Addons

Premium Addons

Premium Addons, 50+ Widget, and Addon take your website to the next level. Its free and Premium versions both are available in the market, If you are using Premium Addon you can create a more professional website design without coding efforts.

It is a premium version available with more customization options. It has great features: fully responsive, compatible with any WordPress theme, cross-compatible, lightweight, and superb support.

The free version appears with 20+ new Elementor widgets and Premium Version comes with 25+ Widgets.

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14. AnyWhere Elementor

AnyWhere Elementor

Anywhere Elementor is an impressive plugin as it’s available in both free and premium versions. It is responsive to all platforms and also provides 24/7 support.

Free Plugins: Using Shortcodes you can insert Elementor pages and Global Templates. Create a Global section and you can change or update from anywhere.

The Pro version of Anywhere Elementor provides a lot of functionality
– Global Post Layouts
– Post Archive Templates
– Category, Tag Templates
– WooCommerce Product & Category Layouts
– Global layouts for Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
– Support for Custom Fields
– Design 404 Pages
– Design Search Page layouts.

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15. The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons

Elementor Plus Addon is a creative and innovative add-on. It has a Group of 50+ Elementor Widgets, 18+ Templates, 300+ UI Blocks for Post Types to help your customer with the superb website.

Amazing 50+ Elementor Widget segregated into 6 subparts.

  • Plus Essential: Info Box, Buttons, Pricing Table, Stylish List, Video, Advance Text Block, and many more.
  • Plus Creatives: Set of 16+ Widgets for Formative tasks in Elementor (Before After, Animated Text, Smooth Scroll, Image Cascading many more)
  • Plus Sections: Set of 05+ Widgets for Sections tasks in Elementor(Row Background,Parallax Background,Segment Background,Canvas Background,Gallery Background)
  • Plus Tabbed: Set of 03+ Widgets for Tabbed tasks in Elementor(Switcher, Accordion, Tabs Tours)
  • Plus Adapted: Set of 03+ Widgets for Extra tasks in Elementor(Mailchimp Subscription, Contact Form 7, Google Map)
  • Plus Design: 18+ Templates and 300+ UI Blocks Included
  • Plus Extra: Comes into 3 sections Column Extras, Global Options, Special Features

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In this article, We’ve tried to cover the best Elementor Addon Plugins. Still, if any plugin is there that we’re missing here, please drop your comments and suggestions.

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