5 Reasons Why People Join Participate in Online Communities

Reasons Why People Join Participate

People mostly join online communities because of some kind of impulse or curiosity. We become eager to know what exactly is going on within a community and what the people of a group are talking about but then you become attached to the community. You find yourself interacting with strangers and you begin to enjoy the experience. After a short while, you become so interested in the community that you can no longer live without it. 

Reasons to Join Online Communities

Community managers who are responsible for growing the community try to focus on this engagement in order to gain more audience for their community. The community managers closely observe the daily occurrence of their audience and try to convert the audience to loyal community members. You may start your community as your hobby but it can be a great place to promote your brand and build a business of your own. All the members of an online community behave in a similar way. This is because they bond over common goals and interests.

So, let us have a look at some of the reasons why people join and participate in online communities:

You receive friend requests: 

Reasons to Join Online Communities
Reasons to Join Online Communities

All of us like to be accepted. It gives us a sense of belonging. Some people value acceptance more than others but we all like to fit in, to belong somewhere and to find out the people of our choice. We want to connect with people with whom we can share our thoughts and feelings. We like to be in the company of those who should have the same ideas. Such connections can be formed on social networking platforms. People initially form connections and later, they turn to loyal members of the community.

You may gain likes and followers: 

Reasons to Join Online Communities
Reasons to Join Online Communities

A like and a follow is a kind of validation on popular social media platforms. We have become very accustomed to likes and follows these days. As soon as a person likes your post or follows you on social media platforms, you form a bond with them. This can lead to meaningful interactions such as a deep conversation about topics that interest both of you. You will be able to express your feelings with that person. In this way, you can interact with like-minded people and take your conversations to a different level.

You can get to know people: 

The best thing about an online community is that you get to talk to a lot of people. You can speak about the topics in which you think you are an expert. You are free to share your ideas with the other members of the community. The more you spend time in a community, the more you get to interact with people and share your knowledge about the things that you like. In this way, you will be able to achieve special recognition from the other members of the community. You may even get recognition from the organization. This can make you a well-known face of your community.

Training behaviour: 

The members of a community having a common goal or interest interacting with one another create a sense of excitement among the members of your community. If you are a community owner, then you must try to engage your community members in some way or the other. This will make your community a welcoming place and more people will be interested to become a part of your community. The behaviour of your community members has a great role to play in shaping your community. You can reward good behaviour by giving them access to exclusive content. You can also highlight your customer experience and provide additional benefits to the most engaged members of your community.

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Today social networking websites are all about entertainment. When you like something a lot, you tend to ask for it even more. Social channels can be a great place for someone to consume content. There are a huge variety of channels available where you get different types of content. You must also give your community a chance to create its own content. You may share your content on other social media channels as well.

In this way, you can build an excellent community for your members where they can interact with one another. You may also reach out to Honeycomb and build a community with all the community features.

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