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Social Media is a hub for direct communication. Although Snapchat, TikTok, and LinkedIn are leading the world, Facebook is still the top-ranked tool. 90% of brands say that Facebook is the most important social channel for them.

Numerous businesses have used and are still employing Facebook to modify their business

You’re a local business? You can utilize your Facebook page to book appointments with you immediately.

You’re a brand? You can join your audience all the time.

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To cast a greater impact, brands favor periodic Facebook page audits. You need to review your marketing strategy constantly which involves your social media audits also.

Auditing a Facebook page is frequently the first step. As easy as that term may seem, the reply to how to audit a Facebook page needs skill, craft, and science.

A simple way to do it is by building a Facebook audit checklist. Although the checklist may differ according to your business requirements, the intention is that it should be able to aid you in bettering your social media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

These are a few questions you can try answering with an audit:

  • How does engagement on my Facebook page contrasts against my rivals?
  • Is my Facebook page producing sufficient social traffic?
  • What was the most common content in the past, let’s say, 6 months?

It is highlighted how you quickly analyze your Facebook page. The following 5 free Facebook tools have been curated for you to use anytime to do a quick Facebook page audit.

These tools are particularly useful when you are only in the initial phase of social media conversation with your client or your boss.

# 1 Free Facebook Audit Tool By Vaizle


Vaizle’s free Facebook audit tool allows you to perform a quick competitive analysis with any one of your rivals. Enter your and your rival’s Facebook page URL. And you will obtain a contrast of your performance versus your contender’s Facebook page performance.

It spans the previous 28 days of data. It displays how many fans were included in the past 28 days and their country breakdown. Then it displays data of brand activity, brand involvement, and best performing posts in the past 28 days. It also furnishes engagement breakdown into shares, comments, likes, and reactions.

Vaizle’s free Facebook analysis tool enables you to audit any Facebook page.

You can consider this tool like a Facebook page analysis tool. On the positive side, you can perform an analysis for any page.

If your social media audit also includes Instagram, a free Instagram audit tool is also present.

# 2 Facebook Insights

Facebook inshigt


Facebook insights are unbeatable. Direct from Facebook, rapid, and complete.

Facebook Insights is more comprehensive than the entire other free Facebook audit tools combined. And correctly so. It’s Facebook’s personal data. Further, Facebook Audit Tools displays everything from fan analysis to content analysis.

You can examine the total reach, video views, total page views, and how people interacted with your content. Besides, there’s no restriction on the time period of data. You can see your data from the day you had started and export it in Excel format.

However, Facebook Insights does not aid you to do a competitive audit. You can only examine your data and not your contenders.

# 3 Social Bakers


SocialBakers’ free Facebook audit tool is more ideal for competitive analysis. You can key in your individual Facebook URL and your rival’s Facebook URL. Else you can enter your brand name and choose one from the suggestions. Then they request you for your personal details before dispatching you the final report by email in a designed PDF format.

The report is more exhaustive than others. It covers all things from engagement analysis, audience growth percentage in last month, audience analysis, and content analysis.

# 4 Cyfe


Most initially, Cyfe is not a free tool. Not also a marketing tool, in reality. It is on the list since it offers an entirely free plan and possesses a dedicated dashboard for social media. You can employ Cyfe to build a quick dashboard of your Facebook data.

With its free plan, you receive two dashboards, one user, and thirty days of data history.

After you sign up on the tool, it asks you to join your Facebook page. It then brings all the data from your page of the previous thirty days and displays you in the dashboard. It displays all the third-party and also user-owned data from impressions, reach, and engagement to top posts, demographics, and new page like.

Monitor Everything

Design dashboards to visualize data for your personal departments, the C-suite, or the whole of your clients. Everything from analytics, to social, sales, and online reviews.

Pre-built Widgets

Pull data from common services like Salesforce and Google with more than 100 integrations and 250 plus metrics included out of the box.

Starter Dashboard

Become set up in minutes by configuring automatically populated widgets like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, Grade.us, Moz, SERPs, Twitter, Instagram, and Mailchimp.

Wholly Customizable

Modify the colors and insert your logo straight out of the box. For total customization, upgrade to its white-label plan.

Custom Data Sources

Securely show data from your company’s databases, or different providers utilizing custom widgets or our Push API.

Flexibility And Control

Build branded reports by customizing all things from your domain name to dashboard backgrounds, besides more.

Data Mashups

Slice and dice unassociated metrics from entirely different apps to design brand-new insights.

Track and exchange your entire data in one place

Cyfe renders it simple to collect your data together and distribute it in a manner that makes sense for your business.

Historical Data

Archive data within Cyfe for dependable storage and reference.

Data Exports

Download or schedule email reports of your data in JPEG, PDF, PNG, and CSV formats.

# 5 Sociograph.io


You possibly won’t discover Sociograph’s free Facebook audit tool on the internet until you enter its name.

Nevertheless, it’s a powerful free tool for fast analysis of your Facebook page.

It displays you all the posts you have shared on the page, reactions to it, comments, and shares. Innovative, isn’t it?

You will also view other derived metrics such as shares, total reactions, and comments on each post. The data is joined by post types which are categorized into links, videos, status, photos, and events.

This is followed by the analytics of entire posts that you have shared in the previous few months. For each post, Sociograph displays your shares, reactions, and comments together with the data on which it was posted. Fascinatingly, you can even sort the posts in ascending or descending order for every metric.

You can go the whole way back to when the page was first designed. Certainly, it doesn’t present an enormous amount of actionable data, but it certainly looks lovely while it’s calculating it.

Have you ever desired to incorporate a social network or community into your blog? Now you can. With BuddyPress.

You will feel glad that this WordPress social network software is entirely free.

BuddyPress is open-source software that permits WordPress users to build a social network on their blogs.

With BuddyPress, you can create a social network for your school, sports team, company, or niche community all centered on the power and flexibility of WordPress.

BuddyPress permits users to register on your site. From there, they can:

  • Post messages
  • Create profiles
  • Create groups
  • Make connections
  • Interact in groups

To achieve this, all you require is BuddyPress along with the BuddyPress theme.

There are already over 125 BuddyPress plugins present and the list is increasing daily. Once you have selected which plugin you wish to install, you can download it onto your hard drive.

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Conclusion on Facebook Audit Tools

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These facebook audit tools let you know your placing in comparison to your rivals within the challenging social media landscape. Besides, you can harness huge benefits like locating social influencers, social media monitoring, competitive intelligence, and making your brand succeed on Facebook.

Being free tools, they do not demand anything from you in return and you can easily access these effective tools to know about your Twitter performance, detect the hashtags, posts, and followings that spurt your Instagram engagement and also schedule content for both Facebook and Twitter.

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