7 Steps to Choose Best eLearning Website Theme

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Are you running an E-learning website? but unable to find the perfect E-learning Website Theme that goes well with your website. Choosing a perfect theme is not that easy. For that, you require lots of research and theme features. As you all know eLearning space is becoming competitive these days. The e-learning website can only run if it has – 1) Well organized content and 2) Attractiveness. You need a multipurpose theme, but for that, you have to follow the mindful steps to choose the best eLearning website theme. After all, a theme is integral to the student experience on your website.

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Steps to Choose a Perfect eLearning website theme

There are several reasons why you should stop and think, before picking a theme for your e-learning website. Just ask yourself the following questions. Can’t find it. Don’t worry I’ll make you learn what are the steps you go through while choosing the theme for the your-learning website-

1. Is Theme LMS Compatible and Responsive?

This is the foremost question that comes to everyone’s mind is whether the Theme is responsive or not. It is very important to check your theme on various browsers. Browser testing is the process of checking how your website looks in different major browsers. This test is usually done on computers. Chrome and Firefox are considered the most important browsers for testing. On the other hand, is quite necessary that your theme is compatible with LMS. Yes! You can easily find out if the theme is LMS compatible, from the theme features list. So, it is important to choose a theme that’s compatible with your LMS platform and will integrate with it seamlessly.

2.  Does Theme has eCommerce support?

eLearning website theme
eLearning website theme

This theme should support Ecommerce and should help you to build an amazing online store. Your theme must be compatible with the best Ecommerce plugin i.e. WooCommerce and should support all of its features. It should also be compatible with other plugins that can help you create an eCommerce store.

Since Elearning and eCommerce are trending these days, your theme must support both of them. For selling your online course you require an eCommerce store to sell your product.  eCommerce support is a must to incorporate convenient payment options and broaden the reach of your brand. So, it is necessary to choose a Theme that is e-commerce compatible.

 3. Can your theme be incorporated into Social networking?

Social networking is now on trend these days. Without marketing, you won’t be able to sell your product. marketing of a product is very necessary it creates engagement to your website. Before choosing, a theme is necessary for you to check out that your theme has inbuilt social networking options and all its features. Students discuss their doubts and difficulties freely on social discussion forums such as bbPress. Integrating social networking software like BuddyPress with your LMS strengthens your social existence.

It enables you to build online communities, teams, and groups as required by your courseware. You need to check that it is compatible with BuddyPress and supports all its features.  It should also be compatible with other plugins that can help you create Social networking options available.

4. Is the Theme gamification ready? eLearning website theme

Yes! You heard right Gamification Engage Learners. Gamification, to keep students motivated. Do you know why? Well, Gamification is an integral part of the learning process. Instead of the usual way of teaching courses that involve lessons and tests, gamification introduces objectives, tasks, and activities. Engaging students and keeping them motivated is one of the most important things you should never forget. 

You need to pick a theme that supports your gamification needs with templates to display leaderboards, engaging layouts for quizzes, widgets to display points/badges, and so on.

5.  Does your theme has easy navigation?

This is the most important point to discuss. Overall student experience on the website is important and the ease of navigation plays a vital role. An easy-to-locate menu with important pages easily accessible can ensure hassle-free navigation. Breadcrumb navigation is a great plus! It simplifies navigation and enables visitors to understand their current location on your website. So, it is important to choose a theme that has easy navigation.

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6. What Theme options should have? eLearning website theme

If you are choosing a well-organized theme for your e-learning website then, it is also important to check out that is theme possesses all the theme options which you want for your site. You’d surely want to fine-tune the styling such as colors to go with your branding, update your logo, and more. Moreover, you’d prefer all these settings to be available without the need to meddle with code. Pick a theme with adequate customization options is what you need.

7.  Does your theme have DEMO Content?

Last but not least this option is quite common. Nowadays you will see all the themes coming with numerous Demo options, but on the safer side, it is your responsibility to check out. Not every theme provides you with demo content. But then if you want to get your website up and running in less amount time, go for a theme that includes the option to install demo content.

Now, installing demo content might install some unwanted pages on your website. Just be sure to delete unnecessary content before you go live!


eLearning website theme-All Set !!

Congratulations! You crossed all the mindful steps to choose the perfect theme for your LMS website. I hope I’ve shared some light on your theme selection woes. Do you miss any one of them? If yes then, please feel free to use the comment section below, to get the conversation started! Thanks for reading.

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