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Websites use maps to share the location of their business enterprise and also get reviewed directly on the map’s span. And if you want to add a map structure to your site, you can do that easily with the help of plugins. Today, we discuss one such mapping plugin – WP Advanced Google Maps plugin.

WP Advanced Google Maps is a premium plugin capable of providing the functionality of displaying a number of customizable and fully responsive maps on a single page of your site. Also, an unlimited number of location and markers can be put up along with features like direction, store locator, marker listing, marker, and cluster. Many Shortcodes are offered that will let users add many locations latitude, longitude and address wise.

WP Advanced Google Maps Plugin

Features of WP Advanced Google Maps plugin :

  • 500+ Readymade icons
  • Add multiple Google maps on a page.
  • Awesome map skins to choose from
  • Ajax based, Filterable Search, Searchable via Backend
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Locations via External Data Source
  • Parent-child Categories
  • Multiple Routes & Route Tab Options
  • Unlimited Routes where users can choose the route color, route Opacity, Route Stroke Weight, Route Travel Mode
  • Enable Draggable Routes
  • Real-Time Traffic Layer Option
  • Display post page or custom post type in the infobox.
  • Ability to display distance in Kilometers and Miles.
  • Apply awesome google maps design from snazzymaps.com with just copy and paste
  • Hide marker’s icon, Title, Address, Category, Description From advance Listing.
  • Unlimited maps, locations, and makers supported
  • Set Pagination from admin panel.
  • Much more! Head to this page for all features.

Also, the developers have kept the plugin development open-ended by asking users to suggest any features that they would like to get added

How to Add Google Maps to WordPress?

Get Plugin   Live Demo


WP Advanced Google Maps plugin is a WordPress plugin, where users can display a number of maps in single page. There are an unlimited number of maps, location and markers to the pages. I hope that I’m clear with my article. Google Map plugin comes with all new unique features and functionalties. You can checkout How to Add Google Maps to WordPress? here . Thanks for reading.

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