WordPress constitutes a wonderful tool entrusted by numerous users worldwide regarding their websites and web-oriented solutions. However, possessing a website is always not sufficient especially when your goal to increase the business by garnering leads. And with the phenomenal rise in email leads by the day, it would be astonishing if you do not have in line to catch a greater number. At this juncture, creating  lead capture page can assist which you can turn conversion targeted and attain your business’ real marketing potential. Particularly, the devoted static page on your portal or email landing pages or lead capture pages can aid with plenty of conversions.

Prior to designing your email capture landing page, you must initially perform the research and obtain ideas from different marketers and their designs. You can obtain an idea regarding how such pages are connected to email pages, the amount of content that is being utilized on these pages, the kind of content being used and the type of sops employed to draw new subscribers.

Primarily, prior to building the page, you must also ensure concerning the action you wish users should undertake upon subscribing to the page, and the reward or inducements you wish to present to users. With a clear mind, you can design nice pages easily.

These are a few hot tips for creating a lead capture page in WordPress:

# 1 Employ A Static Page And Not A Blog Style Page

static page

It’s vital to employ a static page in place of a blog-style page for designing a lead capture page. This page, when designed in WordPress, won’t carry any time-stamp, tags or categories allocated to it. Static pages are forever considered superb in the matter of designing timeless content. You can adopt the same style for building the service page, sales page, product page, content page, etc.

# 2 Design A Compelling ‘Actionable’ Headline Title

headines in create lead page

Ensure the headline for your creating a lead capture page is appropriate, insisting and most importantly, actionable enough to fulfill the purpose. Being relevant implies it must conveniently inform people what the page stands for and what it can provide. If the headline is persuasive, it promises clearly to convert a visitor into a subscriber. And when your headline gets actionable, it informs users to undertake action by displaying urgency or by fulfilling their needs.

You can employ CoSchedule’s headline analyzer tool to build your compelling headline.

# 3 Keep A Short Landing Page Permalink

Maintain the permalink of your landing page (or URL) brief, pleasant and relevant.

A few examples are:


A short URL is simpler for people to memorize. And if they can remember it, they may revert to it later or suggest the link among their friends.

You should also attempt and employ an action word within your landing page permalink, like -’ /getonboard ’ ‘ /signupnow ’ or ‘ /iwantin ‘.

# 4 Build Outstanding Landing Page Copy

You designed your headline title prominent, now you need to support it through some dignified landing page copywriting.

Give more information concerning your irresistible incentives and offers, besides explaining to your likely subscribers what they can hope to receive by becoming a valued member.

Inform people how they’ll gain by getting your prompt email newsletters, and by grasping your incentives, etc.

If you find it difficult to write a nice landing page copy by yourself, think about hiring someone else to do the job for you.

# 5 Maintain Your Copy Sweet And Short

create lead page

While it’s important to possess nice copywriting for your email landing page, simultaneously, you don’t wish to get overboard with content.

These 3 things should be borne in mind:

  1. Don’t feed your audience loads of stuff to digest so that they become fed up, or overpowered, or worse, diverted…
  2. Don’t conserve the finest bits for the end. Offer the best bits straight away!
  3. Render your content scannable. Employ brief paragraphs and stay away for employing excessive technical jargon or phrases.

# 6 Employ Bullet Points At Proper Places

Bullet points are effective in a manner that they aid you to arrange vital bits of information into wholesome chunks. They are ideal for landing pages. You may have discovered quite a bit email landing pages that employ bullet points.

While building your content for creating lead capture page, employ some bullet points now and then to highlight few of the causes why people must signup.

Don’t stuff every bullet point with excessive information either. And utilize them in the proper places.

# 7 Put Your Opt-in Form Near The Top Of Your Page

Your signup form or opt-in form should be viewable while not making your visitors scroll too much below the page to locate it.

This will assist in promoting your conversion rates also as a few folks just don’t requiring over-persuasion to signup, particularly if your advertising message and headline is accurate, and your bounties are compelling.

If you plan to have plenty of content and detail on your landing page, think of positioning your signup form a few times on the page, for instance. Above, one in the center, and maybe one below.

# 8 Remove All Distractions

Your visitors on an email landing page shouldn’t be disturbed by except for your call-to-action opt-in form and landing page content.

It is recommended to delete the sidebar, footer section, and links of the main navigation menu from your lead gen pages, that actually don’t require to show there.

One simple way to attain all of aforesaid is by altering the default layout to whole-width content for your true landing page. Or, by modifying the default template to ‘landing’.

If you’re employing a drag-and-drop page developer tool such as Thrive Architect, you can begin with a blank page and remove bother from performing the above.

# 9 Utilize Some Graded Video Content

Inserting a video to your email landing page can achieve different incredible things concerning your website:

Videos aid to include that vital ‘human element’, aiding you to connect positively to your visitors and likely subscribers. Videos can shoot up your conversion by nearly 80%.

# 10 Employ High-Grade And Appropriate Visuals And Images

A picture has the value of a thousand words… Therefore, employ quality and ‘proper’ pictures in your lead pages. Even if it’s only a plain image of your free encouragement, perhaps an eBook cover artwork.

You can also insert a splendid gradient background picture within your landing page. Simply experiment with some visual ideas and discover what emerges.

Once more, the Thrive Architect plugin can aid you to create a nice appearing email landing page easily, so try it out if possible.

# 11 Reveal Them Your Intimate Face To Be Genuine

An excellent means to persuade people to signup for your email newsletter and to clutch your motivations is by being intimate and approachable.

The ideal way to achieve that online is by displaying them your intimate, smiley face.

Bear in mind always to be true and authentic.

Exchange something that people can associate with, you’d be amazed how flinging in a little personality in your copy of landing page can work wonders regarding your conversions.

# 12 Be Distinct Concerning Spam And Offer Options For Opting-out

Spam is boring stuff, and email spam is the same as the spam sandwiches in lunch at school. So be plain and caution your readers regarding your hate for spam.

As privacy is presently a huge thing, Creating  Lead Capture Page allow your potential members know that you care for their privacy entirely on all occasions, and offer distinct guidelines on the manner they can opt-out at any time that they want to.

# 13 Scrutinizing Your Landing Page

Finally, an email opt-in landing page cannot be completely optimized for fuelling conversions without performing some A/B split testing.

Honestly, you can build the finest looking, speediest loading lead capture page and still witness woefully low conversion rates.

Therefore, how can you check your landing pages?

If you’re employing the Thrive Architect plugin referred to earlier to create your landing page, it contains an add-on plugin named Thrive Optimize which will offer you the complete tools you’ll require to perform easy but successful A/B split testing.


It should be borne in mind that lead generation is a vital portion of being a blog manager, therefore there should be an effective method in place. These tools, tips, and tricks are intended to direct you. Certainly, there are plenty of different tricks and plugins available. The key lies in locating the one that performs best for you and your fans.

Among the things that you must do when applying a fresh lead gathering strategy is to test. If you are finished testing, test one more time. Examine different options. For example, does a pop-up gather the same number of leads as a sidebar?

The issue is not to rest your strategy upon the outcomes displayed by others. Evaluate and re-evaluate your method, examine it against your spectators, and discover the ideal fit that serves you best.

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