Figma Alternatives

There are a lot of developers out there that use Figma as their primary tool for making software prototypes and wireframes. Many other professionals, like engineers, artists, business analysts, visual designers, and others, also find it indispensable for working with vector graphics. For a good reason, Figma is the most widely adopted UI design platform. In this article, you will get to know the top 5 Figma alternatives for prototyping.

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What is Figma?

Figma is a web-based UI prototype tool that facilitates teamwork during designing, testing, and releasing a product’s user interface. Features like version control, project management, discussion boards, user-level access control, plugin development, and single sign-on are all available (SSO).

Using the platform’s vector networks, pen, and arc tools, designers may make drawings without merging or connecting to the path’s origin, allowing them to create pie charts, watch screens, or clocks. Teams may use the auto-layout function to automatically adjust the size of UI elements like buttons and lists based on parameters like padding, direction, and space.

Users of Figma may upload GIFs for video components or animations to their prototypes and leverage hover, on-click, and button-press interactions to simulate real-world scenarios. Together, team members may modify designs, keep tabs on revisions, make notes, find recently submitted files, and distribute links to those designs.

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Top 5 Figma Alternatives

1. InVision

Figma Alternatives

For design and development teams looking to create high-fidelity online and mobile prototypes, InVision is a platform that can facilitate this process from start to finish. InVision’s vector-based graphics and modifiable layers let teams quickly translate concepts into user interface designs. Without having to write any code, users can create, maintain, review, refine, and test digital product prototypes; they can also work together in real-time and get feedback to improve their work.

Users can streamline their whole product design process with the help of InVision. The digital whiteboard allows groups to brainstorm by sketching, drawing, and wireframing ideas and getting input from everyone in the team. With InVision’s screen design tool, you can turn static screens into functioning prototypes using its vector-based drawing capability, customizable layering, and in-built animation transitions and micro-interactions.

Any time a modification is made to a design, everyone in the team is instantly notified, and the data is synced. Designers can either upgrade to the most recent version or revert all updates to an earlier version at any time. To top it all off, users can push or pull updates to their libraries with a single click from within Sketch or InVision.

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 2. AdobeXD

Using real-time animation tools, organizations of all sizes may benefit from Adobe XD, an on-premise prototype program. Graphic designers may create wireframes or mockups and check them out on mobile, desktop, and tablet platforms.

By shifting items forward and backward in time, teams may transform 2D photographs into 3D visuals for AR and VR applications. In Adobe XD, experts can easily make custom shapes, models, and buttons, and the software will automatically resize or reposition their components as needed. In addition, administrators may construct grids with editable content by duplicating elements like contact lists, photo galleries, menus, and other lists.

The platform enables companies to share designs with team members or clients, solicit recommendations, and reply to criticism in a single thread. Using Adobe XD, administrators may reuse assets by syncing them with previously used designs, animations, logos, colors, fonts, and more.

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3. Axure RP

 Figma Alternatives
Figma Alternatives

Axure RP is a prototyping system used in the cloud or on-premises to enable businesses to produce working software prototypes and wireframes that can then be sent to developers. Some highlights are teamwork, note-taking, version history, analysis, animations, data input, and a widget library.

The software’s built-in connections and flowchart-making features let users map out customer journeys and create wireframes before production ever begins. Axure RP is a prototyping tool that lets designers test and refines their work with the help of interactive elements and conditional logic. Members of the same team can collaborate on a common asset library and submit their ideas for usage by others. Specs and redlines can be added by UX designers, along with documentation and code exports.

Teams may collaborate in real-time by posting comments and notifications with Axure RP’s interface with third-party platforms like Sketch, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more. In addition, admins may restrict access to design materials by role and distribute them accordingly.

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4. Lucidchart- Figma Alternatives

With Lucidchart, a web-based diagramming tool, creating diagrams is quick and simple. Create diagrams like flowcharts, organization charts, wireframes, UML, and mind maps in no time! Lucidchart is the preferred tool of more than 3 million people. Lucidchart is one of the most popular diagramming tools, packed with useful extras. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but we’ve covered some of the greatest.

The extensive set of shortcut keys is one of the most notable features of Lucidchart. As their name implies, they are meant to speed up normally tedious tasks, so you should see a significant uptick in output due to using them. When it comes to layering, Lucidchart packs a punch as well. These enable you to develop a clear, intuitive structure that’s simple to grasp by nesting diagrams within diagrams.

With Lucidchart, you may define its purpose down to the last detail. A streamlined dashboard with quick links to the most useful features will appear when you do this. Depending on your preference, you may either begin with a blank document or select a premade template before constructing your first diagram. The rest is as simple as dragging and dropping components from the library into place using the user-friendly editor.

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Balsamiq- Figma Alternatives

Axure RP- Figma Alternatives
Figma Alternatives

Rapid wireframing software, Balsamiq Wireframes, blends the familiarity and ease of paper drawing with the flexibility of a digital tool, making your work more accessible and amenable to change. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of digital drawings of your product concept, allowing for a more rapid and comprehensive comprehension of the product concepts. The mockups include the color scheme and typeface information needed to implement responsive design.

Any software interface may be wireframed with this tool and can be included in any process. You may simulate clicking through the PDF’s pages by inserting links inside them. This user-interface wireframing tool includes several additional capabilities related to wireframing, user experience, and prototyping.

The interface effects created by the artist’s graffiti-like use of Balsamiq components are striking. All Big, Button, Common, Layout, Markup, Media, Text, and iPhone categories for the Balsamiq component resources. This is made available via “Quick Add.” In addition, streamlined search tools boost the selected parts’ efficiency.

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Conclusion of Figma Alternatives

Several criteria will influence the products you believe to be among the greatest or genuine Figma options. Despite their unique positions, feature sets, and specialty areas, these five tools are among the finest Figma alternatives. Learn about yourself and your preferences today to choose the ideal tool for you.

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